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#AskIt – Magic Kingdom Resorts vs. Epcot Resorts

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Today’s poll is about your choice of resort. There is a whole different feel to these two areas and each has advantages and disadvantages. So we’re asking:

Where would you rather stay?

  • On Crescent Lake (Epcot and Hollywood Studios) (50%, 480 Votes)
  • On the monorail (Magic Kingdom) (50%, 473 Votes)

Total Voters: 953

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Talk about your choices in the comments! You can vote here or on Twitter.

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Laurel Stewart

Laurel is a former software engineer and current student. She likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and Big Thunder Mountain.

11 thoughts on “#AskIt – Magic Kingdom Resorts vs. Epcot Resorts

  • pat smith

    We are DVC members at Bay Lake. The walk to MK is wonderful and really great for our grandkids. Having said that, our favorite parks when we’re on our own are Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We don’t mind walking to either from the Crescent Lake area so that’s actually where we like best…

  • I try to do split stays so we get to stay at both. It works well.

  • An extremely difficult choice; which makes for an excellent poll question.
    Love the walk around both the BoardWalk and Bay Lake, but only one of them has a monorail 😉

  • Assuming the monorail is working, monorail resorts.

  • Joyce Eckhoff

    If I was bringing young children only on monorail resorts But if Adults only Epcot

  • If I had small children I’d stay closer to the Magic Kingdom. Since I don’t, our family prefers to stay near Epcot—The Beach Club is our favorite—because you can walk to Epcot and enjoy their dining options.

  • Such a close one! We love both, but I had to vote for monorail as the late nights in the Magic Kingdom are best finished with a quick commute “home” so we can be ready for morning rope drop. We actually normally prefer the launches to the monorail but it also depends which direction we are going as to which transportation method is fastest!

  • I love both locations!!!

  • Oh wow, finally a question I can answer!
    Before we had our daughter, Crescent Lake was the way to go. 100%. But now that she’s nearly two, that short walk from Bay Lake makes everything SO much easier. I do love them both though

  • Banjoman

    Since it says “on the monorail”, I can’t vote for that one. These days, the monorail trains smell like dirty diapers, so that amenity adds nothing to justify the cost of the Poly, Contempo, and GF.

    Now if we’re talking Wilderness Lodge, that’s a different story. The launch ride between WL and MK is one of the most pleasant transportation experiences at WDW–and it’s a great resort to boot, for less money that the monorail hotels.

    But I voted for Crescent Lake. Having the Swan and Dolphin there gives you real options. And you’ve gotta love the International Gateway–at least for a few more months, before the Skyliner turns it into a madhouse.

    • Ellen Gafford

      I do love the International Gateway and have been looking forward to the Skyliner or Gondola. I just hadn’t thought about the way it will change that area. Not so excited, anymore! 🙁


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