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Disney In-Park Videos and Streaming

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It isn’t difficult to stay connected to the Disney Parks even when you can’t be at the Disney Parks. Between YouTube videos, photographs, and all those souvenirs, one could almost create a Disney vacation from the comfort of his or her own home!

But what about those fun events that are just begging to be viewed as they happen? What if your fingers weren’t nimble enough to be one of the few who could join that exclusive meet-up? What if your family just can’t stay up for the late-night events, meaning the trip can’t take place over that special time (like New Year’s Eve)?

The solution has come through in-park videos and live streaming. Through apps like Periscope, Twitter, Facebook Live, Meerkat, and more, people can view live events that take place at Disney Parks from the comfort of their couch!

If you’re looking to stream from Disney yourself, you can take a look at this great tutorial of Periscope by Touring Plan’s own Julia Mascardo. But if you’re like me – someone who understands only the basics of technology – you just want to find park videos and streaming that’s easiest to access.

Here are a few websites and users to consider:

Disney Parks Live Streaming

Over the past couple of years, the Disney Parks Blog crew have been doing live streams of Disney events, from parades and shows to special events. At first, they could hardly keep up with the bandwidth, but they have come a long way. This past year they have done streams of Fantasmic! from Disney Hollywood Studios, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade from Disneyland, the Rogue One meet-up from Epcot, and the New Year’s Eve fireworks from Magic Kingdom park.

Mark Daniel and Jennifer Fickley-Baker

Hosted by Mark Daniel (who I really enjoy watching!) with frequent contributor Jennifer Fickley-Baker, these streams are very well done, with multiple camera angles and audio piped right in. Normally, the Disney Parks Blog takes these opportunities to remind people of special events that are coming into the parks. For example, in the New Year’s Eve stream, they did a special feature on Pandora, opening in summer of 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and also reminded people of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, which is in January and February.

These streams usually give the cleanest views of live events, removed from the crowds all holding up their phones and loud crowd noises. Unfortunately, Disney also controls what you see and when. When I wanted a nice view of the castle’s Fantasy in the Sky fireworks on December 31, the stream kept cutting to a camera at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, which showed the fireworks from far away. But that’s what you get with a live stream – you aren’t in control!

Streaming with TouringPlans Writers

Copyright 2016 William Natsis
Is someone sharing this very view at this very moment? Probably!

Note: since Periscope is directly affiliated with Twitter, I’ve included users’ Twitter handles so you can not only see their live feeds, but also pictures, news, and stuff that they share from other Disney fans! Facebook Live is still pretty new, but is growing in popularity!

The folks at have enjoyed park videos and streaming from the parks, too! I follow @TouringPlans on Twitter, and have stumbled across great Periscope streams of fireworks, parades, and simple strolls through the parks.

The TouringPlans crew has been working with Facebook Live and Periscope, for the most part. Native Floridians (and always having the Best Week Ever) Dani (@thisfloridalife) and Julia Mascardo (@JulFromFL) use the main TouringPlans Twitter handle to broadcast their videos. Seth Kubersky (@skubersky) is often at an Orlando park and will Periscope from there along with posting pictures of wait times and crazy crowds. Angela Dahlgren (@AngelaDahlgren), who hosts the TouringPlans TV videos we all know and love, also streams from the parks when she’s down there. (As a matter of fact, she just did a Facebook Live stream earlier this week on the TouringPlans page!)

When watching a Periscope, it’s a great way to communicate with people in the parks and really get the lowdown on how the park is. Even videos sometimes don’t do park crowd levels justice – you have to ask someone who is experiencing it!

Copyright 2016 William Natsis
At 3:00 p.m. someone is probably streaming the 3 o’clock parade!

Other Disney Streaming Superfans

I would be remiss if I only mentioned official Disney and TouringPlans videos here. There are so many great Disney fans who are sharing their trips with the rest of us! (There are so many that I probably miss some important ones – be sure to share their information in the comments!)

Many Disney Parks fans who use Periscope or Facebook Live also follow others who do the same, so sometimes you can catch them sharing someone else’s live stream even if they themselves can’t be at the park.

Eric (@TheAdmiral_WDW) is a regular at Walt Disney World and uses Periscope to highlight his regular trips to the park. From rides on the monorail to outdoor shows and entertainment, we get to look and enjoy the parks through his eyes.

Another great account is Libby (@adventurespin). She’s from Florida and has Periscoped attractions, fireworks, and holiday events. She visits the parks weekly and Perisopes when she can, for those in desperate need of some quality Disney fun at all times!

Paint the Night live from January 8!

On the Disneyland side are Katie (@KTtheDisneyBear) and Bryan (@TheDisneybears) who together form the Disney Bears. They often Periscope from Disneyland (someone is at the parks 2-3 times a week), but also have a variety of YouTube videos (some in 4K HD) from their trips as well!

Finally, if cruising is your thing, then Billy (@CruiseHabit) is your guy. He Periscopes his weekly cruise-news video and posts live feeds and short video clips from his cruises as well. His website also features news from the cruise lines. He works with Matt (@theRCLblog) who, you can tell from his handle, focuses on cruises with Royal Caribbean, but has been known to enjoy Disney parks from time to time.


So if you’re bored one night at home and in need of some Disney Park fun, make sure to check out these great users and many others that may be found on Periscope, Facebook Live, and elsewhere. Who knows what amazing stuff you’ll see?

I would love to hear your recommendations if you follow people on Facebook Live or Periscope or something else! Please comment below, and happy viewing!


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4 thoughts on “Disney In-Park Videos and Streaming

  • Thanks for a great article Claire! You’ve given me new vloggers to check out to get my daily dose of Disney!

  • Before there was periscope there was This fan based streaming community encourages users to mobile stream from the parks and stream the views from their hotel rooms using their designated channels in Ustream. Right now someone is streaming from Ft Wlderness campground, but I’ve had wonderful 24 hr views of the lagoon from the Polynesian, MK from Bay Lake Tower, Creasant Lake and Epcot from the Boardwalk and plenty of others. It’s really nice to pop in and see the view at your convenience.

    • Caryn, Thanks for the mention!! My nickname is OshPopham at the website and I stream there once or twice a year 🙂


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