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Genie+: All About Stacking

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The number one question I get from people planning their first Disney trip (or first since the advent of Genie) is usually something like this: “What in the world is this stacking thing?” Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lanes are confusing. Even more complicated than that big FastPass monster (thanks Defunctland for that handy metaphor). There are already lots of thoughts and opinions about the best strategies to use if you purchase Genie+. And one of those strategies is stacking.

I’m not here to debate the merits of stacking. But there isn’t a lot of approachable information about what stacking is or how to do it during your WDW vacation. If you’re choosing to purchase Genie+ at Hollywood Studios and/or Magic Kingdom, you should at least know about the concept. I’ll go over the rules around stacking and some examples of how you could utilize it at the park.

And good news if you don’t like reading, we’ve also got this same information on YouTube as part of our TP Teaches series, so you can watch/listen here instead.

What Is Stacking?

It’s the Genie/Ten Apples Up On Top mashup that you never knew you needed.

Stacking is a brand-new strategy in the era of Genie+. The whole idea is that you try to get Genie+ return times that are all in the late afternoon or evening so that late in the day you’re strolling through the Lightning Lanes, avoiding almost all waits and having a splendid time.

That means that you’re booking reservations throughout the day, but not using them. Instead, you’re adding them to your “stack”, which you’ll redeem later. Each time you make a reservation, it’s like stashing an apple away to have as a snack later. And each time you redeem a reservation by tapping into the Lightning Lane, it’s like taking an apple out of your stash to eat. Stacking strategists are like … Lightning Lane gluttons.

120 Minute Rule

The first thing that you need to understand, whether stacking or not, is the 120-minute rule. This rule states that you are eligible to make your next Genie+ reservation either:

  1. 120 minutes after you made your most recent reservation
  2. When you redeem your most recent reservation

The one caveat to the 120-minute rule is if you make your first reservation before the park opens (like at 7 am when you arguably should be making your first reservation), your 120-minute timer doesn’t start until the park opens. And that means official park opening time, not early entry, even if you’re eligible for that cool perk.

Those italics in the rules are really important. When Genie first released, using any reservation unlocked a new reservation. Disney closed that loophole, so now both parts of the rule only apply to your most recent reservation.

The runtime of Fantasia is 120 minutes, so you could set a timer … or you could go “Sorcerer Mode” and watch Fantasia in between making every reservation. (Please someone do this – I will make and send you a Sorcerer Mode shirt if you do)

Let’s look at some examples:

  • At 7 am, I make a 4 pm reservation for Slinky Dog Dash. I can make another reservation 120 minutes after Hollywood Studios opens.
  • At 7 am, I make a 9:30 am reservation for Star Tours. I can make another reservation as soon as I check in to Star Tours.
  • At 11 am, I make a 7 pm Splash Mountain reservation. I can make another reservation at 1 pm.
  • At 11 am, I make an 11:15 Monsters Inc Laugh Floor reservation. I can make another reservation as soon as I check in to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

Stacking is totally reliant on this 120 minute rule. Because you’re purposefully selecting return times late in the day, you won’t be unlocking upon check-in. You’ll always be eligible 120 minutes after you make your previous reservation. Since you’re in that constant wait, some folks find it helpful to set a timer on your phone or watch for every 2 hours so that you don’t forget when you’re eligible to make another reservation.

Differences from FastPass+ that Make Stacking Possible

There are two more rules that existed in the FastPass+ days that no longer apply that make stacking possible:

  1. You could only ever hold 3 FastPass+ reservations at once. You had to use all of them to make a 4th reservation, which you had to use before you made a 5th reservation, etc. Genie+ lets you “hold” (stack) as many reservations at once as you’d like. No limits!
  2. FastPass+ return windows couldn’t overlap. If you had a Peter Pan’s Flight reservation with an 11:40 am – 12:40 pm return time, none of your other FastPass+ return times could overlap with that hour at all. This made it so that your reservations had to be spread out a little. Again, Genie+ removes this guardrail. You can overlap return windows as much as you’d like. No limits!

So that’s why “stacking” is a new thing – it wasn’t possible under the old rules. Now you can have as many reservations as you’d like, and they could all be for potentially the exact same time.

As much as I miss FP+, I couldn’t have selected Kali at 11:25 _and_ Safaris at 11:30. I used to challenge myself to try to get three scheduled as close together as possible.

A Practical Example

This is still all theoretical and very rules-y, so let’s make it real! We can get an idea of what stacking might actually look like by using the Genie+ availability charts found here for AK and EP and here for HS and MK.

Let’s use a high crowd day at Magic Kingdom as an example. To save you from flipping back and forth, here’s the availability chart for that park/crowd level combo:

Summary Genie+ availability data from October 19th through February 2nd – click to open in a new tab at full size

Remember: My whole goal is to save up as many late-afternoon or evening reservations as possible.

  1. In this case, I can actually sleep in until 8 am. Luxury! That’s because as long as I make my first reservation before the park opens, I’m not “penalized” in any way, since my 120 minute doesn’t start until the park opens. Hooray!
  2. At 8 am, I scroll through and the latest available return time is for Jungle Cruise at 4:30 pm. I book that, and I have a “stack” of one reservation.
  3. When the park opens (let’s say that happens at 9 am), my 120 minute timer starts.
  4. At 11 am, my timer goes off and I’m eligible for another reservation. I want to find another reservation that is at 4:30 pm or later, and I see that Peter Pan’s Flight has a 5:15 pm return time, so I book that. Now I have a “stack” of two!
  5. At 1 pm, 120 minutes have passed and I’m eligible to make a new reservation! Again, I’m looking for something is booking out past 4:30 pm. I see Space Mountain has availability at 7 pm, so I grab it. Now my “stack” is three reservations long.
  6. By 3 pm, my 120 minutes is up and I can make another reservation. I scroll through and see Big Thunder Mountain for 8 pm. That works for me, so I book it. My stack is getting more impressive, with 4 reservations now.
  7. At 4:30 pm, I could check into Jungle Cruise. But even if I do, it doesn’t unlock a new reservation, because my most recent reservation was Big Thunder Mountain. Let’s say I delay checking in until later in my return window.
  8. Instead, at 5 pm I’m eligible for another reservation (120 minutes after 3 pm). I look through, and see Haunted Mansion is available at 9:15 pm. Boom, stack of 5 reservations!
  9. Now I start redeeming, first by checking in to Jungle Cruise. Again, this does not unlock a new reservation, because my most recent is for Haunted Mansion.
  10. Then I head to Peter Pan’s Flight and check within my return window. This too does not unlock a new reservation.
  11. I can eat dinner and hang out in/around Tomorrowland until my timer goes off at 7 pm (120 minutes after 5 pm). I look through and see a reservation for Pirates of the Caribbean at 8:45 pm. I used two reservations, but I still have a hefty stack of 4 reservations for the rest of the evening.
  12. Now I can check into Space Mountain, but this does not unlock a new reservation.
  13. After Space Mountain, I can take a leisurely stroll to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and check in at 8 pm. Pop Quiz: Does this unlock a new reservation? Nope! Because it wasn’t the one I made most recently.
  14. I check in at Pirates of the Caribbean at 8:45 pm, and … wonder of wonders, it DOES unlock a new reservation! That’s because it’s the one I made most recently. If Magic Kingdom is staying open late, there should still be plenty of attractions with availability. Let’s say I book Under the Sea for 9:30 pm.
  15. I ride with the pirates and then head over to check in at Haunted Mansion. This check in does not unlock a new reservation.
  16. But by 9:30 I’m over at Under the Sea, and once I check in, I can get and use whatever other reservations remain. My stack is finally depleted!

But What Do I Do With My Morning?

You could have a relaxing morning on the savanna OR you could roam the tip board looking for the best reservation! Eh? Ehhhhhhhhh?

If you’re stacking all of your Genie+ reservations for the afternoon/evening, that leaves a whole bunch of possibilities for what to do with your morning. The most important thing to do is to be keeping track of your reservation eligibility and not missing your 120-minute timers so that you can maximize your stack. But while you’re doing that, you could:

  • Have a relaxing morning at your resort. Don’t sleep in too long and miss your first pre-park-opening Genie+ reservation to start your stack. But you can hang out without hurrying to a park.
  • Go out for brunch! Do some resort hopping or visit Disney Springs and fuel up for your day with delicious, slow-paced food.
  • Tour the same park where you’re stacking and focus on attractions with low wait times. Catch some shows or entertainment and don’t worry about beating the crowds. That’s what your evening is for!
  • Rope drop some big attractions in the morning so that you can use Genie+ for others in the evening. You can even do a midday swim or nap break after an early rope drop morning as long as you keep setting your 120 minute timer to make more reservations.
  • Tour a different park with lower crowds in the morning while stacking for a park with higher crowds. My favorite Genie+ park hopping combos are AK morning -> HS afternoon/evening and AK morning -> MK afternoon/evening.

Which Parks are Best for Stacking?

Ideally, you’ll want to stack reservations at Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. Both parks have attractions that book out into the afternoon pretty quickly, so it’s not hard to search for something in the timeframe you want, even at 7 or 8 am.

The one caveat is that at Hollywood Studios on a high crowd day, you may only be able to stack 2 or 3 reservations before everything is sold out for the day anyway. You can still save a lot of time, but you should start the day with a plan for how to rope drop a few attractions and stack reservations for the others.


Have you tried the stacking strategy on a WDW vacation? Or do you prefer getting Genie+ reservations that you can use almost immediately? Do you have more detailed questions? Let me know in the comments!

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Becky Gandillon

Becky Gandillon was trained in biomedical engineering, but is now a full-time data and analytics nerd. She loves problem solving and travelling. She and her husband, Jeff, live in St. Louis with their two daughters and they have Disney family movie night every Saturday. You can follow her on LinkedIn: or instagram @raisingminniemes

56 thoughts on “Genie+: All About Stacking

  • Hi Becky, brilliant information as usual, I was intending to early entry rope drop AK first ride Flight of passage, and stack for MK, will be in spring break.
    Because the genie + two hour from park opening is from the park you booked your first lightning lane. Would I be better booking my very first LL at AK before stacking in MK, and if so which LL would you pick.
    Intending to follow you plan of flight of passage, Navi River, Safari, Everest, Dinosaur

    • I would just follow the rope drop plan for AK and start your stacking with MK.

      • Awesome, thanks, just a thought, could I book my first ILL at AK then change it to say jungle cruise, later, would I be able to get my second ILL at 2 hours after AK opens?

  • Thankyou for all of your advice on Genie+.
    I have watched so many videos trying to figure this out. I will attend MK on July 16th with 3 kids under 12.
    I am fairly certain I will lose out on the ILL for the rides as I am not a hotel guest so can you provide guidance if this strategy will work or hurt?
    If not a hotel guest can I book at 7 or do I have to wait until 9 (opening time)?
    If so, then book a big LL for later in the day. Then at 9am book the nearest reservation and go n that ride. As soon as I entered que, book another LL for what is next near me. Keep doing this throughout the day. Throwing in non Genie+ rides as they fit.
    If I keep scanning for next availability and using it, then my 120 won’t come into paly as I am on and off the most recent ride?
    I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks, Suzanne
    Is that workable?

    • Hi Suzanne – a couple of things.
      If you are offsite, you can’t book Individual Lightning Lane until the park opens, but you can book your first Genie+ at 7 am. But, you can’t book again at 9 am. Every has to wait to make their second reservation either: 1) when they use their first one, or 2) 120 minutes _after_ the park opens. So if that’s your plan, you’d make a “bigger” reservation at 7 am that might be later in the day, then the park opens at 9 am, and that means at 11 am you could make your next reservation and then start trying to get ones that are nearby (time-wise).

  • The availability grid is a great visual do you have those available for other parks as well? I know it is just for example but I love the research on this!

  • Thanks for this! A few questions on stacking:
    1. If I make a genie plus reservation at lets say 10am and its for a ride with a return time of 8pm and 120 minutes pass by- its now 12 pm and I find another genie plus ride and its for earlier than 8pm at lets say 5:30pm , is that going to be bookable and not cancel out my later 8pm reservation?

    2. I know the 120 minute rule overrides the other rule but what about vice versa, Does the last reservation made override the 120 minute thing if you check in to your latest made reservation and you are only at 60 minutes let’s say from the last one made. So to explain further: you made the reservation at 3pm, its for 4pm and you check in, now does it unlock a genie plus even though its not 120 minutes from 3pm (5pm) yet? And then can you just go back and forth between which “schedule” you are on, depending on whichever qualifier you are currently under? (I miss fast pass)

    3. Can you make your PAID lightning lane reservations all simultaneously while having genie plus reservations? And in addition to making the reservations, can the return times overrlap either in party of whole? I know you can have both paid options but wondering if they work completely exclusively or if there are any rules on having them and using them together?

    4. I see conflicting information on this- can one book both lightning lanes at the same time at 7am?

    5. Once you reserve a lightning lane paid time, can you change that time if there is availability to do so?

    6. You said above that cancelling resets your timer- can you explain that in more detail?
    Does this also apply to altering a genie plus?

    7. If I am not sure what my plans will be for the afternoon but know that I will get there in the evening and use stacking and reserve the most popular rides for the evening and then if there is still time and reservations left for the afternoon if we decide to pop over, and I use my 120 minutes without lapsing, does that strategy work or is there something I am forgetting or missing in that strategy? That way we either get in shorter standbys in the afternoon if nothing is left or more chances for lower demand rides with genie plus.

  • I read your article to learn about what stacking is and how to do it. It makes sense to me; thank you. What would your recommendations be for a stacking strategy for MK on a day when it closes early due to a a special ticketed party that night? We are going to MK in September on a Halloween Party day (leaving at close; not going to the party after). Is it worth it to even try to “stack”, because we won’t be able to stack these evening reservations since the park is closed then?

  • There are Genie + Lightning Lanes and then there are the special Lightning Lanes you have to pay extra for. (i.e. Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers Run) Do the Paid Lightning Lanes count for having to wait the 120 minutes?

    I book Tower of Terror for 4 pm at 7am, can I then immediately Pay the $15 per person for a Lightening Lane to the Rise of the Resistance and try to book that at 7:05 am.

    • What was the answer to this question?

  • Would you recommend making a reservation for a ride shortly after park opening and then beginning the stacking strategy as soon as you tap in? for example, at 7AM make a LL for Buzz Lightyear for a 9AM return. Use it right at 9AM and then make your first stacking res for later in the afternoon, for example Space Mountain at 4PM?

    • You can if that’s what you prefer, but it does lock you in to being in the park all day (or perhaps take a small afternoon break) so that you can use the first reservation and then still be around to use all of the other.

      It also means that you’re slightly “behind” the other stackers. For example, someone without your strategy could book Space Mountain at 7 am, and then Big Thunder Mountain at 11 am (2 hours after park opening). You’d book Buzz at 7 am, use Buzz ~9 am (probably a few minutes after at best), book Space at something like 9:05, and therefore Big Thunder Mountain at 11:05 am, etc. Not a huge deal, as it does net you a “bonus” morning reservation, but since crowds aren’t typically very big right at park opening anyway, you probably won’t be saving much time with that one.

  • A question regarding the rules around G+; here’s the scenario: It’s our travel day, so I’ll start booking G+ reservations from home, and continue per the stacking strategy. We’re expecting to land at MCO, get to the hotel by 2pm, and then into MK around 3pm. I will likely have booked Jungle Cruise as my first G+ and I know if I use it at my reserved window, I cannot then book it again the rest of the day even if there are still times available. However, (here’s my question) If we think we can’t make the reservation window, but can see there are still later times available, can we cancel our existing G+ reservation, and still book Jungle Cruise at one of the later available times? In other words, will G+ treat the fact that we had Jungle Cruise reservations the same whether we actually use it versus canceling it?

    • Good news! Cancelling _is not_ the same as tapping in, so you can most definitely cancel and then rebook. This just resets your 120 minute timer, but cancelling also does immediately free up a new reservation, so if you time it correctly, you shouldn’t lose much time.

      Missing your return window entirely does “count” as tapping in, so don’t just let the window lapse. Cancelling is preferable.

  • So I may be way off here, and have yet to try Genie+ myself, but would it be beneficial to grab a Genie+ reservation for something that is available at immediate park opening, use it, then you can start stacking for the afternoon/evening right after park opening vs waiting until 11am? It’s very possible I haven’t thought this through completely but was just curious your thoughts.

    • You can only make your second reservation two hours after the park opens.

    • In that case, instead of making a “valuable” stacking reservation at 7am, you’re essentially making a burner reservation. The park opens, and you use your burner and make your first stacking reservation, instead of making it at 7 am. And then instead of your “timer” for your second stack kicking off at park opening, it kicks off whenever you use your first reservation. So you’re essentially putting yourself behind the other stackers.

      • Gotcha! I had it in my head to make individual lightning lane purchases at 7am forgetting to make a regular genie+ also. Thanks for clarifying! We leave tomorrow, and I’m super nervous! Thanks for reasoning that out for me!!

  • Reading between the lines, I think I know the answer to my question, but I want to make sure. So, I don’t have to actually be in a park after it opens in order to make a reservation. I can be lounging at the pool, taking multiple naps of 119 minutes, eating my late breakfast after rope drop, etc.?

    • Yes! … at WDW. Your reservation timing doesn’t depend at all on actually being in a park.

      But if you tour over at Disneyland too, you can’t purchase Genie or start making reservations until you tap into a park, so it’s different.

  • We were in Disney for spring break – super busy! In MK we ‘stacked’ & used 8 throughput the late afternoon/evening. We waited in line 90 min for Mine Train (instead of purchasing) during the morning. Genie+ was totally worth it!

    • Great real-life example! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great article!

    Note #1 is really important, *you don’t have to get up at 7AM* if you’re following the stacking strategy.

  • This is the best explanation for stacking! The example is extremely helpful. But one thing is not clear to me yet. If I plan to park hop and start at Epcot ending at MK, can I begin with Genie+ reservations for a couple morning rides in Epcot and then begin stacking reservations in at MK before I actually set foot in MK?

    • Thanks for the kind note, John! And yes, you are allowed to make Genie+ reservations at multiple parks in the same day. So if you’d like to make/use a couple of reservations at EPCOT before beginning to stack for MK, you can definitely do that.

  • Thank you so much for this strategy. I do have a question, my kids love the roller coasters and I’m not a fan. Under the old fastpass system, I would book them into the coasters and select something else for myself at a similar time. Does Genie+ work the same way? How would this affect stacking? Could I have a stack (maybe it would be two stacks?) where some of the returns are for the whole party of four and others are for three and a separate attraction for one?
    How does the 120 minutes count down if I’m doing this?

  • Love this idea and thanks for breaking it down. The way you explain the stacking makes a lot of sense. We typically RD and go all day, but I love the idea of stacking for later in the evening. And that I can stack all the Genie+ times I can get my hands on is fantastic. We go in June and all the videos and blogs about Genie+ have been super helpful. Thanks 🙂

    • Glad it all made sense, and thanks so much for the positive feedback! I hope that your June trip is amazing!

  • Does Touringplans data show you save time and get more attractions in by stacking or by immediately using your reservations for the earliest attractions available?

    • It’s hard to save the most time by _not_ stacking, because the attractions that save you a lot of time are also some of the most popular, so they book up far in advance. In order to “make up” the amount of time that you’d save by booking Jungle Cruise or Peter Pan for the late afternoon, you’d have to get and use something like 10 or 12 5-minute savings at other attractions. And there just aren’t that many that don’t book out decently far in advance.

  • Your example at the top makes no sense. How can you make 2 reservations at 7 am, and then 2 at 11 am when you say you have to wait 120 minutes after the park opens of you check in for your first reservation?

    Let’s look at some examples:
    At 7 am, I make a 4 pm reservation for Slinky Dog Dash. I can make another reservation 120 minutes after Hollywood Studios opens.
    At 7 am, I make a 9:30 am reservation for Star Tours. I can make another reservation as soon as I check in to Star Tours.
    At 11 am, I make a 7 pm Splash Mountain reservation. I can make another reservation at 1 pm.
    At 11 am, I make an 11:15 Monsters Inc Laugh Floor reservation. I can make another reservation as soon as I check in to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

    • Sorry for the confusion, Bruce! Those were supposed to be completely separate examples, not all on the same day.

      • Got it. The longer, more detailed example that followed did make good sense.

  • Thank you for this! Clarifications: 1. I want to make sure this is correct. If I have a park red at EP but am stacking for a hop to HS, I still have to tap into EP at some point, correct? I can’t decide to skip the whole morning in the first park spur of the moment?
    2. Someone posted this Q above, and I know y’all at TP have been testing this: your 120 minute window “after park opens” applies to the park in which you made your first LL, or the park in which you have a reservation?

  • Great article! I will be using Genie+ soon, and have been trying to learn the best strategy to make future trips similar to the old FP days. For HS, it seems like you need to pick SDD at 7am or have zero chance of getting it later, does this also apply to Rise as an ILL selection? They both seem to go fast, and then 2 hours after open you take what you can get, and start stacking?

  • We used this strategy well last week. We had our best day where we started at Hollywood studios. We made a genie reservation at ToT for right after park opening, rope dropped rock n roller coaster, rode ToT with our reservation, made a reservation for runaway railway after scanning into tower which was still open in the AM, rode that and then started stacking evening MK reservations (was open until 11pm). Setting timers on my watch we made reservations for Peter Pan, Splash, Pirates and Haunted. We had a nice long break in the middle of the day. I think genie+ is best utilized on days where you park hop like this.

  • This doesn’t work at Disneyland because you can’t pick your return times. Do you have a strategy for the West Coast parks?

    • This strategy doesn’t pick return times either – at WDW, you can only pick return times for ILL. For Genie+, the rules are the same as Disneyland. But we can predict likely return times, and so that’s what I’m doing for this strategy.

  • Any tips on what to do if the time that you get for your LL or ILL overlaps with dining reservations?

  • I’m not sure I understand about Park Hopping in this case. If I have a reservation for Epcot in the morning, but I plan to park hop to MK at 2 pm, can I make all my Genie+ reservations for MK, even before I get there?

    • You sure can! And the system is “smart” enough to know to bump out all return times to at least 2 pm so that you won’t miss them before you can hop.

  • This is a good article with good information and I’m sure a lot of people will find it helpful. But my gosh, I cannot for the life of me imagine that I’ll be able to explain this to my sisters who want to go this fall with their kids in a succinct, non confusing way. They were last there in 2018 and things have changed so much. I’m the only one in the family who reads the blog and keeps up with things. I really wish Disney’s desire to make more money didn’t trump their desire for guests to have an easy, pleasant vacation. Again, the article is well written and helpful; my frustration is with the new LL and Genie systems.

    • I agree with you Jillian – thank you for the positive feedback, but you’re right. If just using Genie requires a whole video series and a bunch of many-paged blog posts or articles … it’s not a system with good user experience.

  • Would it work to build your stack like a true LIFO stack (last in, first out)? That is, make a super late (near park closing) res first, then work towards earlier times? That way you fill up on the 120-minute cycle for the (presumably) in-demand attractions, but then when you get to your earliest res (most recently reserved) you start unlocking new opportunities for lower-demand attractions to fill in any gaps in your original stack.

    • You can’t pick the time you want for the LL. You just have to take whatever they show as available. It’s like the old paper Fast Passes. On my recent visit, I would start looking at the LL availability 10 to 15 mins. before my 120-minute window opened up to see what might be a good idea to book. For ILL, you can pick the time you want; sort of.

    • Andy is right, here. You can’t hand-pick a just-before-close time. BUT, the strategy I’m presenting above does essentially pick the latest available time in the list at almost every step. So it’s a little bit of a LIFO, because that way you’re making sure you book the most popular attractions first.

      Not that everyone _should_ be booking the most popular first. It will hopefully depend on what your family actually enjoys doing!

      • Great info. For non-hopper days where one plans to tour RD-close or RD and return to same park in evening, would you always recommended the stacking strategy regardless of park? And if employing the stacking strategy, would you still recommend generating a TP and optimizing after each completed step and each LL obtained? Seems like we have to make a choice ahead of time between stacking or trying to get LL’s with early return times to maximize the number of LL’s obtained over the course of the day.

      • Thanks, Andy and Becky! Haven’t been to the parks since Genie+ debuted, so I didn’t know if they kept the FP+ scene or reverted to good of’ FP.

      • Jeffg4, I don’t recommend stacking as just the always-go-to. I think it 100% depends on your touring style and the rides you want to accomplish. I don’t think stacking really works at Animal Kingdom or EPCOT because not enough attractions book into the afternoon and evening ahead of time.

        And of course I still think a TouringPlan is worthwhile 😉 I agree that you should go in with a strategy one way or another so that you aren’t scrambling on the day.

      • Has Disney changed the program again? We were just there and we tried to “stack” but it would not let us book until we completed the ride- even past the 120 minutes. Admittedly – we may be doing something wrong…but we read and re-read the tips but did not have success. We are planning another trip in a few weeks so I would love any further clarification you can give as we want to gain the most from this option. Truly appreciate your insight!

  • Super helpful, thanks! We only used Genie+ the day it was released and haven’t ventured into trying it again since. We’ll definitely consider it soon!

  • Question – if I have a park pass for Epcot that opens at 10 but I am stacking for HS that opens at 9 when does my 120 minute rule kick in? 120 minutes after Epcot opening or 120 minutes after HS opening?

    • The 120-minute rule applies to the park where you make your first LL reservation, so in your example, 2 hours after the HS opening.

      • I read your article to learn about what stacking is and how to do it. It makes sense to me; thank you. What would your recommendations be for a stacking strategy for MK on a day when it closes early due to a a special ticketed party that night? We are going to MK in September on a Halloween Party day (leaving at close; not going to the party after). Is it worth it to even try to “stack”, because we won’t be able to stack these evening reservations since the park is closed then?

      • I wouldn’t try to stack on a party day – just get and use what you can. And, actually, those days are usually pretty empty because folks try to avoid days with shorter hours, so you should have a pretty pleasant experience anyway!

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