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Lines Graduates From Beta, Now Unofficially Supporting More Devices

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We’re excited to announce that Lines, our mobile website that estimates Walt Disney World wait times, is soon dropping its “beta” tag. On March 1st, Lines will be available exclusively to premium subscribers at no extra charge. With the WDW Crowd Calendar, Touring Plans, and now full access to Lines, it’s never been a better time to be a subscriber. And we’ll think you’ll agree that it’s quite the bargain–only $10.95 for a full year subscription! That’s less than an average adult meal at a Disney counter service restaurant (and unlike Disney, we offer a 45-day money back guarantee)!

If you’re currently a basic subscriber (aka, the free account), you’ll need to upgrade to a premium subscription to continue to enjoy Lines starting on March 1st. We’re also committed to offering a free, “lite” version of Lines which will include park hours and limited crowd and attraction estimates so you can kick the tires before going premium.

We’ve been ridiculously happy with the response we’ve received since we launched Lines almost three months ago. Thousands of users have tried it from the parks (with many thousands more waiting for their next trip), and we’ve burned the midnight oil to support more devices, improve its accuracy, and even predict the future.

And there’s more!

To bring Lines to even more users, we’ve decided to Unofficially open up to all devices and browsers. So while we currently only officially support iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry, you can now try out Lines from any mobile or desktop browser. But just a warning for users on an unsupported device/browser: results may vary. But we’re hearing good things on some popular platforms, so please let us know how it works in the comments!

So what are you waiting for? Go premium and enjoy Lines!

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Henry Work

Henry is the developer at, joining to work on the website and build Lines, among other things! Before joining the Unofficial Guide team, Henry was the lead developer at TechCrunch, one of the world's leading technology blogs. Though he would live at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort if he could, he's become a huge Disneyland fan since moving to the bay area. You find Henry on the TouringPlans Twitter account or contact him at

14 thoughts on “Lines Graduates From Beta, Now Unofficially Supporting More Devices

  • Does a single subscription allow all the smart phones in my party to use Lines, or do I need 5 individual subscritions?

  • I noticed on this page it says $8.95 per year and then when you click on the link to sign up for the account is it $10.95.

    • Thanks Lane, for catching this. Our subscription price has increased to $10.95 since this post.

  • Thanks for opening up Lines for all platforms! I’m using Windows Mobile 6.5 and it seems ok as far as the information being there. One comment for this platform….the wait times for each attraction appear on top of the name of the attraction, so the formatting appears a bit off. It is difficult to determine which wait time goes with what attraction. The formatting seems off in other places as well…perhaps a problem unique to WinMobile….

    I checked the formatting on Safari on my laptop and found it much easier to follow.

    Overall, though, I’m very excited to check this out during my next trip!

    • Also, I noticed in looking at screen caps from other devices that the wait times appeared in color….no such luck with the Windows Mobile formatting…

      • Hey Dan,

        Yeah, we’re still not supporting WinMo, hence the issues with formatting. I’d try to find a copy of the “Iris” browser, it seems to be the most modern browser on WinMo.

      • Henry – I tried “Skyfire” and it worked great – at least at first glance. Formatting looks good, and the features I looked through seemed to work just fine!

        I had been using Opera Mobile 10 beta….that is the one that didn’t work. Just for fun I also tried Windows Explorer Mobile…the formatting looked good but it would not allow me to log in.

        Thanks for the suggestion about trying another browser. If anyone else is interested “Skyfire” is a free download from the Windows Marketplace app store.

  • Congratulations! As someone that used it during the beta period, I was really impressed with the program and all the promise it holds. I realize it has been a tough go with all the tweaking that was done but it is so appreciated by those of us that don’t fall in the “preferred I-phone” group.


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