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There Are 147 Pressed Coins in the Magic Kingdom

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Have you ever wondered if the pressed penny / pressed quarter machines around the parks were a good value? I certainly did, so I decided to do a bit of research this week.

Nearly all the coin press machines in the Magic Kingdom can be located using the map on the My Disney Experience app by searching “coin press machines.” You can select the “find on map” option, which allows you to zoom in to see the location of each machine, or you can select “get directions”, which will give you turn-by-turn walking directions to your selected destination.

My Disney Experience Coin Press Machines search results 


My Disney Experience map with zoom feature

As of the date of this article, the total number of machines nor the locations were totally accurate on the My Disney Experience app. I noticed the following anomalies during my research:

  • I located a total of 31 machines and only 27 are listed on the MDE app.
  • The Hall of Presidents machine is listed on the MDE app, but a Cast Member confirmed it is under repair off site.
  • The MDE map shows 2 machines between the entrance of the Emporium on the left of Main Street and the exit to Casey’s Corner but I was able to verify 5 during my visit.
  • The machine at the Haunted Mansion had been moved from the front gate entrance to between the Riverboat and Columbia Harbour House.
  • There is a machine listed at Castle Couture, but this former merchandise location has been turned into a temporary Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique location, so I was not able to verify a machine without an appointment. A Cast Member at the entrance of Castle Couture directed me to Sir Mickey’s directly across the walkway as the nearest coin press machine.

During my trek, I was surprised that I did not see one repeat of any coin design. Some of the unique designs that I noted were the Tick-Tock and Cap’t Hook coins at Curtain Call Merchandise and the Mike and Sully Space Mountain coin at Tomorrowland Light & Power at the exit to Space Mountain.

Of the 31 machines I located, 2 are pressed quarter machines. They are located inside the Emporium on Main Street and Star Traders in Tomorrowland. The Emporium location has 2019 Mickey, Mike & Sulley, and Dopey. The Star Traders location has Space Mountain Mickey & Pluto, Zerg, and the Tomorrowland symbol.

All 31 machines are broken down as follows:

3 pressed pennies for $0.51 each / 11 machines located in Magic Kingdom costing $16.83 total

4 pressed pennies for $1.00 each / 9 machines located in Magic Kingdom costing $36.00 total

8 pressed pennies for $1.00 each or all 8 for $5.00 / 9 machines located in Magic Kingdom costing $45.00 total

3 pressed quarters for $1.25 each / 2 machines located in Magic Kingdom costing $7.50 total

This means you would travel just under 7 miles and spend $105.33 to get every single pressed coin in the Magic Kingdom. Considering the steep cost of almost every other souvenir in the parks, this feels like a great value.

At one time in history, there was a pressed dime machine in Tomorrowland, but that appears to no longer be available at the time of publication. That said, machines sometimes appear and reappear for maintenance or when changes are made to the locations where they are kept, so we’ll keep checking back to see if it reappears.

Do you collect pressed coins? Which park has your favorites? Do you have a storage system or display hack you’d like to share? Please let us know if you’d like this same information for the other Disney parks and resorts. Thanks for sharing!

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Christina Harrison

Christina worked for TouringPlans as a youngster and is back on the team now weighing cupcakes, stalking the Hello Kitty section of Mitsukoshi, and getting social media footage for our rad Instagram feed!

19 thoughts on “There Are 147 Pressed Coins in the Magic Kingdom

  • I have this coin that’s about the size of a fifty cent piece. On the front it says Disneys California Adventure and on the back it has Space Mountain behind a roller-coaster and Mickey in the front center. Off to the left is an elephant on a pedestal. No year, looks and sounds silver. I estimate its from around the 1980’s. I can find nothing about this coin. Does anyone know of these?

  • If I recall, if you do the Agent P scavenger hunt at the France pavilion, one of the CM “agents” gives you a penny to use to make a special pressed penny. No charge.

    • True, however, the whole Agent P hunt has been down recently. I’ve been 3x in the last week and everything is covered. I haven’t heard anything official yet, but something is up. Thanks for the note!

      • Wow, thanks for the update. This bears watching.

  • We have always made pressed pennies a big deal with out kids. Weeks before a trip when we would find a shiny new penny, we would talk about how great a pressed penny it would make and put it aside. Yes, I know that fully copper, pre-1982 pennies make the best ones, but we are more about the anticipation with our little ones than quality, and a 51-cent souvenir that excites our kids excites us adults, too!

  • Our family collected pennies on our first visit (2016, one book full) and our second visit (2018, two books full). We didn’t search them out… if we saw one, we stopped. Looking back on our collection we don’t have many duplicates!! One of our favorites is from the Japan Pavilion in Epcot, Mickey & Minnie are kissing.

    • Epcot is next on my list for this weekend! I hope they still have that one. 🙂 Most people I have talked to collect as they go too. Either way, it’s a great value in my book. Thanks for the note!

  • My son and I have been collecting since 2008. We go to DW every other year and as of 2018 we had every coin in every park. This past weekend we were in town at Disney Springs and picked up 92 of the 117 coins in an hour and a half! We had sleeves we purchase from Amazon and keep them in binders. I have an excel spreadsheet where I track the collection!

    • Ok, so you’re one of those hard-core people I’ve been reading about! This is so cool!!! What a neat memory with your son! As a TouringPlans geek myself, I am super impressed that you know the exact total and even keep an excel spreadsheet. You are in the right place, friend. I have started one myself so I can track the migration of each penny. Check back soon for my AK penny article. I’d love some professional feedback!

  • I’ve been collecting pressed pennies since my first trip 22 years ago! Definitely my favourite collectible. Love finding the new ones too, so thanks for this!

  • This has always been one of our “go to” souvenirs wherever we travel, especially Disney. It is a great souvenir that doesn’t cost a lot. We always write on the back in sharpie when we got the pennie. Was also a great way to get the kids thru World Showcase when they were smaller – look for the smashed penny machines.

    • Ohhh! What a neat thought! This is a an excellent idea for those Food & Wine days when you have to keep the little people amused.

  • We have filled 2 and working on a 3rd press coin album. I don’t mind the a few quarter ones but I am not impressed with the ones that use a card. We enjoy saving coins to use for our next trip.

    • A purist! I am starting to feel the same now that my daughter and I are collecting. I am saving my pre-1982 pennies because I learned the copper content is better. It’s a really cool, very affordable hobby. Thanks so much for the comment. See you in the parks!

    • Thanks for reading! Working on the Animal Kingdom version now. I’ve decided to add pictures of each machine this time. Let me know what you think.

  • I never even thought about collecting pressed coins, until we spotted Mickey as a jockey at Saratoga Springs Resort. I then found a site on pinterest where someone made a charm bracelet out of her pressed pennies and someone else had a display. Pressed coins are really cool and the price is right! I enjoyed your article, and I’d love to hear others’ favorite pressed coin sites. I will be on the lookout for cool pressed coin machines on our future visits!

    • A charm bracelet!!!! I love that! I was trying to think of a way to use my pennies and old magic bands in a Christmas ornament craft but this might be a better idea.

      Thanks for the note about SS – I think a post on the resort versions might be fun. Thanks for reading!


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