Big Changes On Board For the Disney Magic

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The Disney Magic, Disney’s first cruise ship, is going to see a little pixie dust with the re-imagining of quite a few areas, along with quite a few new exciting additions.


Atrium Lobby

The first thing guests will notice is a change in the atrium lobby. It will be redesigned to elegant art deco with elements of the sea. It will feature a new coral, blue, and aquamarine carpet with seashell inspiration. The chandelier will be inspired by the rays of the sun and the glisten of the surface of the ocean. A grand piano, beautiful furnishings and giant portholes will finish the look.

Kids Areas

Another area where changes will be afoot are the kids ares, the Oceaneer Club, which is open to 3 – 12 year olds. For the first time ever, Marvel will make its presence known in Marvel’s Avenger Academy. Here young crime fighters will be transported to a high tech command post used for special missions and operations training.


In addition, guests will find another new area, the Mickey Mouse Club, where kids will be able to create crafts and play games on mouse ear shaped tables. It will also feature an activity with magnetic, spinning gears called Goofy Gears. (Gawsh!)

In the Oceaneer Lab, a brand new pirate themed area will encourage kids to create, play, and explore.

For the littlest ones, geared for ages three months to 3 years old, the Small World Nursery, which is inspired by the attraction and will be filled with whimsy and discovery perfect for that age group.

Outside Play Areas

The upper deck of the ship is seeing some fun changes, as well. The first piece of excitement will revolve around the AquaDunk. This three story body slide begins with a surprise launch where rides step inside the tube and await a near-vertical launch from the floor beneath them. This will be for guests 48 inches or taller.

Also new will be the AquaLab, an interactive water playground where families (ages 3 and up) and play among geysers, bubblers, and pop jets. In addition, guests will find the Twist n’ Sprout water slide, which is for guests between 38 and 64 inches tall.

Finally, guests who are too little to get in on the action in these areas will be able to play in the Nephews’ Splash Zone. This area for children three and under stars Donald’s three nephews and will be plenty of fun for the smallest of cruisers.












Who doesn’t love dining on a Disney Cruise ship? It’s one of the most fun things! A new experience will take place at Animator’s Palate with the Drawn to Magic experience. Guests will see a few new characters in this fun show before their eyes, including Rapunzel from Tangled and Remy from Ratatouille.

A new restaurant transition will turn Parrot Cay into Carioca’s, which is named after Jose Carioca from The Three Caballeros. During the daylight hours, this area will have a festival theme, but when night falls, the atmosphere changes to Rio de Janiero with city side windows and lanterns flickering overhead.

Also coming to the ship will be Cabanas. This casual dining experience will have food and drink stations in the day and be table service at night.¬† Finding Nemo is the inspiration behind this restaurant’s decor. This will replace Topsider Buffet and will see an expansion of space as well.

Nighttime District

A brand new area called After Hours will replace Beat Street and will include a new line up of clubs. Fathoms will be an undersea themed night club that will utilize special effects, lighting and sound to create different¬†atmospheres¬† For a low key time, Keys Piano Bar and Lounge will be added. Finally, O’Gills, an Irish pub and sports bar will be perfect for sports lovers.

Senses Spa

This area will be sleekly redesigned and will increase in size. The spa will be adding a few new features; teeth whitening, a new barbershop for men, and the Chill Spa for teens ages 13 – 17.

Family Fun

D Lounge will offer family friendly games, shows, dances and more designed with the whole family in mind. This area will replace Studio Sea.


The staterooms are always difficult because where do you put all the luggage you brought with you? Now, Disney has taken something from the Dream and the Fantasy and included it on this ship. Bed frames will be elevated for storage space underneath.

Lots of big changes are in store for the Magic during its drydocking from September 7 – October 10. We can’t wait to “sea” what’s in store!

Rikki Niblett

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One thought on “Big Changes On Board For the Disney Magic

  • April 26, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    I am thrilled to see that the Magic is getting the major update she deserves. I consider the Magic to be my “home ship” and while she has always been beautiful and in my opinion, well maintained, both of the original ships need an update to keep up with the industry. My family are looking forward to sailing with her again.


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