Menu Monday: Downtown Disney Breakfast Options

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With all the construction going on for the future of Disney Springs, it is very tempting to stay away. Between limited parking, confusing mazes of walls everywhere, and the challenge of even finding what entrance is open to drive in, the whole experience can be a bit stressful, especially later in the afternoon and evening times. Yet, there is a wonderful reason to find your way in – and at a time when parking is easy to find and crowds are low: Breakfast!

Downtown Disney may not be the first thought for many people when they think breakfast, but there are actually more Downtown Disney breakfast options than there are in some of the theme parks. Here’s a sampling of what you can find.

Starbucks: Even for people who aren’t fans of the siren’s coffee song, Starbucks can still be a viable breakfast choice. With two locations to choose from at Downtown Disney, you have the option to grab a drink and go (at the Marketplace) or sit down to have a breakfast sandwich with your beverage of choice (at the West Side). My recommendation is the Bacon and Gouda Artisan Breakfast Sandwich. On the plus side, if you’ve been to Starbucks, you know what to expect from the menu. On the down side, if you’re looking for something that you can’t get back home, this would not be the option for you.

Goofy’s Candy Company: I know what you’re thinking—candy for breakfast? Well, you are on vacation, and if Bill Cosby can justify chocolate cake for breakfast, where’s the harm in a crispy rice treat or a caramel apple as a breakfast nosh? Okay, maybe that won’t fly with most people, but if what you want is a quick pastry and cup of coffee that isn’t from Starbucks (or if the line at Starbucks is intimidating), Goofy’s Candy Company has you covered. There are standard pastries and muffins, plus coffee with flavored syrups, espresso, cappuccino, tea, cocoa, and more. (And if you still want that pretzel stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in Butterfingers for breakfast, no one is going to judge.)

Goofy's Candy Company
It is easy to miss the sign advertising breakfast at Goofy’s Candy Company. (Photo by Julia Mascardo.)







Earl of Sandwich omelet
The cheddar omelet at Earl of Sandwich is a bargain at $5. (Photo by Julia Mascardo.)

Earl of Sandwich: Breakfast at Earl of Sandwich is my choice for best breakfast bargain at Downtown Disney. In addition to hot breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and cold offerings such as yogurt parfaits and fruit, there are omelet meals. For $5, I was able to get a cheddar omelet (which was the size of a three-egg omelet and incredibly light and fluffy) with a side of breakfast potatoes and half a bagel. Even better, I was able to use my annual pass discount, too!

Wolfgang Puck Express: If you have a little more time to spare, Wolfgang Puck Express provides amazing food at a reasonable price. In addition to standard breakfast fare (such as waffles, pancakes, omelets, and more), the Breakfast Pizza is simply amazing. Hidden back next to Disney’s Days of Christmas on the Marketplace side of Downtown Disney, this restaurant is halfway between a quick service and table service restaurant. You place your order at the counter, get your drinks and find a seat inside or outside, and then your meal is brought to you when it is ready.

Wolfgang Puck Express Breakfast Pizza
Bacon, eggs, and cheese on a fresh pizza crust: A perfect pizza for breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express. (Photo by Julia Mascardo.)

House of Blues: Only available on Sunday at 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM, the Gospel Brunch at House of Blues is more than just a meal, but the meal is worth a trip by itself. Breakfast offerings in the all-you-can-eat buffet include made-to-order omelets, jambalaya, and House of Blues’ famous chicken and waffles. But the real reason why this meal is so popular is the exceptional gospel concert featuring songs selected by producer and gospel artist Kirk Franklin and performed by talented regional gospel performers.

An added benefit of breakfast at Downtown Disney is the ease in finding parking for a morning shopping break. If you arrive before 10 AM, you will have no problems finding a parking space, even down at the Marketplace. That still gives you plenty of time to grab breakfast, do a bit of shopping, and head out before it gets too crazy down there. Hopefully when Disney Springs opens, the craziness will be reduced, but the wonderful breakfast options will remain.

Julia Mascardo

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  • September 8, 2014 at 11:05 am

    Ghiradelli is also good for a chocolate croissant and coffee in the morning!

  • September 13, 2014 at 11:22 am

    That breakfast pizza looks amazing!!! Great post, I had no idea there were so many breakfast options in Downtown Disney!!


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