Adventureland Veranda Patio Set for Demolition

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The Adventureland Veranda exterior patio, near Aloha Isle (home of Dole Whips) and the Adventureland Bridge, is scheduled to be demolished and removed from the park according to the latest paperwork filed by Disney. Expect to see walls up in the area soon.

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R. A. Pedersen

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5 thoughts on “Adventureland Veranda Patio Set for Demolition

  • The bridge was replaced earlier this year. There were construction walls up, and everything. If anything, this is the old one that is going. (Although, I thought the old bridge was already gone as part of the earlier construction…)

  • Aren’t the Fairies currently doing meets and greets at the Veranda? Any word on where the fairies may go? My daughter wanted to meet them in February..

  • The Verandah patio going away I can see, but the bridge?

    • The Veranda is the only thing being demolished. It is near Aloha Isle and the Adventureland bridge.

      • That’s what it looked like in the drawing, but I wasn’t sure.

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