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Ask Jim Hill Episode 2: Jim Shares a Michael Eisner Story

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On this week’s episode of Ask Jim Hill, Len and Jim answers a viewer question about any funny Michael Eisner stories they may have heard.

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If you have a question about Disney or Universal history, you can submit it to AskJimHill@TouringPlans.com and he may answer them on the air!

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Guy Selga Jr.

Disneyland writer for TouringPlans.com and co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland. Also a Disneyland local and appreciator of Disney theme park history. Twitter and Instagram: @guyselga

9 thoughts on “Ask Jim Hill Episode 2: Jim Shares a Michael Eisner Story

  • Please release audio podcasts, too! I would like the option to listen while doing other activities and not have to watch the podcasts. (I also had some problems with the audio when trying to watch the video, as others have commented.)

    On a side note, my 13 year old daughter said that Len is skinnier than she thought that he would be. I actually laughed out loud at her comment (she’s funny)!


    • I completely agree with Gee on releasing these to audio as well! I usually only get the chance to listen to podcasts and these kinds of things on the weekend when I’m working around the house. Having this only on video is very limiting, plus, and no offense guys, but seeing you do these things doesn’t really add anything to it. I mean, you’re just sitting around talking, it’s not like you’re doing show and tell or adding video snippets. So, please upload these to the podcast as well, and spend some money investing in some better microphones!
      Can we start a fund to buy you guys better microphones? I’ll throw in some money, if you mention my site/product.

      • We think that there is room for both audio and video. After all, Jim has plenty to say. We offer the videos a little quick bits that people can watch on their coffee break at work or between running errands. Also, at the end of the season will be releasing all of the Ask Jim Hill episodes as one or two long audio podcasts. Thanks for watching and listening.

      • Thanks, but can you work on cleaning up the audio quality on these as well. It’s horribly scratchy and inconsistent.

  • I really loved the Disney Dish podcast with Jim Hill. The format of 30-60 minutes of audio while roaming a park or just exploring one topic in detail has made many of my car rides home from work go by in a flash. These videos are nice…but they are too short and I don’t really need to see Len and Jim. Now, if they were touring a park, or on a ride, then I could see the value of a video podcast. But, what they have done here? I would rather you do an audio Q and A show and release it as a 45 minute audio podcast. Thanks though!

  • This is an issue in some of the audio-only podcasts, too, it would help if Len didn’t interject/laugh at his own jokes as much and steamroll what Jim is saying. It gets Jim off-track when he’s about to get to something interesting and sometimes they don’t get back to it because they forget they didn’t actually get to the point. I’m not anti-spontaneity or anti-Len, it just makes for a weaker show.

    That said, at least in this episode, someone accidentally turned Len’s mic way up, so it’s blowing out everything else when he speaks and when his mic catches what Jim is saying. Being in a room that (from what can be seen at least) you can’t check off a single item in the “Ideal Acoustic Conditions List”, isn’t helping either.

    I like these, but they need to be a bit longer or more frequent.


  • Sounds like some good stories, but am I the only one who couldn’t make out about half of what they were saying? I don’t remember that being a problem with the first episode.
    Maybe the audio can be uploaded to the “regular” DisneyDish podcast as a special mini-episode. (After all, do we *really* need to see Len in shorts and black socks?)

    • Nope, I had the same problem. Gonna try again using headphones 🙂

    • Agree. I really want to like this series, but the audio is just terrible. Couldn’t finish either one of these.


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