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#AskIt – Will Date-Based Ticket Pricing Affect Your Plans?

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On October 16, 2018, Disney released date-based ticket pricing for theme park tickets. This is an expansion of the seasonal ticket pricing previously seen on one-day tickets in which the price was based on how busy Disney thought the parks would be. Now this model expands to multi-day tickets. Long story short, buying multi-day tickets is a little more complicated than it was before as you’ll need to pick the first day you’ll use your ticket when you make your purchase and that date can affect the final price of your ticket. If you buy a package (tickets plus hotel from Disney in one fell swoop) you don’t need to pick a date because your first day of us will always be the day you check in. This means that buying a la carte (that is, tickets separately from your resort stay) can save you money, especially if you’re arriving on a weekend but won’t use your ticket the day you arrive. Looking over pricing today, my advice is “if you want to save money, price your options carefully or work with a travel agent who knows Disney.”

Today’s question is:

Will this new pricing strategy affect how you plan your Walt Disney World vacations?

  • No, I don't have much flexibility in my travel dates (42%, 124 Votes)
  • Yes, I plan to shop around for the least expensive dates (22%, 65 Votes)
  • No, I have an annual pass (21%, 64 Votes)
  • Maybe, but I'm still confused about how it works (15%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 298

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Last week, we asked about Early Morning Magic. More than half of you said you didn’t think it was worth your money. Yet anecdotally every comment from a guest who had actually purchased it was positive to thrilled. So in this case, I’d say you’ll probably enjoy it if you buy it. With the expansion into more attractions in Fantasyland, it’s safe to say Disney will be considering adding Epcot and Animal Kingdom to the offerings at some point.



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7 thoughts on “#AskIt – Will Date-Based Ticket Pricing Affect Your Plans?

  • Ticket pricing is less of a budget issue to me as the across the board increases in food and beverages. That decision plus the parking fees has my family committed to staying off site next trip

  • Now that I’m a “mature” Disney fan with no kids at home, I have much more flexibility. If I don’t renew my AP next year I will probably look for the cheapest tickets for two reasons: one, they’re cheaper (duh); and two, it means the park will be (hopefully) less crowded. I will be curious to see if this structure actually evens out the crowds throughout the year…

  • I voted “No but I don’t have flexibility on dates” but being a DVC member none of this stuff is new to me. Better dates more points on rooms, restaurants were more expensive, and now more expensive tickets.

  • I didn’t vote as none of the options applied to us – we are in the U.K. and I understand that our tickets aren’t affected………. yet!!!!!!

  • Since I knew this was coming on October 16, I locked in the old rate by changing my room only reservation to a package with tickets. For an October 2019 trip, it is saving me about $25 a person for 7 day park hopper.

  • I voted “no, I don’t have much flexibility…” , but it’s more no because we usually go at the cheapest times anyway.

    • Same here. I didn’t vote as none of the scenarios really fit us. We choose to travel in lower attendance times and have for years. Coordinates with lesser expensive tickets too.


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