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Do You Sense a Disturbance in the Force with This Darth Vader Dress?

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Most dresses found at The Dress Shop at Disney Springs are cute and fashionable. Once in a while a curveball is thrown and a dress arrives that truly makes a statement.

This new Darth Vader dress will unmistakably make a bold statement for anyone who wears it. It is black, of course, with a bodice that resembles Drth Vadar’s iconic chest plate. The skirt has the symbol of the Galactic Empire all along the bottom. It is a halter top which does enhance the look of the dress.

Darth Vader Halter Dress
Darth Vader Halter Dress
Darth Vader Halter Dress – Back
Darth Vader Halter Dress

It is $128.00 and is available at shopDisney online.


Personally, I love Star Wars, but I do not like this dress. Does this dress draw you to the Dark Side?

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