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Disney Changing Magic Kingdom Security Procedures

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Security Procedures Update
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Big changes are coming soon for Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom, as far as bag check and security procedures go.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, beginning on April 3, Magic Kingdom visitors who drive to the theme park and park at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) will go through metal detection and have their bags screen at the TTC. Once Guests are scanned at the Transportation and Ticket Center, they will then be able to board the ferry or monorail to head to the Magic Kingdom; Guests will not need to go through security measures once they get to the theme park itself.

In addition, Guests who are staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort will go through security at the resorts’ monorail stations prior to heading to the Magic Kingdom.

Currently, all Guests have to have their bags checked and go through metal detection directly in front of the Magic Kingdom’s gates.

This change is being done in an effort to make the security procedures go more efficiently for both Disney, as well as park Guests. If you have been to the Magic Kingdom on an exceptionally busy day, you will understand how crazy crowded and backed up that area right in front of the park can get, so it seems like this new process will be exceptionally helpful.

For even more explanation, here’s a video where Brian goes through the entire process:

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8 thoughts on “Disney Changing Magic Kingdom Security Procedures

  • What a great idea, when we last went and we visited MK there were a lot of people standing around waiting for bag check and we spent an average of 5-10mins just to get to the front, I can’t see it taking that long under the new system. Just think those extra 5 mins could make all the difference when queuing for one of the big ticket rides

  • Great video explanation! Thanks!

  • I am wondering about getting to Epcot from the monorail resorts. What happens if we went from GF to TTC and then transferred to the monorail for Epcot. Where are the screening areas? We need to screen before getting on the monorail at the GF. Will we need to rescreen at TTC or are they not screening those switching? And then go through security screening AGAIN at entry for Epcot?

    On the way back, I bet we’ll rescreen somewhere in our travels back to the GF. I can’t imagine they’d not screen us getting onto the monorail at Epcot, then bypass screening when we stop at the TTC to transfer to the Resorts monorail, which of course also stops at the MK.

    The way I see it is the resort monorail goes to MK, all the resorts and the TTC. You don’t know where someone is going when they’re getting on it, so everyone must be screened. The way the layout is at the TTC, it makes a lot more sense to have screening further away from the monorails, there’s more space. And you need to screen both the MK Express and Resort Monorail passengers, since both stop at MK. Might as well screen everyone at TTC and then those going to Epcot would already be screened and can go right into the park, I’ve seen a lot of pictures lately of security at Epcot being overwhelmed and taking 30 min+ at the beginning of the day, so this would help alleviate that issue somewhat. I just couldn’t find any information about it.

    Spring break doesn’t seem like a good time to be starting this!

  • What about the boats coming from wilderness lodge or cabins/campgrounds? Are they planning to do security checks at the respective docks? The dock checks seem similar to what they do at the Portofino before you can get on the water taxi to head to universal.

  • Boats from WL, CR, FW, PV, GF?

  • And guests who prefer to walk from the Contemporary/Bay Lake Towers? Will one of the current screening stations stick around for us?

    • Disney is still going to have bag checks at the Magic Kingdom, I believe, (these will be for those coming off buses, as well as potentially those walking from the Contemporary), but I suspect these will be found closer to the bus depots. More info on that as things get officially rolled out.

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