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Genie+ Priorities at EPCOT

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We’re coming up on Spring Break season at Walt Disney World, and that means more people than usual will be in the parks and getting in line for attractions. Longer lines tempt more people to purchase Genie+, so I want you to have all of the information you need to make the most of your Genie+ purchase.

I will preface all of this by saying that I always recommend booking what you enjoy, but I enjoy math. So I want a Genie reservation prioritization list powered by data. You may see other priority lists pop up on Disney sites, based on various things like previous experiences or gut feel. But this one is supported by … EQUATIONS. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

This post was last updated on February 21st, 2024.

Explain the Math!

We can rank the Genie+ attractions in each park in different ways. In this post, I am going to aggregate three of those different measures by averaging them. Easy peasy.

  1. Rank by average availability, ascending – the attraction in each park that usually sells out first will get rank 1, and the attraction in each park that has book now/ride now availability the most through the day will get the lowest rank.
  2. Rank by average time savings, descending – the attraction in each park where Genie+ usually saves the most time compared to standby will get rank 1, and the attraction in each park where Genie+ usually saves the least time compared to standby will get the lowest rank.
  3. Rank by attraction satisfaction, descending – the attraction in each park with the highest overall average satisfaction from 2023 will get rank 1, and the attraction in each park with the lowest overall average satisfaction from 2023 will get the lowest rank.

Once I calculated all three ranks, then I averaged the three results and sorted from score that was closest to one all the way to the highest number. I used those averages to come up with the following prioritized list!

Prioritized List of EPCOT Genie+ Attractions

Long waits and a new(er) addition to Genie+ means that demand for Remy is really … REALLY high

1. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Availability Score = 1 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 1 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 3 out of 11

The addition of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure to the Genie+ lineup at EPCOT totally changed the game. It took EPCOT from an “avoid using Genie+ here, absolutely not worth it” to a “well, strongly consider it, if you can’t or don’t want to rope drop”. That’s thanks to what should be a lot more capacity, and now the opportunity to save a lot of cumulative time. Remy holds the best time savings with an average of about 35 minute saved.

Remy is also selling out faster than Test Track or Frozen Ever After. Almost always before noon. The availability issues combined with the time savings make it an easy first pick, assuming it’s something that your party is actually interested in experiencing.



Test Track
Test Track is an especially good pick on days with potentially poor weather. ©Disney

2. Test Track

Availability Score = 2 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 3 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 2 out of 11

Test Track has long standby waits, relatively poor availability (often selling out before 1 pm), and is unreliable thanks to the weather. This initially made it the obvious choice for what to book first if you’re using Genie+ at EPCOT. But its time savings (average of 25 minutes) pale in comparison to Remy and Frozen Ever After, and that may finally be convincing people to use their reservations for those attractions and just try to time their Test Track wait for a low-crowd time (hello Early Entry and Extended Evening Theme Park Hours). If time savings alone are most important to you (or if you have small kids), Frozen and Remy should both take priority. Still, satisfaction and time savings are both trending slightly up here, so expect it to hold on to second place.



You might want to use Genie+ if you aren’t like this cool kid merrily skipping all of the way to the pre-show

3. Soarin’

Availability Score = 4 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 4 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 1 out of 11

Our first big (and probably controversial) shakeup of the most recent update. Thanks to its third theater, and the relative lower popularity of the “Around the World” version compared to the original, Soarin’ doesn’t usually generate the crazy standby lines that Test Track, Remy, or Frozen Ever After do. That means you can’t save as much time (15 minutes on average).

That being said, its satisfaction scores still totally beat the those big three attractions. So while it might not be as important from a time savings perspective, you are definitely going to want to experience Soarin’ during your EPCOT day. Whether you’ll need Genie+ to do it is up to you. My personal take? I’d use Genie+ at Test Track, Remy and Frozen if possible, standby for Soarin’ unless it’s a crazy day, and then start stacking for another park. But the math suggests Soarin’ rather than Frozen Ever After.


Can’t ever not share this mom fail moment when I talk about Frozen Ever After.

4. Frozen Ever After

Availability Score = 3 out of 11

Time Savings Score = 2 out of 11

Satisfaction Score = 6 out of 11

Frozen Ever After, like Remy, used to be an Individual Lightning Lane, and for good reason. You can save large amounts of time by using it, and probably your little kids aren’t eligible for Test Track anyway.

Realistically, once the “novelty” of Remy wears off, we expect that Remy, Frozen and Test Track should all have similar demand and sell out around the same time, so you’re most likely going to have to pick one and then hope you can pick up the others when you’re first eligible, or with a sneaky refresh of availability or cancellation later in the day. As it stands, on most days you’ll be able to select two of them, at best.

In the past 6 months, Frozen Ever After has almost caught up with Remy as far as time savings, but it still sells out just barely after Test Track. And its satisfaction keeps dropping overall, which contributed significantly to Frozen Ever After slipping to 4th place.




5. Turtle Talk with Crush

Availability Score = 5 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 10 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 4 out of 11

For those keeping track at home, here’s where I draw the line of priorities not really mattering anymore. Any differences between the remaining attractions are really negligible. I’ll continue to rank them because … MATH, but if you’re still using Genie+ reservations at EPCOT at this point on the list, you’re in the very tiny minority. Often it’s not worth the hassle.

Turtle Talk has almost the worst time savings of any attraction in EPCOT … because it happens on a set schedule and it would be very rare to skip forward by a show due to a Genie+ reservation. Its satisfaction scores have been creeping upward, though. Enough for it to barely leapfrog Spaceship Earth and Mission: SPACE to come in 5th place. For once, I’m suggesting that you ignore the math, unless a conversation with Crush really is just a huge priority for your group.



Living with the Land? Must-do. Living with the Land via Genie+? Don’t do.

6. Living with the Land

Availability Score = 6 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 8 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 7 out of 11

Despite the fact that Living with the Land is one of the most awesome attractions at WDW, it doesn’t typically draw large crowds of hyrdoponics fans. Weird. But … interestingly, with Soarin’ drawing more crowds, Genie+ users are getting more tempted to just use a Genie+ reservation on Living with the Land, so it sells out before quite a few other attractions. Plus, its satisfaction score has recently been improving! Enough that it’s moving on up two whole spots compared to our last update! The Becky advice: ride this ride, just don’t use Genie+ to do it, unless you walk up to the line, it happens to be long, it has immediate reservation availability and you happen to be able to make a reservation.



Mission: SPACE
Apparently even we don’t ride Mission: SPACE a lot, so I’ve gotta use this photo and give credit to ©Disney

7. Mission: SPACE

Availability Score = 7 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 5 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 9 out of 11

A semi-controversial pick here at number seven with Mission: SPACE. If you struggle with motion sickness or small spaces, ignore this entry altogether. But if you can handle those things and are a space geek (I happily include myself in that list), Mission: SPACE is a decent choice. It rarely books up before closing. It isn’t incredibly popular, though, so you’ll probably only save 10 minutes or less compared to standby.


Just going to casually keep dropping photos of my family avoiding waits. Subliminal message: You don’t really need Genie+ at EPCOT.

8. Spaceship Earth

Availability Score = 10 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 6 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 8 out of 11

Spaceship Earth essentially never sells out of Genie+ availability, so it’s not prioritized quite as high as Mission: SPACE, which sometimes does sell out an hour or two before closing. And the time savings is generally worse, averaging something around 5-8 minutes.

If you’re at EPCOT on a high crowd day and already in the area with a reservation to spare, chances are you can pick this one up and use it immediately, avoiding whatever standby line exists. I’d call this a reservation to use opportunistically as time allows.



Don’t use Genie+ for this, unless some operational issue has somehow resulted in crazy lines.

9. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Availability Score = 9 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 7 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 10 out of 11

Coming in 9th place is the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Should you experience the main Seas tanks and exhibits while at EPCOT? 100% yes! Do you have to do the ride in order to access them? Nope! If you haven’t done it before, and/or have big Nemo fans in the group, then by all means go for it. But unless the attraction is having reliability issues, you won’t need to use Genie+ to do it.



Imagination Pavilion
It’ll probably be this empty whenever you visit too … ©Disney

10. Short Film Festival

Availability Score = 11 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 11 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 5 out of 11

I will go on the record saying that you will never need Genie+ to access the Short Film Festival. Watch them on Disney+ at home. But, sneaky tip: Mickey has a meet and greet in this exact area too. And most people think you have to watch the films to see Mickey. You don’t! Just walk around the side and enjoy your Mickey time. Easiest way to see Mickey on property.



Terrible photo, excellent experience – little kid Becky meeting my purple hero.

11. Journey Into Imagination

Availability Score = 8 out of 11
Time Savings Score = 9 out of 11
Satisfaction Score = 11 out of 11

As a lifelong Figment fan (seriously, not an exaggeration), this one pains me. But I also agree with it. Journey into Imagination is a shell of its former self. And if you weren’t familiar with its former self, you still have to be okay with permeating skunk stench to enjoy this version of it. Shockingly, there are no large crowds of people wanting to experience that. You can pretty much always book it with immediately availability if you so choose. But even if you do, you might save something like 4 minutes compared to standby.

Becky anecdote of the day: I once took my 18-month-old on the ride while my husband waited outside because I demanded that she must experience Figment, no matter the cost. We got stuck in the skunk room for over 10 minutes. I cross my fingers every day that that memory is not the Disney memory that sticks with her for the rest of life.


What Does This Mean For You?

  1. Especially with the lower individual-park prices, it may be worth considering using Genie+ at EPCOT. Within reason. You can save significant time at Remy, Frozen, Test Track, and potentially Soarin’. But your best time-saving trick at EPCOT is still Early Entry. You can easily knock out Frozen and Remy before official park opening, and then you just have future world standby queues to contend with.
  2. This also means that EPCOT is the hardest park for making effective use of Genie+. It has a whole three attractions where Genie+ is truly worthwhile … and all three book up remarkably quickly compared to attractions at any other park. If you’re going to buy Genie+ on an EPCOT day, have a plan – and potentially research times at which more reservations get released in the afternoon to try to “game” the system.
  3. Like at Animal Kingdom, there are many other activities, attractions and shows that score much higher in satisfaction than the majority of the Genie+ options. If you don’t purchase Genie+ and the crowds descend, spend your time exploring World Showcase. You can easily fill a whole day and not be stuck in queues.
  4. The popularity of Remy hasn’t calmed down yet. It still sells out quickly, and still saves you more time than Frozen Ever After or Test Track. It’s been in first place for a while, and will obably stay that way.

Have you used Genie+ in EPCOT? Do you agree with these rankings or would yours be different? Let me know in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Genie+ Priorities at EPCOT

  • Will any Genie+ updates for DLR be coming? Your TouringPlans Teaches videos on Genie+ have been invaluable. Thank you!

  • Epcot was the one park where Genie+ failed us spectacularly. At every other park, it is possible to get LL for all the major rides with a little planning. You can only get 2 of 3 at Epcot at best. We had a day where Remy was our only useful LL. We were offsite and by rope drop TT was over an hour. So we did Frozen. TT then had downtime much of the morning. By 10:30, TT LL was already gone. We didn’t need Frozen again and nothing else really needs it.

  • Good timing, Becky. My family is leaving Thursday for WDW. This is our 1st trip in almost 20 years. Your priorities are noted in my daily touring plans.

  • Nice updated post, as always.

    Since Remy only gets added to Genie+ today, how did you calculate its availability score? It’s easy to assume that everyone who bought an ILL for it will get a Genie+ for it if they can. And many people who wouldn’t buy an ILL for it will want to get a Genie+ for it. But how many? Why do you say Test Track will still be the availability leader? Is it pure guesswork or do you have some numbers to back it up?

    • We were making some well-informed guesses based on assumptions about supply and demand 😉 That being said, it sold out today well before we would have expected, so we’re going to see if that shifts over the next few days.

  • This is very useful! I don’t want to get Genie + much less purchase ILL’s, but I appreciate the info. And the personal family stories and photos are awesome! It makes me feel like I *know* you. (Not in a creepy way.) I dearly love the Frozen ride “fail.” What were you trying to do? LOL!

    • Ha! The photo happens at a slight drop, and she hates getting her face wet. So my mom brain took over and kept her face from getting wet … even though it’s not that big of a drop anyway.

  • If using iLL for Guardians and G+ for Remy, which would you do first at straight up 7am?

    • Right now? Guardians for sure. Demand should be spread out enough between Test Track, Frozen Ever After and Remy that booking Remy “immediately” shouldn’t be necessary. When I go in July with my family, if I was using Genie+ (I’m not at EPCOT), my order of operations would be: Virtual Queue for Guardians, ILL for Guardians if that fails, then my first Genie+ selection.

  • Love the Frozen pic of your family! Hilarious and cute! Thank you for sharing.

  • My guess is frozen is the one that will move to genie plus and remy will continue to be an extra paid one for a long time

    • Frozen has already moved to Genie+, so the question is really whether Remy will shift to Genie+ when GOTG opens (assuming it offers ILL), or if EPCOT becomes the only park with two ILL.

  • Nice article, as always. That’s two posts in three days. I hope you’re getting paid overtime!

    • Ha! Thanks for the feedback. Even better news – Hollywood Studios will post on Monday, followed by Magic Kingdom on Wednesday!


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