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Hotel Room Views at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

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Last week we launched our Hotel Room View project with a look at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. Today we’re launching Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

You can see pictures of the room views at Disney’s Polynesian Resort here:

Just like last week, you’re able to search by room view (Garden, Lagoon, Magic Kingdom), beds (e.g., 1 king or 2 queens), and ADA accessibility, plus walking distance to the lobby and transportation, and more. You can also do side-by-side comparisons of two rooms when you mark them as “favorites.”

The Poly is a gorgeous resort, no doubt. Still, some room views are better than others. For example, rack rate starts at $422 for a Garden View room with 2 queen beds. If you leave it up to Disney, you could get room 1418 at Tuvalu, with a nice view of … a wall. And trees:


Or you could request 2922 at Tokelau, same price:


A quick note: We’ve got 359 photos of the Poly’s 800+ rooms. This includes virtually all first-floor rooms, and some second- and third-floor rooms. Where we don’t have a view from a specific room, we’ll display a message saying the view is approximate, and tell you from which room the view comes. If you’d like to contribute a photo from your stay at the Poly, please send us an email with the photo and room number.

Special thanks to Steve “Tikiman” Seifert, who runs, a site dedicated to the Poly. Steve is providing photos, maps and updates as we get this resort implemented.

Here’s the schedule for bringing the rest of the resorts online:

Week Ending Resort
October 11 Polynesian Done!
Saratoga Springs Resort
Wilderness Lodge
October 18 Port Orleans French Quarter
Port Orleans Riverside
Caribbean Beach
All-Star Movies
Pop Century
October 25 Coronado Springs
Fort Wilderness (campsites and cabins)
November 1 All-Star Music
Art of Animation
November 8 Animal Kingdom Lodge
Beach Club
Yacht Club
November 15 Contemporary Resort
BoardWalk Inn
Grand Floridian
November 22 Bay Lake Tower
Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas
December 6 Wilderness Lodge Villas
Old Key West
Saratoga Springs Treehouses

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21 thoughts on “Hotel Room Views at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

  • This is outstanding!

  • Left a room comment and want to leave a rating, but can’t tell which way the scale goes. Seems like you’re using low as better for distance/noise, but logic tells me to use a higher number for a better rating.

  • Can you request specific room #’s? I’ve asked for a specific longhouse & floor but didn’t think you could ask for a room number. How do you suggest we make requests? Thanks!

    • Hey Tina –

      Yes, you can request specific room numbers. Scroll down to just below the photo, and you’ll see a string of text in green. That’s the exact wording to use with Disney to request that specific room, and other rooms like it. Copy and paste that into an email to Disney or your travel agent.

      We’ve heard that Disney’s computer systems only allow about 80 characters of text, so we’ve ensured our text fits into 80 characters.

  • confused regarding ada rooms, roll in shower option states not wheelchair accessible?

    • Hey Patty – thanks for looking at this! Okay, so what I think you’re saying is that when you search for “Roll-In Shower” on the room filter, somewhere on the next page we’re saying that the room is not wheelchair accessible. Is that right? And can you provide an example of a room number? Thanks again.

  • Love this!!!! Can’t wait for the Beach Club. We have stayed there many times, and still no one at Disney can tell me the view difference between the standard and the garden. Anxious to see what you find out so next time I will know what to book! Thanks!

  • Thank you! Is it possible for us to scroll through all of the room view pix you have? Also, you might want to consider putting a date w/any pix you have the date for… many people are anxious about the renovations at Poly and you might save yourself some questions/headaches if you have photo dates posted…

    • I’ll see if we can get the photo’s date posted. We should have that. Thanks!

  • Looks Great. When you get it all done, you should make a video where each frame of the video is the view from a different room.

  • Love the new feature but at the Poly, you have Fiji and Tuvalu names mixed up on the map!

    • Never mind, I see you already know! 🙂

  • Very cool. But notice one mistake, You have labels for Fiji and Tuvalu reversed. We were just in Tuvalu (2413) last month, and it is the one facing directly over the lagoon.

  • Argh. We’ve got the names for Fiji and Tuvalu swapped. Will get that fixed shortly.

    • I thought you were going to have me check them first 😉 oops.
      Nice job though. I will be sending a lot of people to that page.

      • It’s my fault. I saw there was a difference between our map and yours, and when I specified the correction, I got it exactly backwards. We’ll have it fixed shortly. Thanks for the photos!

      • Give me a call when you get a chance. I have some more corrections. I still think it is one of the coolest ideas ever.

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