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How to Apply for Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS)

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The Disability Access Service (DAS) is a program at Disney World and Disneyland that allows guests to wait out their time in line without actually waiting in most of the line. This virtual waiting system is available to guests who cannot wait in a conventional queue for a long time. In this article we’ll cover the how-to of the application process at Disney World so that you can be prepared.

What You Need to Know About DAS

What disabilities are accommodated by DAS

It’s important to understand that the system is primarily used for those whose inability to wait is due to a developmental disability like autism or a similar disorder.  In the past, DAS was offered as an accommodation for a much wider range of disabilities; Disney is now addressing the needs of those guests with different types of accommodations.

If you know that the person who needs accommodations doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements for DAS, you can start at Disney’s Accessibility home page ( and explore the options. If you don’t find what you need, you can try using the chat feature on the accessibility page, or you can email Disability Services at If you prefer a phone call, the number is (407) 560-2547.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify, you can still apply for DAS. Disney says:

Guests can meet virtually with a Cast Member using live video chat to determine what services may be appropriate to support their visit to the theme parks, including DAS.

It’s clear that they expect to work with guests who are unsure what accommodations can be provided to them; this live video chat is the DAS registration process. But be aware that if you were approved for DAS on a prior visit, it doesn’t guarantee you will be approved again.

If you applied for DAS at Disney World and were approved, you will still need to apply at Disneyland, and vice versa. DAS approval does not carry over from park to park.

The DAS application process at Disney World is entirely online

Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) has a dedicated team to help you apply, renew, and make changes to your DAS Friends and Family list. For guests who visit Walt Disney World, this team is only accessed online with a Zoom call. You will not be able to apply for DAS by going to Guest Services once you are in the parks.

Apply in advance to make the most of your time in the parks.


If you go to Guest Services in the parks for help with the application process, they will direct you to use your phone to apply online. If no one in your party has a mobile device that can be used, then they will provide you with an iPad — but you will still be using the online application process. We suggest that you apply in advance, so that you can make the most of your time in the parks.

At Disneyland, there will be an option to apply same day by speaking to a dedicated team member from Accessibility Services in the parks. However, we still recommend that you apply in advance. Until June 17, 2024, Disneyland Guests should continue to visit Guest Relations instead of Accessibility Services.

Preparing to Apply for DAS

When you are 30 days away from your park visit, you may apply for DAS. The process is simple, and if your timing is lucky, it’s quick. I suggest calling as early in the day as you can. To help the process be as smooth as possible, there are a few things you need to have ready before you start. What you will not need is any documentation of the disability or medical issue; Disney will not ask for it.

⭐ Make sure that you have a My Disney Experience (MDE) account set up for the person who is applying for DAS. It’s OK if this account is a managed profile .

⭐ Make sure anyone who will visit the parks with you is connected to your Family & Friends list in My Disney Experience.

Everyone who will visit the parks with you should be in the DAS applicant’s Family & Friends list.

⭐ Have everyone’s park tickets (and reservations if you need them) linked in MDE. (Need help? Step by Step: Link Your MagicBand or Tickets to My Disney Experience)

⭐ Have Zoom downloaded onto your computer or phone. You do not need an account, but you need to be able to launch the app.

⭐ Be signed into My Disney Experience before beginning the DAS application process. If the guest applying for DAS has their own account, they should be signed in. If the DAS applicant has a managed profile, sign in as the account that manages the profile.

If you are applying at Disneyland, the requirements will be similar but will use Disneyland’s sites and apps.

The Application Process

Once you have everything you need, there are only a few steps to connect you to the Zoom call. The live chat for Disney World registration is available from 7 am to 8 pm Eastern Time, and at this time it is only offered in English. I will walk you through the process, but I’m not able to discuss which questions they ask. I will say that you do not need to prepare for the questions. They simply ask you how they can help you navigate the parks.

  • Scroll down and tap Request Live Video Chat.
  • A chat box that says messages will pop up.

In the chat box, you will be asked who the DAS user is, when you are going to the parks next, who will be joining you, and if you are currently in the parks. After you answer those questions, you will be asked for permission to send a link connecting you to a Zoom call. That link will appear in the chat box. It takes a few moments – I started to wonder if they sent the link to my email, but it did pop up in the box.

Enter the meeting once you are linked to the Zoom Call, and the Cast Member will ask you questions. If the Cast Member decides that DAS is the most appropriate accommodation for you, they will take a picture. If the DAS user is a minor and you are applying as their guardian, and you do not wish to have their picture taken, they will take your picture instead. This picture is used when redeeming return times to ensure that it is the person who needs the accommodation that is actually using the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need documentation to apply for DAS access?

No. Not only does Disney not ask for documentation, but they will not look at it if you have it.

What if I don’t want my child’s picture taken?

If the DAS user is a minor, they can take your picture. However, the DAS user must still be available for the call.

How long does it take to apply for DAS?

The interview itself isn’t long, but wait times vary. Plan for a few hours of wait time, just in case. Once the interview begins, it is less than ten minutes.

How do I apply for DAS if I’m already in the park?

If you are visiting Walt Disney World in Florida, the process is the same as above. You even use your own phone, except you choose the “I’m in the parks” button for a more direct line.

At Disneyland, there is an opportunity to speak to a person directly.

Who decides if I qualify for DAS?

A Disney cast member from the DAS team will conduct the interview. If they have further questions, they can bring in a medical professional, such as a nurse, to assist them with the decision.

If I am offered a different accommodation, not DAS, can I speak with Guest Services in the parks?

Guest Services is not able to make or change any decisions concerning DAS.

Can Guest Services help with anything about DAS in the parks?

Although Guest Services in the parks does not process applications and can’t give you DAS access, they are still able to provide technical support for users who have already been approved to use DAS. For example, if your My Disney Experience (MDE) app isn’t allowing you to make return times or your DAS tile isn’t showing up as it should.

I was approved for DAS at Disney World, can I use it at Disneyland?

DAS approval doesn’t carry over from park to park. You’ll need to apply again at Disneyland. The same is true if you were approved for DAS at Disneyland but will be visiting Disney World.

I was approved in the past but it seems like now I don’t qualify. What’s different?

On April 9, 2024, Disney announced that they would be changing the eligibility requirements for DAS. (Disney Changes Both DAS Eligibility and Application Process at US Disney Parks.) Per Disney, use of the system had risen to high levels, and it was not working appropriately to meet the needs of users. The changes were intended to reduce the number of DAS users by providing alternate accommodations where possible.

I hope this article answered all of your questions, but if it didn’t, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

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  • I am curious to see if severe ADHD qualifies as “or similar”.

    • Every case seems to be different, ADHD is not as cut and dry as some of the other disabilities and health concerns.

  • Coming from the UK to Disneyland we need to use a VPN and with the time difference my child will most likely be asleep by the time we get through Not looking forward to this at all. Though if we don’t get it, I’m not sure how we will manage

    • Hi Samantha, My first suggestion is to try to apply from your hotel before you arrive at the park. But in Disneyland it’s different than Walt Disney World. There will be a window where you can apply in person even after the new policy is in effect. I hope that helps!


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