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Princess Shirts that Have Us Saying “What??”

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Every so often, Disney comes out with a merchandise item that causes me to send an emergency alert to Derek Burgan to save some real estate in the Outlet Report. But when Disney comes out with an entire line of merchandise, look out world!

Now, maybe I’m just not the target audience, but at my tragically unhip age, I don’t get them — it’s a series of princess shirts with the theme of “I’m such a _____”. Good news, you can get quite a few princess shirts in this design. And if this is something that appeals to you, perhaps you can explain them to me? The shirts are $34.99, and should be found all over Walt Disney World before their trip to the Outlets. (These were found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.)

Are you a fan of these shirts? Got an explanation? Let us know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Princess Shirts that Have Us Saying “What??”

  • I am wondering why, from what I see, it’s just the basic princesses & not “I’m such a Mulan” or Merida or Tianna. I think the whole enterprise needs to be updated to be more inclusive.

  • They provide a way for women who are not at all into frills to rock their favorite princess. If I could find one that really fit me, I’d get one.

  • Why does it just say Snow?

  • I think I’m in their target demographic- 30 something female. I wouldn’t buy one for that price, but I also don’t think they’re bad enough to write a blog about. They are just one of many pieces of Disney merch I won’t be buying.

  • I AM such an Ariel, but this is a little plain for the price. Those traits listed on the back may add something. I’ll probably take a look when I go, but I expect Galaxy’s Edge to claim the vast majority of my souvenir money.

  • I agree with the comments above. They are definitely taking advantage of the “Which Disney princess are you?” quizzes all over the internet. At the same time, reminiscent of Sex and The City…in order to appeal to the moms, maybe? Can someone share a picture of the back? If the back is cool, it might be worth it, otherwise, really basic. AND, is it just me or do they look a little short and boxy? That cut doesn’t seem flattering.

  • There are additional sayings on the back of each shirt, listing traits related to that specific princess. For example, the back of the Belle version says:
    Loves roses
    Book smart
    Small town girl
    And there’s a picture of a rose under a glass dome.

  • NOT a fan. They’re too plain, too expensive (because of how plain they are), and too limited (in princess choices). It screams “basic.” Not much effort, either. I’d love a Mulan with her image on the shirt. Bonus points for the princesses in modern or new outfits or doing something cool. Just the words??? I have a sneaking suspicion that many people will make their own.

  • There are probably hundreds of “What Disney Princess are you?” quizzes online. I assume these shirts are meant to appeal to fans of that type of quiz. But I also think Disney could have done better…

  • Is this like the Sex and the City thing where fans would claim “I’m a Samantha”, “I’m a Carrie”, etc? That’s the only thing I can think of that kind of makes these make sense.

  • You literally made me laugh out loud with “and should be found all over Walt Disney World before their trip to the Outlets.”

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