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Stitch’s Great Escape to Be Open at Magic Kingdom

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Stitch's Great Escape
©Seth Kubersky

One thing is for certain. Spring break is officially here. Know how I know? It’s because the currently seasonal attraction, Stitch’s Great Escape is currently open for Guests. Guests can stop by the Tomorrowland attraction until March 17 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily. The attraction will then return back to seasonal status beginning March 18.

Stitch’s Great Escape initially became a seasonal attraction back on October 2. Rumors indicate that a new attraction themed after the film Wreck-It Ralph have been floated around, however nothing is concrete yet about what will eventually happen with the attraction. (For those who are unaware, most of the time, seasonal attractions don’t come out of seasonal status until they are replaced.)

If you will be in the Magic Kingdom and you want to make sure to see Stitch’s Great Escape, now is your change to do it!

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4 thoughts on “Stitch’s Great Escape to Be Open at Magic Kingdom

  • Marie Rossiter

    This is only open until this Friday? Seems hardly worth it to keep it open for just a few days.

  • Banjoman

    Sounds like they’re expecting CL 10s this week, rather than 7s and 8s.

  • Lisa Brown

    Why do you think the crowd levels are higher than predicted? We are headed down the first week of April (4/1-6 for Spring Break). I know crowds will be crazy but I am hoping it won’t be too bad seeing the crowds leading into that week and after for Easter. Am I crazy to think it may be moderately busy but not DEFCON 1?

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