Walt Disney World (FL)

Fall Comes to Magic Kingdom

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Cooler weather has arrived in Florida, and that means it is time for fall decorations at Magic Kingdom. (Yes, technically “cooler” means a high of 85 today, and Disney was going to decorate no matter what the weather was going to be, but it’s the thought that counts?)

We were in Magic Kingdom this morning checking out the pumpkins popping up all over Main Street, USA. What’s neat about the carved jack-o-lanterns is how well many of them reflect the businesses they sit near, from ice cream to hot dogs and even signs for the restrooms.



Are you excited to see fall decorations returning to the parks? Do you think it is too soon? Let us know in the comments.


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Julia Mascardo

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2 thoughts on “Fall Comes to Magic Kingdom

  • Way too soon. And getting sooner. I remember being in WDW the first week of Sept. in 2015 when the fall/halloween decorations went up, and thinking, “Sheesh, it’d be nice if they’d wait until at least Labor Day.” Labor Day was late that year, like this year. Boy, was I ever naive.

  • My calendar says it’s still August, and Halloween is still nearly three months away.


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