Where Are the Exits for the Most Popular Rides at Magic Kingdom

Let’s face it – not everyone in your group is going to want to ride all the same rides together. Some may be into thrills, while others not. So there may be times when a part of your group goes on a ride while the other part needs to either wait for you or meet up with you later.

If you want to stick with your party, but not ride the ride, you can! Enjoy the queue together, as many are well themed. While in line, browse our Lines app to check out ratings for all the restaurants in the park. Place your lunch, snack, or dinner order through mobile ordering in the MyDisneyExperience app so your food will be ready when you’re done. Then when it’s time to board the ride just let the Cast Member know you’d rather not ride and they’ll show you where you can wait for your party.

The Haunted Mansion Entrance, and Exit to the Right, at Sunset

Here’s how to find the exits of some of the most popular Magic Kingdom rides so you know where you can meet your party later.

  • Big Thunder Mountain exit – Located to the right of the entrance and around the back curve of the mountain. There’s benches near the exit, as well as along the river a few steps from the exit.
  • Space Mountain exit – Leads into the gift shop, of course. However, if you’d like you can go through the queue with your party, the Cast Member can point out where to wait, where it’s indoors, cool, and has benches. Otherwise, there are some benches outside to the far right of the entrance, as well as restrooms, that make a good spot to meet your party when they’re done.
Restrooms and Benches Near Space Mountain Exit
  • Splash Mountain exit – Here you have one of the best exit areas in Magic Kingdom. It is a little hard to find if you are unfamiliar so don’t be afraid to ask a Cast Member. Just behind the entrance to the ride is a shaded courtyard and in the far right corner of this courtyard is a small play area for little park goers who are too short to ride Splash Mountain. There’s a fair amount of benches and decent shade. Please note, the play areas at Walt Disney World are temporarily closed as a COVID-19 precaution.
  • Haunted Mansion exit – Not everyone is into socializing with grim grinning ghosts, and sadly there’s no waiting area immediately near the exit of the Haunted Mansion. There’s an outdoor seating area near the Liberty Square Market which sells snacks, or there is some seating near the Liberty Belle Riverboat.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean exit – Sometimes the pirate’s life isn’t for everyone. This ride exits into the merchandise shop that is immediately to the right of the ride entrance. There isn’t much seating immediately near the exit, but there are some benches along the walkway in the nearby vicinity.
  • Astro-Orbiter exit – This ride exits at the entrance area and there are plenty of benches in the immediate area.
  • Goofy’s Barnstormer exit – This ride exits near its entrance, there are a few benches nearby, or the Casey Jr. Splash Area is a fun place to wait.
  • Mad Tea Party exit – The ride also exits near its entrance. There are some benches that line the fence of the Tomorrowland Speedway, which make for a fun view while your party goes for a spin.
The Exit and Seating Area Near Big Thunder Mountain Offers Great Views

Have you ever enjoyed some quiet time while waiting for your party? Or do you prefer to stay on-the-go?

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