Diamond Horseshoe to Offer Thanksgiving Table Service Meals

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The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant in the Magic Kingdom will be open for the week of Thanksgiving this year.

Most days it will function as a counter service location for the lunch period and as a table service venue for dinner, but on Thanksgiving Day it will function as a table service sit-down location for the entire day. We’ve yet to hear details about the planned menu offerings, but in the past it has offered hand-carved turkey sandwiches during the counter-service portion of such openings. Table service fare has been very similar to what can be found in the Liberty Tree Tavern next door.

Here’s the schedule for next week:

  • November 20-23 (Sun-Wed): Counter Service Lunch (11am to 3pm) and Table Service Dinner (5pm to 9pm)
  • November 24 (Thu): Table Service Lunch and Dinner
  • November 25-26 (Fri-Sat): Counter Service Lunch (11am to 3pm) only

R. A. Pedersen

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