Ask It Results: Best Holiday Park Decorations

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Around the house here in Gold’n’Oak it’s beginning to look a lot like pre-Christmas. The bins of Halloween décor have been packed away, and the bins of Christmas décor are staged in different places in the house for easy deployment after Thanksgiving day. At Disney parks, it is incredible how the logistics teams come together to flip a virtual switch to change from Halloween to Christmas seemingly overnight. Because the two décor sets happen so close, it is easy to make comparisons between the two. So last week we asked you:

Which holiday season gets the best decorations at a Disney theme park?

Here’s your results.

Halloween (204 votes, 17%)


Far from the detailed scare zones of Halloween Horror Nights, the Halloween season at Disney parks tends to be more like a fall festival in some ways, with pumpkin-headed scare crows on Main Street and jack-o-lanterns and orange and yellow bunting all around. This year, out in California, the parks took it up a notch with the Carsland Halloween overlay. But when it comes to Halloween décor, as good as it is, the scope of the decorations is still fairly limited. Halloween decorations don’t appear in every U.S. Disney theme park, and decorations at resorts are fairly limited. Still, the overlay in Carsland for Haul-O-Ween shows that there’s potential to do so much more. As the popularity of Halloween continues to climb, will we see expansion of Halloween decorations at Disney parks? Only time will tell.


Christmas (1,012 votes, 83%)


It may come as little surprise that the overwhelming favorite was the Christmas decorations. And even though it may seem a bit off-putting at times to have Christmas take hold in early November at the parks, it still brings a smile to almost everyone’s face when you see the castle lit up with icicle lights or spot the gigantic Christmas trees at the parks. From big touches to small, and from decorations to actual holiday overlays on attractions, Disney does go all out for the Christmas season.


And there’s your results. This week’s question is live on the blog and on Twitter. In the meantime, what is the best decoration for a holiday that you’ve seen at a Disney park? Is there a favorite Christmas tree that you enjoy? Perhaps the lights on the castle? Let us know in the comments.

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