Changes Happening at Disney Springs

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There are a couple of small changes that are occurring at Disney Springs that may impact you on your next vacation.

First of all, if you were a fan of the Disney Design-a-Tee shop, it has now closed.  The shop offered custom t-shirts that allowed Guests to choose from images and create their own text for the shirt. As of now, there appears to be no new store that will be replacing this one.

However, there is a new addition for Disney Springs, at the Marketplace Co-Op. This unique store features mini-stores inside its doors and offers a lot of unique, specialty options. One of these new specialty options is Lovepop. Lovepop is a greeting card company that offers pop up greeting cards created with intricate 3D designs. Lovepop actually has a Disney connection, as the company was featured on the ABC show, Shark Tank, where it was chosen by one of the “sharks” to invest in.

Changes continue as Disney Springs updates and grows. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about new offerings.

Rikki Niblett

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One thought on “Changes Happening at Disney Springs

  • September 11, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    I also read that the art of Disney gallery was moving to former LittleMissMatched location. Any ideas of what will be done with the future vacant location of the current Art of Disney and Design-a-Tee?


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