Shopping in the Epcot Countries – Get to Know Mexico

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Epcot’s World Showcase countries are a magical entree into the world at large. Even if you can’t get to China or France or Morocco, you can gain some insight into the culture of those places through the attractions, architecture, and food represented in the Epcot pavilions. But let’s face it, one of the key enticements of the World Showcase pavilions is the shopping. Even if you’ll never get to London, you can get souvenirs from the United Kingdom without ever leaving Florida.

We’re going on a tour of the shopping opportunities in Epcot’s World Showcase countries — this time we’re visiting Mexico. Bear in mind that the merchandise mix in the parks is constantly changing. While all the photos in these posts were taken in the first half of 2019, it’s quite possible that some of these specific items will be gone by the time you visit. They will, however, give you the flavor of what you can expect to find as you shop around the World Showcase.

Be forewarned that the shop in the Mexico pavilion is poorly lit. I think it’s supposed to help with the atmosphere in the adjacent San Angel Inn Restaurante, but my old eyes can barely handle it. I end up shopping with the assistance of the flashlight on my phone.

Welcome to Mexico!


The clothing sold in the Mexico pavilion is mostly lovely embroidered dresses for women and girls and unisex woven ponchos. And in Mexico, of course, there are hats. I’ve never actually seen anyone buy the giant sombreros, but they make an almost obligatory photo op for anyone visiting the Mexico pavilion for the first time.


Lots of options here, ranging from hand-tooled silver to woven bracelets.


Many of the items sold in the Mexico have the look of handmade crafts, even if they may not actually be handmade. Think decorative trinkets, small ceramics, paper mache pinatas, noisemakers and maracas, and symbols of the Day of the Dead. Among the mass-produced items you can also find some genuine handmade crafts, specifically the Oaxacan wood carvings of animals. If you time it right, you can find artisans creating the animals right there in the pavilion.

Disney Character Tie-Ins

The Gran Fiesta ride in the Mexico Pavilion features Donald Duck in his Three Caballeros garb, but you’re more likely to find merchandise from the more recent Disney Pixar film Coco.


If you plan on hosting a margarita night, the Mexico pavilion is the perfect place to pick up some glassware for the event. Ask them to wrap it up and ship it to your home, if you’re worried about breakage in transit.


Most of the Mexico pavilion packaged food is Mexican candy or candy related to Mexico-based alcohol brands. You can also find several varieties of hot sauce and Mexican vanilla flavoring.


Much like the Germany pavilion, Mexico has a selection of merchandise from Arribas brothers.

Do you have a favorite item you’ve purchased in Mexico? Did you ever buy a big sombrero? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • June 26, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    Before the world wide web existed, shopping around Epcot was cool and interesting. Now, not so much. My advice? Take a pic of something you find in one of the pavilions then search for it online. You can probably find the exact same item for half or less of the Epcot price.

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    This is a blog posting is very interesting and shopping in the Epcot countries get to know Mexico is beautiful.
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