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Annual Passholder Perk – Fossil Fun Games Free Consolation Prize

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When I first read about the new limited-time Annual Passholder perk for the Fossil Fun Games at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, my eyes rolled pretty hard. This “perk” is available during weekdays to Annual Passholders who purchase three games tokens for Fossil Fun Games. After purchasing the three game tokens, Passholders will receive a complimentary non-Disney consolation prize. To me this effort was a simply ploy to get rid of game prize plush that Disney no longer uses. When I went to Animal Kingdom with my son earlier this week I learned I was absolutely right, and also this ploy earned me some fun memories with my son.

Dinoland U.S.A. Crowds – February 22, 2021
Fossil Fun Games

The Fossil Fun Games are tucked in the back of Dinoland U.S.A. Without a functioning Primeval Whirl coaster, this part of Dinoland is usually pretty empty and sad on most days. But with the Annual Passholder weekday perks in place, I did notice more guests in this area. And certainly with the complimentary prize for passholders, I saw more folks playing the games.

Fossil Fueler Game – February 22, 2021

At first I wasn’t going to give in and purchase three game tokens, but my preschooler knows how to pull my strings. I purchased the token at one of the many booths set up in the area. It was $15.00 for the three tokens. I was given the receipt and told I needed to show the receipt at Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures merchandise shop to get the complimentary plush prize.

Game Token Kiosk
Fossil Fueler Game

We played the Fossil Fueler water gun game 3 times, and lost each time. The whole experience lasted about 7 minutes. Certainly the value of playing these games is pretty low. In fact, we did the math on how much it costs to play the games for an hour, if you’re curious. I’m not one for participation prizes, but darn if it did not feel good to say to my son “that’s okay, we’ve got a prize waiting for us to pick up,” at the end of our losing streak.

Line at Chester and Hester’s Merchandise Shop
Free Prizes for Annual Passholders Plus Current Prizes on Top Shelf
Free Prize for Annual Passholders

We headed over to Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures and waited in line at the registers. When it was our turn I showed our receipt of the three game tokens and my Annual Pass credentials in the MyDisneyExperience app. We had a choice between a purple snake or a green snake.

My son chose green, and he immediately feel in love. The snake is about six feet long and has reversible sequins. It was a total gimmick, but it was nice to walk away with some sort of prize.

Have you ever played the Fossil Fun Games? Would you do so again, or hard pass?

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