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Ask It Results: How Often Do You Vacation to Walt Disney World?

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Like many questions on Ask It, there really is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to questions about Disney. When it comes to deciding how often to vacation at Walt Disney World, there are so many factors that come into play, and each person has a different reason for why they vacation as frequently or infrequently as they do. Last week we asked you:

How often do you vacation to Walt Disney World?

With 2,900 votes, here’s your results.

Every 5+ Years

It comes as little surprise that a poll on a blog about trip planning to Walt Disney World had the fewest number of people voting for the every 5+ years category. The plus side of going every five years or more is that it is like a whole new experience. The down side is that, when you leave the parks, it’ll be five years or more before you are back. If you went one week before Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened and you’re on the 5+ year plan, it’ll still be a couple years before your first ride on it.

More Than Once a Year

For some respondents, there’s always something more to see at Walt Disney World. Although the majority of the people who voted in this category were locals (or, in some cases, regionals from other parts of the state or surrounding states), that wasn’t the case for everyone. For some people, making a couple trips a year to see different aspects, such as holiday decorations or one of the many festivals at Epcot, makes for a great getaway. Overall, people who travel to Walt Disney World more than once a year are looking at shorter trips–sometimes a weekend trip–rather than a lengthy vacation.

Once a Year


Coming in as the second most popular choice, the once-a-year crowd are people who just need a Disney fix on an annual basis. Many, but not all, have kids and so as kids get older, there’s new things to try for their particular interests. Many people who come once a year also mentioned coming during peak times of year, such as summer vacation, due to work and school schedules. The once-a-year visitor stays a bit longer, and is able to really experience everything new that has opened in the parks during that year, but also means that new attractions will still have longer lines because they are, well, new.

Every 2-4 Years

This was the most popular choice, but for several reasons. For some, it’s a matter of cost. No matter how you slice it, vacationing at Walt Disney World isn’t cheap. Saving up for a few years means that you can experience some extras that might not be possible to afford on a yearly basis. When it comes to new attractions and experiences to see, Disney seems to plan for the average guest to be on a 2-4 year cycle. In fact, when my husband and I were buying in to DVC, we were told that the DVC plan is a trip every 3-4 years (with borrowing and banking to have the points on hand). I’d wager that people who are not “going all the time” probably spend more on souvenirs and more expensive meals, either signature meals or expensive character meals, and going for a special treat every few years might also give the extra nudge to stay on property instead of a less-expensive off-site hotel. Not going every year also means being able to see other attractions, either in Florida or beyond, and staves off “Disney fatigue” for partners or kids who aren’t quite as interested in the Disney experience.

And there you have the results for this week. It seems that whether you are on the every 5+ years or more than once a year plan, you probably have someone in your life who says “Are you going to Walt Disney World AGAIN?” What’s your favorite response to that question? Let us know in the comments.

Next week’s Ask It question is live here and on Twitter. We’ll see you next week with your results!



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4 thoughts on “Ask It Results: How Often Do You Vacation to Walt Disney World?

  • Best response: “I know, aren’t we SO LUCKY!!!” Love it!

  • I am in the 5 plus, only because I live in Australia. If I was in the states it would be 2 to 4 years. In 4 years toy story and Star Wars lands have been open for some time.

  • My husband & I usually go to Disneyland because it’s closer, but we really miss WDW and are planning our trip next year. I usually turn a deaf ear to those who say “Again? Why not go someplace different”?, or if they get really irritating, I will say: “I don’t tell anyone where to go on vacation, please don’t tell me how to spend my vacation elsewhere”. My family (my brother was an exception) finally figured it out that it makes hubby & I happy when we visit Disney, and one of my sister’s even finds Disney related things (Goodwill) for us. I am blessed at my new job that I have 4 co-workers who go to Disneyland/WDW and even talk about the the negativity from people.

  • I am in the category of visiting 2 -3 times a year. I live about 9 hours away. I don’t go for short trips as it more economical to stay longer. Plus, I want to stay as long as I can which is usually 8-10 nights. It makes for a more relaxed trip knowing we do not have to rush and also that we will be back soon.

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