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Atlantic Dance Hall

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On my last trip a group of friends decided to head over to the Boardwalk after Epcot closed for the evening since it is just a leisurely stroll away from the International Gateway.  But where to go?  We thought of going to Jellyrolls, a dueling piano bar which I’ve heard is a ton of fun, but rethought the idea when we realized there is a cover charge.    Just next door is Atlantic Dance Hall which does not charge a fee just to walk in the door.  We figured we’d try that out first and if it wasn’t any fun we’d pay the cover and go to Jellyrolls.  Well, we wound up staying for a while

Guests can’t miss this night time spot with the huge lit letters displaying “Dance Hall” which can

be seen anywhere in the Epcot resort area.  Inside, there is an art deco design featuring a large dance floor and a ceiling lit with twinkling stars.  Another feature is the large projection screen which plays the music videos along with whatever song the DJ spins.   The club is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 p.m to 2 a.m. o with a DJ who takes requests from the crowd, so don’t be shy and ask for your favorite song.  If you need a breather from the fun on the dance floor, wander outside to one of the balconies over looking the water.

It was a bit quiet when we first arrived since it was around 9:30 by the time we wandered over after the finale to Illuminations.  We found a few tables together without a problem since there weren’t a lot of people around.  The crowd also varied from people in the 20s and 30s looking for a place to grab a drink to older folks cutting a rug on the dance floor.  In addition to the random patrons they seemed to play an odd array of music, but that must have been because of the requests made by the other guests.  Drinks are typical Disney World prices and are served from a few bars around the perimeter of the dance floor.

I had a good time at Atlantic Dance Hall, but I give more credit to my friends than the actual venue.  Like I said, there was a strange mix of music and people which didn’t leave me dying to return.  Some of us were more open to the idea of dancing the night away than others, but I think the high light of the evening was getting most of the boys out on the floor for the YMCA.  As I have very little shame, I was right out there with them and had a blast dancing and laughing.  I’m sure I will head back to the Atlantic Dance Hall at some point with my friends, but I think we’ll try some of the other venues first.

Do you frequent the Atlantic Dance Hall?  Let me know what you think about it!

Next week I’ll talk about an issue I’m facing planning my next trip to WDW…

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8 thoughts on “Atlantic Dance Hall

  • Tom Norton

    Classic photos! LOL!

  • This is one odd bar/dance club. It’s always been empty or just awkward to dance when I’ve been here.

    The dance floor is too big – I always feel like I’m on display – and I’m not a good dancer (maybe that makes watching more interesting then!)

    I’ve found the drinks are more expensive and poured weaker here than other places.

    At least it’s free, and that’s why I may wander in again in the future.

    • Hi Jeni! Thanks for reading!

      I definitely agree that its a just plain awkward place. I figured I’d give it a go and now I know I’m not in a hurry to go back. I think having the right group of people helps, but its still an odd place.

      Drink quality is always subjective. For example, some people love the margarita stand in the Mexican pavilion, while others have had watered down drinks. You never know what you’re going to get.

      I think next time we’ll pay the $10 and try Jellyrolls.

  • Totally agree, the two things that killed me were: the dance floor was too big, and the music was too soft. If you can have a polite conversation on the finer qualities of wait time statistics while you’re dancing to 80s hip-hop, it’s not a dance hall.

  • Tom Norton

    Yeah I agree the music was way too soft. However the previous time I went in there it was much louder. Bring back the clubs at Pleasure Island!

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