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Big Changes For Your Next Disney Park Visit

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Today, Disney released some information that you need to be aware of for your next vacation. These are some major policy changes that may impact your trip. These changes go into effect for both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

The first is the the size of strollers allowed in the parks are changing. Beginning May 1, strollers can be no larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long. Strollers that appear larger will be measured. Also, beginning May 1, stroller wagons will also no longer be permitted. Before there was a bit of a loophole where those wagons with two handles could be allowed because they could be pushed. These changes are being made to help guest flow and ease congestion in the parks. (And with Galaxy’s Edge coming, any easing of congestion will be a good thing.)

Another huge change is that also beginning May 1, smoking areas will no longer be present inside any Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or Downtown Disney in the Disneyland Resort. Designated smoking areas will be available outside the entrances to the areas listed above, and at Disney Springs in Florida. (Keep in mind, this includes vaping, so those who vape will also need to go outside the parks.) For those who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas are also available at Disney Resort hotels.

One final change is that loose ice and dry ice will no longer be permitted in coolers or cooler bags. This change is effective today. It is recommend that if you need to use some sort of “ice” you use re-useable ice packs instead. In addition, complimentary cups of ice are available at dining locations inside the parks if needed.

If you have a trip coming up in the near future, make sure you keep these new rules in mind moving forward.

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12 thoughts on “Big Changes For Your Next Disney Park Visit

  • Oh no!!! I was going to spend $400 bucks on a keenz wagon stroller.

    They literally would have been the best most awesome Disney stroller yet.

    Built in cooler
    Easy nap surface
    Collapses for storage way smaller than jogging stroller for easier car transport
    Higher weight capacity
    Etc etc

  • The in-park smoking ban is LONG overdue, glad they finally pulled that trigger.

  • Ice in resealable bags is ok, per answer on Disney Parks Blog.

  • Why do you think they are not allowing loose ice? I can see the dry ice being a problem but loose ice?

    • I have seen people just dumping ice out on the ground in crowded areas. Could be that.

    • I’ve seen a number of people just dump it in the middle of sidewalks. Probably a safety hazard.

  • Glad to hear about stroller restrictions.

  • They should have been inforcing the smoking area for years. My husband always obeyed them. But we always saw people who didn’t and cast members who never tried to stop them. It’s a shame for those that followed rules. Those that didn’t before still won’t.

  • Hope they include Disneyland Paris in the smoking ban. The designated areas were ignored during our visit, and the puffing was pervasive. It was very disappointing.

  • Bill Gonzalez

    Been to the Asian parks plus Disney Paris — smoking restrictions are always completely ignored with no consequences for violators. But then they don’t follow the guidelines for queuing at rides either. Glad to hear the US parks are making these changes and hopefully will ENFORCE them.

  • I am not happy that they are doing away with the one and only smoking area in disney world my husband always and only smokes in a designated area we are not happy that this little enjoment by a chosen few is being taken from them all because others can not adhere to the rules

  • It’s always a few that ruin it for all.

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