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Complimentary Wi-Fi Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

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Walt Disney World has been rolling out free wireless Internet access throughout its resorts recently, and now Wi-Fi is available in one of its theme parks for the first time.

As of today, Magic Kingdom offers free Wi-Fi to park guests at no charge. It is expected that the other Disney World parks and even Downtown Disney will start offering free access in the coming months.

To connect, all you need to do is select the “Disney-Guest” network on your device, launch a browser, and agree to the terms. Also, when all the theme parks come online, once you connect, you will not need to reconnect. Your device should automatically pick up the signal, wherever it’s available. Right now, you’ll be able to seamlessly move from the Magic Kingdom to the resorts.

For me, this is a wonderful addition. It is well known that cellular data coverage is quite spotty in the parks. Hopefully, this means that this will no longer be an issue anymore.

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18 thoughts on “Complimentary Wi-Fi Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

  • This is great!! We had to go to the deluxe resorts and hangout to take advantage of the wifi!! As a visitor from the uk, it’s a necessity really!! Great Disney!!

  • I love free wifi access anywhere I can get it, but I hope this doesn’t result in lots of people walking around with their heads down focusing on their devices rather than enjoying all the park has to offer. We shall see! 🙂

  • This is awesome! I don’t actually see myself using it to surf the web or really do anything but use Lines and maybe monitor my email, but the fact the my phone will be able to lock on to a wireless signal (hopefully) means that my phone won’t die so early in the day. Currently, the data network is so spotty that my phone constantly searching for a signal — which just kills the battery. Perhaps with this, I’ll actually be able to use the phone throughout the day!

    • My phone already has abysmal battery life…but I know that POTC was a death sentence for my phone because it was like that queue and ride was encased in lead. I had to put my phone in airplane mode just to keep it from dying.

  • Only Disney websites? 😀

  • I figure it will be slow, but this is a huge boon to Canadians and UK guests that can now do Lines.

    (And I’m sure it has other uses too…)

  • I hope they’re setting up a rather large infrastructure to handle the load – when I used the WiFi at the Beach Club 3 months ago it was painfully slow.

  • Nice! Now we can use the Lines App in the park with our iPod. 🙂

    • +1. With WiFi on the iPod I won’t have to rely on my “dumb phone” for Lines and optimized touring plans.

    • YAY!!! We’re headed to ‘Mickey’s House’ in 22 more sleeps and I’ve been skipping reading the Lines Apps posts because I don’t have a data plan on my phone. I was so disappointed!

      Now, I can use your Lines App and take better advantage of my Touring Plans subscription….which I love!

      Thanks for this great news! Hopefully the other parks and Disneyland will get it soon too!

      Has anyone tried it out yet?

  • I’m hoping that this will just be something guests can use while in the parks to keep them from running up their mobile data usage…at least that’s what I would use it for. I wouldn’t really use it for web browsing or anything that would take up a lot of bandwidth. Actually most of what I have used any data for recently has been things like Lines.

    I could see things like Google+ auto-uploads of pictures for Android phones and iCloud for iOS devices taking up a lot of bandwidth though. I would fall in that bucket and that could be a potential issue.

  • Wow! I swear that just yesterday I was thinking about WiFi at parks. I was wondering why they didn’t have it, but at the same time I thought it might be extremely slow with so many people on it. I’m sure Disney will figure something out.

    I was thinking about this because I can never get good internet service on my iPhone in the parks…Magic Kingdom in particular, and the apps with waiting times aren’t reliable without the service.

    I hope this works well.

  • This is great news for International guests. Data on UK mobiles is cripplingly expensive in the US, meaning without WiFi there is either no or very little getting online. I imagine some of the NextGen stuff coming along will need a connection – possibly the new mobile app for instance – so this is a great move. Also means we can take proper advantage of the Lines app.

  • that is so exciting for Canadians who have data trouble getting good data cost packages.

  • I’ll stick to wireless (cell) service; bet the wifi will be painfully slow.

    • I don’t know, we consistently run into terrible data speeds on Sprint in the parks, regardless of our signal strength. I’m willing to give this a shot!

  • Can we have this in Disneyland, please? Pretty please??? The cell strength is better than it used to be, but it still stinks.

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