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Crowd Calendar Updates Are On The Way

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Just a quick note to let users of the Crowd Calendars know that updates are currently in the works. We expect to publish updates to the calendars in the coming few days.

The updates will include adjustments based on wait times we have seen at the parks this fall and throughout 2015. Len Testa has recently blogged about the research behind the changes. You can see those articles here:

What’s Up With Wait Times at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

What’s Up With Wait Times at Epcot?


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Fred Hazelton

Fred Hazelton maintains the crowd calendar, theme park wait time models and does hotel rate analysis for the Unofficial Guides. He's also done the models for the new mobile wait times product Lines. Fred Hazelton is a professional statistician living in Ontario, Canada. His email address is You can also follow him on Twitter: @DisneyStatsWhiz.

7 thoughts on “Crowd Calendar Updates Are On The Way

  • Just wondering when we could expect the crowd calendar updates? Heading down over Thanksgiving and I have a feeling our numbers will be impacted. Thanks!

  • I’ve just been noticing some seemingly significant (though admittedly not the expert here) changes on Disney Park hours in 2016 (specifically late spring). Perhaps, more so is what I’ve noticed in Extra Magic Hours. For example Magic Kingdom only being open until 10 pm most days and many days only one park has EMH instead of one with early EMH and one with late EMH. Is this a new trend??? Are EMH being phased out? I’m accustomed to seeing parks hours open both earlier and later at this time of year and more options for EMH…especially in May. Just curious what, if anything, may be looming on the horizon. 😉

    • Hi Nic,

      We have been recording WDW park hours since 2010 and the things you describe are fairly normal. Although Disney messes with the hours (and us) at varying frequencies, they generally only display basic hours that far in advance. At some point over the next few months, those May hours will change and likely expand. For a better idea of what they will be, look at the equivalent hours from 2014.

      As far as EMH is concerned, Disney normally only has one per day although there is usually one or two days per week with both a morning and an evening EMH (currently it is Mondays at AK and EP and Fridays at MK and DHS). The only times that you are likely to see morning and evening EMH each day are around Easter and Christmas.

  • We are going to WDW Nov. 9-17 and I’ve created personalized touring plans for that span of time. Should I re-optimize (or re-create) them to take advantage of the new crowd calculations?

  • Chose September to go as it has been the least busy time of the year – hoping it still is next year and am waiting with baited breath for the updates. They are so helpful in deciding which park to visit when.

  • Looking forward to/dreading these updates.


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