Disney Cruise Line News — Week of September 7, 2019

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Ahoy, mateys! I’m Heather, and I’ll be bringing you the up and coming on all things Disney Cruise Line. Welcome back again this week. Let’s see what’s new in the DCL world!

Ports of Call

Disney Cruise Line: In The News

Florida was thankfully spared from the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, the Disney Cruise ships sailed safely, but the Bahamas did not get so lucky. There is devastating and heartbreaking damage to these beautiful islands that many call home, including DCL crew who work on Castaway Cay. Disney Cruise Line, and the Walt Disney Company, have pledged over $1 million dollars in aid to help in the relief and recovery efforts.

DCL has also extended a more immediate helping hand. On Wednesday, as the Dream was making her way back towards Port Canaveral, she made a stop at Castaway Cay. Supplies like food and bottled water were dropped at the island, and they were shuttled over to the Abacos, where some of the worst destruction was seen. Today, the Disney Fantasy will do the same.

Castaway Cay is reported to have fared well during the storm.  Once the island is cleaned up and fully assessed for safety, DCL will announce when guest visits will resume.

Here’s this week’s special offers. Most every week of the year, Disney Cruise Line releases special offers for Florida Residents and U.S. Military Personnel.  There are also frequently IGT/OGT/VGT rates available for all guests to book.  These offers are extremely limited in availability, and all come with certain restrictions, but the prices are amazing! You can book these online, on the phone, or with your travel agent. These are the current offers available this week:

Upcoming Entertainment

The following films are being shown aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships this month:

  • Captain Marvel
  • Dumbo 
  • Disneynature: Penguins
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Aladdin 
  • Toy Story 4 
  • Lion King

For future reference, films debut on Disney Cruise Line the same day of their initial release in the United States. Films do vary by ship. Show times are available in your Personal Navigator or the official Disney Cruise Line app.

Captain’s Log: Important Tips and Information

Disney. Kids. The two words often go hand in hand, true, but that doesn’t mean it’s JUST for kids! There are so many great experiences on DCL just for the “big kids” – so if you are on the fence, let me try to help boost you over!

First of all, food. If you have visions of tiny diners all around you, and that’s not quite your thing, you have options! Some of Julia’s favorite adults-only escapes offer quieter dining options. Cove Cafe gives you your caffeine buzz without a buzz of little ones around, along with light bites. For finer experiences, Palo on all four ships and Remy on the Dream and Fantasy serve up grown up dishes along with the 18+ atmosphere. If you still prefer the main dining room experience, go for the second dinner seating – it tends to have fewer littles!

I will admit that I do enjoy the family pool area, mostly for the FunnelVision movies, but I also love a pool where I won’t be caught in the middle of a splashtastic game of Marco Polo. All four ships have adult pool deck areas, with pools, hot tubs, cushioned loungers, and bars. Even the background music has a calming, mature vibe!

The nightclub area on each ship is used for family activities during the day, when night falls, it’s so long kiddos and time for the adults to have their own fun. From karaoke, to game shows, to special shows by the highlight performers, these shows take it up a notch to “Disney Dirty” – there’s some edginess to the fun but after all, this is still a Disney ship.

If your cruise includes a stop at Castaway Cay, the view of the ship from the family beach is hard to beat, but if you are looking to really kick back and relax, head over to Serenity Bay. After lunch at your own adults-only buffet, pull up a chair into the surf of some truly beautiful blue water and really soak in serenity.

Show of hands if you love to cruise Disney without kids – sound off in the comments and tell me what you love most about being a grown up DCL cruiser!

Special thanks to Scott Sanders of the Disney Cruise Line Blog for assistance on this article.

Thanks for joining me again this week. “Sea” you next time!

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