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Disney Money Saving Tips from Liners

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TouringPlans logoAs we write our updates for the 2015 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, I find myself reaching out to Liners for their best quotes and tips.  First, you many ask yourself, “what’s a Liner?” Well, you know Lines? The highest rated Disney free or paid app on iTunes or Google Play? The one that comes with your TouringPlans subscription? In it is a feature called Chat. Subscribers can even access it on their desktop computers by going to and logging in. It’s a lively unstructured discussion of all things Disney, and there are some pretty knowledgeable users online who can answer all kinds of questions in 255 characters or less. This week I asked, “What are your Disney money saving tips?


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Disney Money Saving Tips from Liners

I started doing clothing swaps with friends to stock up my warm weather wardrobe for nothing! We also made a Disney Jar that we put all of our loose change in to save up spending money. Sharing meals was a big money saver, too.

2:09pm on 4/15/14 by rootye

For us, the Disney Visa Premier works like a charm. With 2% back on any dining or Disney purchase (including travel), we more than cover the annual fee. It also builds into a very nice “rewards” gift card that we bring to cover food, souvenirs, etc.

2:50pm on 4/15/14 by boomeg

We toss our change into a giant vase in the living room. I finally turned it all in. $1200!! Paid for our flights!!

2:53pm on 4/15/14 by sillnora

Be realistic with your budget. I’ve found that I need to have an “ideal budget” then multiply it by 2 to make sure we save enough for the trip we want. 🙂

3:02pm on 4/15/14 by cori.mizell

It’s much easier to save money for your 2nd (or 12th) trip because you now know that a trip to WDW is worth the money, and you also know what meals, experiences, souvenirs and extras you will want to splurge on or skip.

3:37pm on 4/15/14 by sallyepp

I leave my not-Disney-appreciative husband at home. Money saved on ticket = $403. Whining free trip = priceless 😉

4:36pm on 4/15/14 by Plutosmypal

This is just a tiny percentage of the great ideas posted in Chat. Our Liners are smart AND funny! Check it out. Anyone can read, but you have to be a subscriber to post.

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15 thoughts on “Disney Money Saving Tips from Liners

  • The best way to save money is go to a economic Disney hotel. I use gift cards (from to entice my discounts. A 4 day pass to any park just cost me $129. Can wait ’til the next deal.

  • What does ADR stand for? Perhaps ‘Advance Reservation’? I assume CDT stands for “Cinderella’s Table”?

    Just curious.

    • Advance Dining Reservation, Cinderella’s Royal Table. HTH! 🙂

      (hope that helps)

  • We have a Target Red Card (debit card) which give us a 5% discount at the register on everything we buy. We stock up on Disney gift cards before leaving for our trips and use them for everything at the parks. We charge to our room and then pay it off on our last full day before it hits our credit card on file.

  • Whenever I use cash I round up and pay with bills only. The extra change goes into our Disney jar.

    • Good one. I just rolled coins myself this weekend. And didn’t pay the Coinstar fee of 10.5% by counting them myself. I wish they’d offer Disney gift cards are a free redemption offer.

  • Here’s a great tip my sister let on to. If you have a local grocery store or other place that gives you cash back or money off after you spend a certain amount at the store, buy up on Disney/Universal gift cards. Our local grocery store offers $0.10 a gallon every $50 spent in the store. Stock up on a few hundred dollars of gift cards for the trip and you can get a free tank of gas!

  • I hope that last tip was a joke.
    If your husband is whining, he’s really your older, balder, fatter son.

    • Dean-

      Curious how many others with get the Duff Gardens reference. Outstanding.

      • I got it! 🙂

  • Is there somewhere on where I can find a list of all the acronyms that people use, especially in chat? I can usually figure them out if I concentrate for a moment, but some just escape me.

    • Just ask! Folks are good about helping out.

    • The first time I saw DH being used to refer to one’s husband and DD to one’s daughter was in a Disney forum. I really thought that DH meant Disney Husband and DD meant Disney Daughter… I mean, in a sense that they loved Disney.

  • I wrote a post on my personal blog “How to save on your Disney trip BEFORE heading to the parks.”
    Feel free to look it over. It might help someone get to experience Disney on a budget. My biggest goal is to help as many families as possible get to enjoy a magical trip to Disney World. Every family deserves to get to go to Disney World at least once!

    • Nicole — this is a wonderful post! I just pinned it … one of the most thorough I’ve read on the topic. Thanks for sharing it!


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