The Disney Vacation Account Has Been Discontinued

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Once upon a time, Disney created the Disney Vacation Account, which allowed people to be able to create a vacation savings plan to help you save up funds for your next Disney vacation. People could put their funds away on their own schedule, as they saw fit, to help squirrel away their money so that it was for sure going towards their vacation.

Today, that is no longer an option as the Disney Vacation Account closed for good. But wait…what if you had a Disney Vacation Account where you were saving your money? What is going to happen to it and the money you’ve saved?

Disney is offering four different options to choose from:

  • Option 1 – Use the total amount in your account to purchase a Disney Gift Card. (Or multiple gift cards, depending on how much is in your account.) This must be done by September 27, and Disney will add an extra 5% on your Disney Gift Card. The gift card will be emailed to your inbox.
  • Option 2 – Redeem your Disney Vacation Account toward the Disney vacation of your choice.
  • Option 3 – Do nothing. Starting after September 27, Disney will close Disney Vacation Accounts and will process refunds. If you have funds in a Disney Vacation Account after September 27, then some time after you will receive a full refund of your balance to your original form of payment or by check to your mailing address
    Those who choose this option will receive a bonus of 2% of your closing balance or $5.00 (whichever is greater) will be placed on a Disney Gift Card and emailed to you. The bonus Disney Gift Card will be delivered separately from your refund.
  • Option 4 – Request a refund before the refund process described in Option 3 is completed, and you will be issued the full unused balance that will be refunded to your original form of payment or by check to your mailing address. With this option, you will not be eligible to receive the bonus Disney Gift Card.


If you have a Disney Vacation Account and you still have questions, make sure that you check out their FAQ.


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9 thoughts on “The Disney Vacation Account Has Been Discontinued

  • No bonus for using your balance towards a vacation. So, in reading the options- it sounds like those who are planning to use their balance towards a vacation should still opt to cash out in gift cards to get the 5% bonus and then use it towards your holiday.

    • Hate to see it go, but enjoying the extra 3% this time around. (You normally get 20 for every $1000 or 2%).

  • I’m trying to close my account out but I can’t get in – is anyone else having this issue?

  • The best part of the vacation account was being able to take multiple gift cards left over from other things and combine them in order to book a new Disney vacation. Is there any other way to use multiple gift cards to purchase vacations (hotels stay & tickets) now?

    • You can transfer balances from one gift card to another at I have one “master” gift card that I always transfer leftover or new funds to, and then I use that card. That way I don’t have to track what I used where if I need to cancel a reservation and get a refund, etc.

  • So very sad. Loved this option, was fun and it worked! Disney continues to shut down things we love:( Hopefully there was a very good reason, I know it helped a lot of us save for our Disney trips…successfully:)

  • I just closed my account. 🙁 Having them send you the gift cards is easy-peasy. There is a link on the website, and as you check out, you can see they are adding the 5%. No need to make a phone call.

    • so if we got the gift cards we can use that to pay for our Disney trip? we booked through AAA

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