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Least Crowded Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2013 Dates

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If you’re looking for the least crowded, best day to visit Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in 2013, circle Tuesday, December 10, 2013, on your calendar. That Christmas Party, on a Tuesday in early December, was the least-crowded event in 2012’s schedule.

If that date doesn’t fit in your schedule, last year’s crowds indicate that Tuesday Christmas parties are less crowded on average than parties held on any other day of the week.

Friday is the next-best day to attend a Very Merry Christmas Party. Thursday and Sunday are the busiest days, although that may be a bit skewed since Magic Kingdom often has morning Extra Magic Hours on Thursdays.

Unlike our analysis of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, the earlier Very Merry Christmas parties are not the least crowded. With the higher crowds arriving at Walt Disney World around the Thanksgiving holiday, many November dates rank among our most crowded.Nov200

Where you will find lower crowds for the Christmas parties is in the lull between the Thanksgiving and Christmas busy periods. Four of the five parties between December 3 and 10, 2013, are among our top 7 least-busy parties (we expect Sunday, December 8 to be a bit busier).

While there are no Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties during Thanksgiving week, the parties just prior to and just after that break are traditionally busy. The last few parties before Christmas are also quite crowded.

If you are considering other dates, here are our predicted rankings of attraction wait times at each of the 2013 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties. The changing date of Thanksgiving makes these estimates challenging. In addition, the opening of New Fantasyland in 2012 skewed many of our 2012 Christmas Party numbers. The new area’s official opening was December 6, 2012, the date of 2012’s busiest Christmas Party. The parties immediately following that date also saw high wait times, so we have adjusted our rankings accordingly.

[Please note that the military discount ends following the November 21 party, and the Annual Pass and Disney Vacation Club discounts end following the December 10 party, but are also not available for the parties on November 22 or December 6 or 8.]

Party Date Attraction Wait Times Rank Advance Purchase Price for an Adult Ticket Notes
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Lowest Wait Times $62
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 2 $62
Friday, December 06, 2013 3 $67
Friday, November 15, 2013 4 $62 Sold out 1 day in advance in 2012.
Thursday, November 21, 2013 5 $62
Thursday, November 14, 2013 6 $62 Sold out 1 day in advance in 2012.
Thursday, December 05, 2013 7 $62
Friday, November 08, 2013 8 $62 Sold out 1 day in advance in 2011
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 9 $62
Sunday, November 17, 2013 10 $62
Monday, November 11, 2013 11 $62 Sold out 1 day in advance in 2012.
Sunday, December 08, 2013 12 $62
Friday, December 20, 2013 13 $67 Final Party of the year. Sold out 5 days in advance in 2012 and a month in advance in 2011. Lines for character greetings and parade viewing spots will be long.
Thursday, December 19, 2013 14 $62
Sunday, December 15, 2013 15 $67
Friday, December 13, 2013 16 $67 Sold out 6 days in advance in 2011
Thursday, December 12, 2013 17 $62
Friday, November 22, 2013 18 $62
Sunday, December 01, 2013 Highest Wait Times $62 1st Party after Thanksgiving break. Sold out 1 day in advance in 2012. Lines for character greetings and parade viewing spots will be long.

To determine all of the above, we looked at posted wait times from key attractions including Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, it’s a small world, and The Barnstormer. We narrowed it down to times between 7pm and midnight, which is when the park is limited to party guests. Some quick notes about our research:

  • Our wait times only include attractions−not character meet and greets, special shows, or parades. The characters, in particular, often have long lines, especially for rare characters like the Seven Dwarfs. Regardless of which party you attend, some of the character lines will be long. If those are a must do, do them as early in the evening as possible.
  • In general the wait times during the Christmas parties are quite low, averaging only about 9 minutes. If there are any attractions that you have really been wanting to do, experiencing them during the Christmas party might just be the time.
  • If you are a data nerd like we are, you can find all of our wait time data for the Christmas parties on this Google spreadsheet.

Looking for more information? Erin Foster wrote an amazing overview of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that will help you whether this is your first trip or your 100th (and if it’s your 100th, you might have a problem…being too awesome).

Now that you are armed with the most powerful weapon…knowledge, you can plan your 2013 trip to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This blog post will help you find all of the party dates and prices.

Hopefully this analysis will help you choose the best Christmas Party to attend. Merry Christmas (a little early)!


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70 thoughts on “Least Crowded Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2013 Dates

  • This is great information! Really wish we could see an updated article with recommended 2014 party dates. We are making 180 day reservations next weekend!

  • Will there be an update to this article now that we have 2014 dates? I’d be curious to see the attendance numbers for 2013 in order to pick a date for this year. Thanks!!

  • Hmmm, so based on this we’ll probably still be pretty crowded on either Nov 13 or 14 2014… Trying to decide which night to go to– I’m surprised, I assumed Fridays would be much more crazy! Can’t wait to see 2014’s article, just wish they’d post November times already!

  • We attended MVMCP this past Tuesday (December 3, 2013). I had been congratulating myself for choosing that night since it was ranked as having the 2nd lowest wait times in your article. My TA had also told me that she was there that first Tuesday in December last year and the crowds were really low. So when we arrived at 4 pm that day, I was stunned to see signs stating that the party had been sold out for that evening! Crowds were terrible. Peter Pan had a 40 minute wait at 7 pm and 25 minutes later in the evening. We were able to walk right on to a few other rides though.

    It’s the first time Touring Plans has ever let me down … but I’m not really blaming you. I just read the other Touringplans article about crowd levels for last week, and you seem as surprised as I was about the crowds. Any thoughts as to why this party jumped from one of the lowest to one of the highest for that evening? The Thursday night (Dec. 5) party was also sold out, and that was supposed to have the 7th lowest waits.

  • Hi! We went to the December 6th party and it was SOLD OUT! We had already purchased our tickets. I don’t think that this party is worth the extra cost. It was still crowded and the shows were the same as during the late afternoon. People without bands were still walking around everywhere and enjoying the parades and shows. Yes the lines were short for the rides, but they were just as short all week long. Not as magical as I had thought…

  • Was wondering why the final date of this year’s party on dec. 20 is ranked slightly above dec. 19, since dec. 20 is likely to sell out like last year… Trying to decide between the 19th or 20th. Thanks!

  • We went to the party this week. We arrived at 5:30 and they had been letting people in for some time before that. Although the event was sold out the night we went, crowds were not a problem with the exception of those who wanted to see the rarer characters – lines were 30+ minutes to see them. Otherwise, the longest we waited was 25 minutes for Splash Mountain at around 6:00. After the party started at 7:00, SM was an approximately 10 minute wait. Other rides had no lines at all – we walked right on to Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear.

    • The great thing about this time of year is the low crowds….we were in MK last night (non party) and had FP+ for Space Mountain, but the standby was only 20 minutes when we used our FP+….and when we got off we rode it 2 more times in less than 30 minutes because the wait was so small. Longest wait we had was Peter Pan and that was posted as 30 minutes but didn’t feel like it was that long (forgot to pay attention to my watch, lol).

      Our personal tour plan for the party is to do the special stuff…since the ride lines are so short during non party days it seems a better use of the $$ to get the rare character meets and the special shows rather than waiting even short lines for rides that we can do when we haven’t paid the extra $$.

      But however, you tour for your family…ENJOY! Disney is always magical….but throw in the holiday season and it’s magic on steroids.

  • We went to the ‘Not so scary’ this past year and it was wonderful! We had the best time. We are considering going to the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas too. Are you able to enter the park at 4pm like we did for the not so scary party?

    • Stacy…yes your party ticket can get you in at 4pm….not 3:59pm, but 4pm, lol. The party officially starts at 7pm and that’s when they start herding those without the party wristband out of the park and the special stuff starts.

  • Taking my 13 year old to the party on 12/6. Have been reading mixed reviews on crowds. Grandma needs an electric wheelchair. Anyone have any suggestions for making this easier. We are flying in the night before and leaving early sat evening.

    • Judy….look into renting an EVC for grandma OFF Disney property. It will be much less expensive. There are lots of company that do it, but if you’re staying on site, be sure that they are “authorized” to deliver to Disney. Policy change happened in the last year or so that limited those that could deliver to Disney property. If you’re staying off property you can use any company of course.

      Do a google search for EVC Disneyworld and you’ll get a long list to research. Knock wood, I haven’t needed one yet….but have noticed that Walker and Buena Vista scooters were rather prevalent. There were lots of other companies of course, but those are two that I saw often enough to actually remember their name, lol.

  • I went to the party last year on Friday Dec 14th. It was great. We got there at right around 7pm and still got to do everything we wanted to do. It seems like this date last year and this year 12/13 are ‘High Demand” days. Well from someone who was there I can say when it comes to doing rides and watching the fireworks the park felt empty. We waited on few lines over 15mins, main street was packed though and we watched the fireworks from fantasyland which was a great spot honestly. I hope that the crowds when I go on the 13th are similar to when I went last year on 12/14/12. Later in the night probably around 10:30pm we could even ride Space Mountain twice with 5min waits each time. And there are few lines for getting the hot chocolate and cookies. Hope it ends up being the same way!

    Don’t know how the character lines are but looking at the Disney fan websites it seems like many people go just for that. So those lines can be long.

  • Hello,
    We are headed to Disney Dec.1-dec.6 …with an almost 3 year old and 14 month (it’s about a 6 hour drive.)..
    Our plan was
    Sunday check in(not staying onsite), get groceries, head to downtown disney
    Monday Epcot
    Tuesday Hollywood studios and then christmas party
    Wedensday magic kingdom
    Thursday animal
    Friday magic kingdom, head home
    We did this based on crowds. I just found out Its a small world is closed dec.2-dec.13, we have to go on that ride .
    I heard dec.1 mickeys christmas party has long wait lines. ….so do we head to magic kingdom the day we arrive? Or do the mickeys party that Sunday?

    • Lori, since Dec 1 is your arrival day AND the projected high crowd party….I personally would not plan on going to the Christmas party that night. Your plan to go to the party on Tuesday night is in my opinion a better plan…less crowds and not being a bit worn out from a long car ride with little ones. Downtown Disney shouldn’t be too crowded on a party night and your little ones can run and burn off pent up energy and collect pixie dust.

      You obviously know you kids energy levels, but keep in mind that a full day touring Hollywood Studios and then a late night party might be a lot for young ones. I personally would hit HS in the morning then head back to your hotel for a nap mid-day so they’re not cranky during the party, or worse, fall asleep in the stroller so that you can’t do rides, photo ops, etc.

  • My family got tickets for the mvmcp for nov. 8 party. We are a party of 5 but I was not sure of going the reason being did not know I was going to be able to get off of college and work . Now I’m able to go and it’s sold out. Do you know if there is a way of getting an additional ticket for me?

  • My family and I are going to Disney in 10 days. I want to get tickets for the Christmas party for Thursday November 14th. The rest of the family wants to go on Sunday November 17th. We went on a Sunday in early December in 2011 and I remember it being really crowded…
    Which day would be the best to go in your opinion?

  • We are planning on going Friday November 22nd. I see this is one of the most crowded parties. If our biggest interest is the parade and fireworks is that really a problem? Will it be more crowded than a typical electrical parade and fireworks?

  • I’m so excited! I bought tix for Nov. 15 w/o even knowing it was a pretty good date to go. 🙂 I love it when stuff like that happens. Also, my inner geek is loving the spreadsheet. Cool beans! 🙂

  • We have never been to MVMCP before and we will be there in december but do not plan on buying tickets. my question is, are we still able to make a dining reservation for magic kingdom on the days of the party and still be able to eat without getting kicked out of the park since we dont have tickets for th event? we sometimes end up getting a late table service reservation…last time we ate at liberty tree tavern we did not leave the restaurant until 830pm. if the party starts at a certain time, will they still allow us to eat in the park after?

  • Ugh, going on Sunday, Dec 1 for DD 7th birthday. Is the park during the day going to be bad too? Realistically what are you looking at – sardined people. Will it be lighter than the day? Will they do anything special that day/night for her birthday that I can request?

    • Is there a posted schedule somewhere what’s going on. I am booking dinner reservations and don’t want to have it interfere with the party. What are the hours of the party?

      • The party hours are 7pm to midnight. My personal recommendation would be that any dinner plans be early enough that you’re not sitting in a restaurant eating when the special party things start at 7pm….no sense wasting any of those precious minutes sitting in a restaurant! Since you indicate that you’ll be in MK during the day, for you I’d say doing dinner at 4 or 5pm would be good….you won’t care about the 4pm entrance with your MVMCP ticket. If you won’t be in MK before the MVMCP ticket lets you in, then personally, I’d eat dinner before the 4pm entrance…..when I’m paying $60+ for a ticket I don’t want to sit in a restaurant!

    • Party days tend to be relatively light until the 4pm entrance….reason being, most people don’t want to pay for both a park day and a party night….so they wait and go at 4pm. For those with APs it’s a matter of wanting to rest up for the party so they don’t go in until mid afternoon. Also, realize that except for the actual holidays there are no “sardined” days in November/December. We always go mid Nov until Tues/Wed of Thanksgiving week when we leave and go spend the holiday with Grandma on Florida’s west coast…then we come back on Saturday after T-Day and stay until mid December. Weekends are always busier because the locals arrive….but even on a Saturday/Sunday in Nov/Dec it is not what anyone could call crowded. Except for the headliner rides, which can be 30+ minute waits, the wait times are very tolerable. We went in August last year and between the heat and the doubled or more crowds it was not a fun trip (but we were in Florida for the Star Wars Convention so not going to Disney wasn’t an option, lol, but I’d never voluntarily go in summer).

      As for your question about doing something special for your daughter’s birthday…the CMs are always wishing those with the birthday button a happy day, so I wouldn’t worry about that (just be sure to get her a pin at City Hall first thing so she gets to hear it all day long!). My girls and I try to say it too, which really surprises some guests, but hey, we love it when people say it for us so we pay it forward. And remember, she’s going to be at Disney for her birthday…..it doesn’t get more special than that!

  • We are going on December 3rd. Got our tickets the other day. I feel like based on the comments the 4:00 pm time will hold. I hope it does. First time going. Our family of 5 is very excited.

  • I was under the impression that with a ticket to MVMCP, you could go to the party but not *also* have to pay park admission (and, yes, I know that you can’t get in until either 4pm or 7 pm – depending on the source).
    But, when I was just on Disney’s website looking at buying tickets for 2013, there is a note that says “Valid Park Admission Required”. Can anyone confirm whether for 2013 you will have to pay park admission AND pay the hard ticket price? My plan was to have a (relatively) cheap MK Christmas by only going to the party one day. But if you have to pay for the party ticket AND admission, I’d rather just pay admission and leave when the party starts.

    • I have gone 3 out of the last 4 years…and it has always been that with your MVMCP ticket you could enter at 4pm for the party. And they were VERY strict about that time…as in 3:59 would require a regular park admission, but 4:00pm your party ticket was all you needed.

      Now…Disney is changing a LOT of things lately, but I cannot imagine that they will be expecting people to pay $95 (one day admission to MK) to enter the park AND $70 for the party.

      I would definitely call Disney and ask them point blank about what your $70 MVMCP ticket will get you. Some CMs will tell you that you can enter at 4:00pm, and the last year, maybe two, it actually has said so on their website, though some still think since the party starts at 7pm that’s as early as you can get in. But, considering that they’re trying to get thousands of people OUT of the park at 7pm, I can’t imagine that they also want the thousands coming just for the party to be heading IN at the same time. That has always been my understanding of why the time difference…that and they want to you come in and have dinner before the party starts.

      Call and ask them point blank…and then let us know. I won’t be buying my party tickets for a while (we have 5 dates to choose from during our visit, so I’m not worried about selling out), but I certainly won’t be buying both a park day and a party ticket.

      • I just got off the phone with Disney and the CM confirmed that no park ticket is required starting at 7pm. She could not confirm that we would be allowed into MK at 4pm with our MVMCP ticket, but my understanding is that in the past many CMs haven’t confirmed this either.
        Here’s hoping the 4pm rule holds for 2013!

      • I can confirm that the 4pm rule is holding for the Halloween parties. I can only assume that they will allow this for MVMCP as well.

      • I just called and Disney said Absolutely Not- as far as needing a park ticket in addition to the event ticket. As long as you are only attending the event, you only need the event ticket- not a regular park ticket also- Phew!! 🙂 10/14/2013

  • So you think the December 1st party would be much more crowded than the December 3rd party? You say Tuesdays are the best days to go with Fridays the seconed best days, but it looks like a lot of Friday parties were sold out last year. So why do you think Fridays are better than Sundays? Thanks

    • I would think that Fridays would be busier simply because the locals don’t have to work on Saturdays so staying out late for the party works better when you can sleep in on Saturday….but on Sunday you’ll have to stay out late and then get up really early to go to work on Monday.

      Tuesdays….same reason….locals have to get up early and go to work the next day.

      • Yes, that makes sense to me, that Sundays and Tuesdays would be less crowded, but here the author is saying Tuesdays are the best and Fridays the second best. I don’t understand why.

  • Do you think the party will be crazy crowded Dec 15? or is it better to go Dec 17? Never been before, and we both love xmas & the fact that I can see wishes is appealing as is the fact that the park is open late. It doesn’t seem that there are any EMH offered for MK during our stay except for one night. I do have plans to see the holiday wishes from Grand Floridian one night, Or should we avoid going at all (DH & I) since our last day at the WDW is the 21 and we could have the chance to see the fireworks & the parade from MK. Thanks!

  • Nov 21 is crowd level 2 resort as is Nov 22
    Yet parties are vastly different in crowd levels…
    I understand that it is the last party before Thanksgiving…but it is still a crowd level 2 day.
    Help me as it is really important…

  • Will the Christmas Parade taping be during MVMCP? Seems like the WDW Christmas parades that is televised on Christmas day has be taped during the daytime and the MVMCP parades are at night.

    • No, the parade taping is during the day, with most of it occurring on a Saturday afternoon (a day with no party). The two are not actually related 🙂

      • Actually the parade taping starts VERY early in the morning…..I want to say it was like 6am…or maybe that was when we could start getting in line. The actual floats/groups parading is recorded early in the day….later in the day are the stars performing on stage at the Castle forecourt. In the morning getting down Main Street is restricted (they take you through a back area to get to the hub) and when the forecourt starts up, all of the hub is gridlock and scary crowded. We avoid that part, but enjoy the float/group parade taping. Do be aware though, that the taping of both the float/group and the stars can be tedious. They stop them and have them start over and over and over and over and over….but I find the process interesting and we always strike up conversations with the poor cheerleaders or marching band members who start up go 10 steps and have to come back and wait then start over again. They are having such a great time even with the do-overs and are just so excited to be there! But hey, I also love talking to CMs for more than just “what time does the 3:00 parade start”.

  • If you had to choose between this and the Halloween party, which would you choose?

    • Ooof, tough one. I’m a Christmas nut and not a huge Halloween guy, plus my kids are very young and I’m afraid of them getting scared by the Halloween party. Therefore, I choose Christmas.

      That said, the fireworks and parade are better at Halloween and you get a lot of candy. It’s a tough choice because both are great.

      • I laugh each time I hear folks talking about the Halloween candy like it’s a reason to go….sure it’s kinda fun to wander around and gather candy, and yes, you can gather a lot of it. But remember, you just paid $60+ to go to this party….and you spent a large amount of your time wandering around gathering candy……candy that you could have bought at Walmart for maybe $25.

        Our first stops were photo-ops with characters that were never or rarely out….then rides with literally no lines….candy was as we passed by so we had something to much on in the character line.

        The Halloween parade and fireworks were very unique to the party so that was a big plus too.

        Christmas is my favorite holiday, and we go for several weeks so that we can fit all the holiday stuff in (CP, Osborne Lights, Holidays Around the World, parade taping, and on and on) so the MVMCP is a part of that too. But, we don’t take up time waiting for the fireworks or parade anymore….we’ll get glimpses as we go past to get in the rides (we do the characters while they’re out knowing the parade sends them away and then do the rides over and over while others watch the parade/fireworks). The Christmas parade/firework just isn’t all that spectacularly different….the snow on Main Street is fun, but I grew up in Michigan and saw enough of the real stuff to last me, lol.

        I would say base your plans on which holiday is more special to you….and that is bound to be a hit for your family.

  • Will the crowds during the day before MVMCP begins at 7 be MORE or LESS crowded than the days that the party isn’t scheduled? We aren’t attending the MVMCP due to not doing well in crowds. We are currently scheduled to go to MK on the days the party isn’t scheduled. If those days are MORE crowded is it a significant difference? I hate to miss out on Wishes, but don’t want the whole day to be super crowds either.

    • Days with parties (either MVMCP or MNSSHP) are significantly LESS busy than other days. The 7pm closing time keeps people away, making the morning very quiet. Starting at 4pm, when people with party tickets can enter, crowds start to build.

      • Thank you! Trip has been revised. We are going to MK on the 3rd and attending the party that night.

  • Looking at the spreadsheet but it has 2012 dates on the top. And the 2013 dates on the bottom are off by a day. December 5th is a Thursday. Will this impact your results?

    • The spreadsheet is 2012 information. The dates at the bottom should have been 2012 and they have now been fixed. Thanks!

  • Wouldn’t all sold out parties be equally crowded? (I am assuming they sell the same number of tickets per party). Wouldn’t the sold out party on November 15th and the sold out party on December 1st have the same number of people in the park? But November 15th is ranked #4 and December 1st is ranked #19.
    It seems the ranking should be which parties have the longest ride wait times.

    • The rankings above are based on wait times only, which is why some sold out parties rank higher than others. You also have to keep in mind that the Christmas parties are harder to match year to year since Thanksgiving is a moving date.

      For instance, in 2013, November 15 is almost two weeks before Thanksgiving and December 1 is only three days after Thanksgiving. That is why they are ranked as they are. The reason November 15 sold out in 2012 is because it was only one week before Thanksgiving (although sellouts are sometimes random, and this seems to be one of those odd ones).

      Hopefully that helped 🙂

      • How does the shortened post-Thanksgiving holiday season effect crowds in general? This year it is a full week shorter than last year. I noticed last year after Thanksgiving there were 17 MVMCP dates. This year there are only 12 dates (but more before Thanksgiving than last year). Does this mean the post Thanksgiving parties will be more crowded this year or do the crowds come before Thanksgiving?

  • Well-timed post! I was just wondering this very same thing as we prep for our December trip. Good to see that the date we’d tentatively selected is the best day to attend!

  • Thanks do much for this! Going on our 4th Disney visit, but first during the holidays and will be going to the party on the 20th – can’t wait!

    • The holidays are a great time, I was there during that time for the first time in 2011 and had to go back last year (and this year hopefully). It’s great, have fun!

  • In addition to concerns over crowds due to Pop Warner, is the taping of the Christmas parade a crowd concern? I am unaware of the date and rain-date. I am trying to pick a good Sunday and am starting to get a Mickey sized headache! 🙂

    • The recording of the Christmas Parade takes over Main Street, but the parade-watchers are “trapped” in the parade viewing area, so they do not affect the rest of the park.

      • Thanks for that info! Do you know where to find the dates its scheduled for and the rain date?

      • Maybe it’s a non issue. Do people flock to the park just to be there for the taping?

      • The parade taping date hasn’t been announced yet although I would bet on the December 7th weekend. And yes, plenty of people do flock to the Magic Kingdom for the taping and it makes walking down Main Street a little tricky. As David mentioned though, the rest of MK remains relatively quiet.

  • FYI, in the Google Spread sheet… Friday, Nov 9 is errantly listed… it’s actually Fri, Nov 8.

    • My bad, I see it’s 2012… not 2013…

  • FYI. The advance purchase price for tickets on December 1 is $62 not $71… i know this because i have three of them sitting in my cart. Don’t know if I am going to buy them based on this.

    • I would assume that is it because Pop Warner this year runs from 7-14 of December.

    • You are correct about the December 1 party price. That has been fixed.

  • Is this still taking into account that they flipped the pop warner week this year? That is the week pop warner will be there, where as it was the week before last year. Trying to decide between those two weeks. 🙂

    • It does take that into account. Pop Warner doesn’t have much of an impact since it happens during a relative “down” time.

      • Thanks for the info!! We ended up there the day Fantasyland opened last year and the park and the Christmas party were busy, but still low wait times compared to other times of the year.

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