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Disney World Ticket Price Increase Analysis

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Today we noticed that Disney World increased its ticket prices. Rikki Niblett has a blog post with all the changes. This post looks at what and how much prices changed. Back in October 2018, we reverse-engineered how Disney calculates multi-day ticket prices based on 1-day ticket prices. If you want to take a deep dive in the math, please read the October blog post.

Third-party ticket vendors on our Walt Disney World Ticket Calculator may still offer tickets at old prices. For example, Official Ticket Center informed us that it will offer old prices until March 25, 2019!

Since all ticket prices are based on 1-day tickets, I’m going to focus on 1-day adult tickets without park hopping. Only 23 days in the rest of 2019 had no price change. There is one day that the ticket price went down, August 23, 2019, from $122 to $117. Everything else went up.

The largest price increase is for the last 7 days of the year, December 25-31, where 1-day tickets increased in price by $30, from $129 to $159. That is a 23% price increase; after-tax, that 1-day, 1-park ticket on Christmas will cost you $169.33. The average price increase is 4.2%.

Multi-day ticket prices are based on the average 1-day ticket price for the period for which the multi-day tickets are valid, minus a discount for the number of days on the multi-day ticket. Besides 1-day ticket prices changing, the discount Disney gives to multi-day tickets went down.

Number of Days Number of Days Ticket is Valid 2018 Discount 2019 Discount
2 4 8% 2.6%
3 5 11.5% 6.3%
4 7 16% 11.9%
5 8 30% 27.4%
6 9 40% 38.1%
7 10 47.3% 45.9%
8 12 52.8% 51.0%
9 13 57.1% 55.6%
10 14 60.6% 59.2%

Let’s take a look at an example from the October 2018 blog post.

Example 1: 5-day ticket starting on June 10, 2019

A 5-day ticket starting on June 10, 2019, is valid from June 10-17. The average price of a 1-day ticket for the eight days is $125 before sales tax. With the 27.4% discount, the average daily price is $90.75, and the total price is $453.75. That is an increase of $27 (or 6.3%) over the price released in October 2018 and in effect until March 11, 2019.


Here is a summary based on dates from March 12, 2019, to December 31, 2019:

Adult 1 Park Per Day Tickets Average Old Price Average New Price Increase %
2-Day $219.14 $236.94 $17.80 8.1%
3-Day $316.18 $341.74 $25.56 8.1%
4-Day $400.06 $427.93 $27.87 7.0%
5-Day $416.69 $440.56 $23.87 5.7%
6-Day $428.56 $450.54 $21.98 5.1%
7-Day $439.12 $459.19 $20.07 4.6%
8-Day $449.44 $474.95 $25.51 5.7%
9-Day $459.51 $483.98 $24.47 5.3%
10-Day $468.90 $494.00 $25.10 5.4%

In summary, with today’s ticket prices changes we observed:

  1. An increase in 1-day park ticket prices.
  2. A reduction of the discount applied when determining multi-day ticket prices.

These two factors build on each other for multi-day tickets, resulting in the increases summarized in this post’s tables and examples.

To find the best price on park tickets, visit our Walt Disney World Ticket Calculator. Act quickly, since third-party ticket sellers usually are able to sell tickets at old prices for several days after Disney increases prices.

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11 thoughts on “Disney World Ticket Price Increase Analysis

  • So if I have a date specified 3 day ticket (ie: Sept 2, 2020) and for some reason I have to cancel my trip. Do I loose those tickets or can they be moved with any additional day charges for the new days?

  • Are you seeing a possible price increase before November 2019?

    • I don’t expect another price increase in 2019. This fall Dinsey did a price increase for Anual Passes. At the same time, they extended the dates where tickets are available to be purchased. The new dates had a slight increase in prices. On average it was a 3% increase which is about the same rate as inflation.

  • Can someone explain the math on that last table? The first line makes sense, 236.94-219.14=17.8, and then you divide 17.8 by 219.14 and you get the percentage. How do the rest of the lines work? Is there another factor? Because 341.74-316.18 is 25.56 and the percentage using the same idea would be 8%. The rest don’t follow that straightforward pattern either. Is it an increase of a multi-day discount or something that I’m not seeing?

      • Thanks, looks much better now!

  • When we purchased out 7 day park hoppers they were good for 14 days after first use, will they be grandfathered or will they only be good for 10 days now ?

    • Whatever terms existed when you purchased the ticket should still be honored.

  • I noticed there was no change to prices for annual passes, yet. What time of year does Disney change those prices? Thanks for all the info your team has been providing us.

    • There have been AP price increases 2/2014, 2/2015, 2/2016, 2/2017, 2/2018, and 10/2018. Two price increases in 2018 may delay the 2019 price increase.

      • I thought the non-resident passes did increase in Feb. I remember looking them up at $749 back in December and $899 a few weeks ago. Maybe I was imagining that price back in Dec.

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