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Walt Disney World Ticket Prices Increase

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Well, it happened a little later than normal (usually the tickets for Walt Disney World increase in February), but with Disney finally officially announcing the opening date for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it really was only a matter of time before the Walt Disney World Resort announced its ticket price increase for the year.

Third-party ticket vendors on our Walt Disney World Ticket Calculator may still offer tickets at old prices. For example, Official Ticket Center informed us that it will offer old prices until March 25, 2019!

As a reminder, last year the Walt Disney World Resort rolled out date-based ticket pricing. With this system, Guests can purchase tickets using an interactive online calendar that displays different ticket prices based on the dates that Guests choose to visit the parks.

The updated pricing for a one-day ticket still starts at $109 but now tops out at $159. (Yikes!) A 10-day ticket now ranges from $47 per day, all the way to $61 per day.

To add on the Park Hopper option, it’s $60-80 more, depending on ticket length. To add the Park Hopper Plus option, it’s $20 more than the Park Hopper on its own. (Park Hopper Plus gets you access to the water parks, Wide World of Sports, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, and the two mini golf courses.)

As a reminder, to purchase tickets now, Guests will need to first choose the number of days they are looking to visit the parks. They will also need to choose the date they want their tickets to start (the first day you want to use your tickets) using an online interactive calendar. The calendar shows per-day pricing based on your start date and the length of ticket you will be purchasing.

Once you select your start date, at the bottom you’ll see the total cost for your tickets, as well as the date range for how long you’ll have to use your tickets. (Previously, all tickets were valid for 14 days from first use. Now, the period of validity ranges from 4 days for 2-day tickets to 14 days for 10-day tickets.) You’ll then be able to choose how many adult and how many child tickets to purchase. You can also choose to add on the Park Hopper, which allows you to go from park to park on the same day.

What happens if you need to change your tickets? You can do that! If you need to change dates, upgrade to a Park Hopper, or add days to your ticket, you can easily do that, as long as it’s prior to the start date you selected. Keep in mind that while there is not a specific change fee, you will have to pay any additional costs for tickets that cost more than what you initially paid. Do also note that if you change to a day that actually offers cheaper tickets…you don’t get a refund or credit.

If you want to get the best price for your Walt Disney World tickets, make sure to check out our Ticket Calculator. Often third-party ticket vendors have the ability to sell at “old” prices for a limited period of time after Disney increases its prices, so now is the time to buy if you need tickets for a trip that starts in 2019.

Other price increases include the water park Annual Pass, which has now increased from $130 to $139. Regular Walt Disney World Annual Passes have not increased at this time.

The other price increase is for preferred parking, which is now tiered. In regular season, it’s $45 per day. On peak days, preferred parking will cost $50 per day. Regular parking fees were not increased.

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10 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Ticket Prices Increase

  • This is getting outrageous. I’m an AP. Just tried to change my niece’s 6 day hopper for our April trip. To add a day would cost $77 and to only move one day up without extra day, would cost $60. I absolutely hate this new pricing and am kicking myself for not just getting her an AP when there last June.

  • Although my wife and I always have AP, we are taking our daughter in August for 5-6 days at WDW after a few days at Vero Beach. We plan to buy a 5 day parkhopper starting on a Sunday. BUT, what are the repercussions if we actually start on the Monday? Especially if it is categorized as a more expensive start date? Basically, MUST we activate on the start date as purchased? We would be using the ticket each day, so no risk of not using in the 10 day period (or even less as they are implementing the new price increase)? The biggest “IF” is regarding if we are able to get a reservation for the DVC AK party on that Sunday, we would only need a 5 day ticket, and start on the following Monday. If we don’t get the AK party, we would start on Sunday and add a day (So, we would probably buy a 5 day park hopper with a start date of Sunday if we can start on Monday (in case we get the DVC party)

    • You should be fine. You just can’t use the ticket prior to the start date. As far as adding a day goes, I have no idea. We usually buy enough days for the whole trip. Last year we went and the difference for a 5 day vs 6 day was, in our view, negligible. Negligible when it comes to Disney anyway. We wound up not using the 6th day very much for the same reason, DVC Member night, but better safe then sorry.

      • You can upgrade a ticket and just pay the difference. So you could have bought a 5-day ticket, and then if you knew you were going for a 6th day you could just pay for the difference between a 5-day and 6-day ticket. The only caveat, you have to upgrade before you use the last day of the original ticket.

  • Should we anticipate AP prices increasing again? I bought a regular ticket for my husband and was planning to upgrade it to an AP in July…

    • This was a reply from Steve Bloom on another blog post:

      There have been AP price increases 2/2014, 2/2015, 2/2016, 2/2017, 2/2018, and 10/2018. Two price increases in 2018 may delay the 2019 price increase.

      We bought an AP last night for fear of an overnight price hike. The prices this morning appear the same but I wouldn’t put anything past Disney at this point.

      • Does Disney usually forewarn an increase for APs?

      • I believe the above dates also correlate to regular ticket price increases also. Over the past couple of years that I have really been paying attention Disney has given a few days warning. But with GE around the corner all bets are off.

  • When do the increased ticket prices go into effect? If planning a fall 2019 trip, can we get current (old) pricing from Undercover Tourist if we buy them soon?

    • Now on the Disney website and gate. Undercover Tourist and other 3rd party sellers usually have an inventory of tickets at the old prices.

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