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Secret Signals Of The Disneyland Railroad

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Want to truly amaze your friends with your psychic ability? The next time you are waiting for the Disneyland Railroad while at the New Orleans Square station, you will have your chance.

As you are standing on the platform, look toward the tunnel to your left. Beyond the former Frontierland train station (which is featured in the film prior to Mr. Lincoln but that is another story) is a signal.

Now most of the time the signal is in the up position forming a “U”.

Once the train leaves the Main Street platform, it trips a switch that runs to the signal. The arm starts to move down into an “L” like position.

The trick is at that moment that the signal drops, you can proclaim with great confidence “The train is about to arrive!” Miraculously, the announcer man will bellow the familiar refrain that the train is about to arrive.

Trust me, your friends will be very impressed and think you have special powers. Unless they also read this blog.

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Sam Gennawey

Sam Gennaway is an Urban Planner who runs the fantastic SamLand’s Disney Adventures blog. Sam visits Disneyland on a frequent basis and toured with the Unofficial Guide team on our recent Disneyland Trip.

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