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Disneyland Churro Appreciation Day!

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Okay, it’s not an *actual* holiday, but shouldn’t it be? More than anything else, the churro is the iconic Disneyland snack. In my family, we joke that they should hand you a churro once you walk into Disneyland because they are everywhere. Don’t believe me? Here’s what we found as a start for Disneyland Park churro locations from the Disneyland Lines app.

What makes churros such an amazing snack?

  • Who doesn’t love fried dough?
  • They have sugar on them, but they’re not over-the-top sweet.
  • They’re sharable, but they’re also not too much to eat if you really want it all to yourself.
  • They’re portable–grab one and go.
  • They feel like a good value for the price because they’re so large.

Even better, California often gets special flavors of churros between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Case in point, Caliente Churros at Señor Buzz in DCA.

Sometimes you can also get dipping sauces to “plus” your churro.

No matter how you have them, Disneyland churros are a must-try snack on your next California trip.


How do you love your Disneyland churros? Let us know it the comments.

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