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DisneyQuest Will Close at Downtown Disney

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Bye bye Cyber Space Mountain. See you later Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters. Sayonara Virtual Jungle Cruise. DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park will be officially closing its doors sometime in 2016. The extremely dated video and virtual game center which featured 5 floors of virtual worlds, 3D encounters, and classic video games will be making way for the recently announced NBA Experience.

NBA Experience will feature hands-on activities that put guests right in the middle of the NBA action, creating an immersive experience of both the game and its players. Guests will enjoy unique NBA video productions, a restaurant, and a store.

DisneyQuest opened in 1998 in Downtown Disney’s West Side and was originally supposed to become a chain, however, the idea didn’t take off like Disney had hoped.

There has been no official closing date announced, so I’ll make sure to keep you posted in the future.

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9 thoughts on “DisneyQuest Will Close at Downtown Disney

  • I’m sad to see Disney Quest go. It might be a glorified arcade, but my kids love it and it gives us a chance to get out of the heat and let them run wild in a secure area. It’s a nice break for us. I hope the NBA experience will be worth it, but not sure how that relates to Disney. Think I’d rater them put laser tag and indoor trampolines in there. Still can’t figure out why they can’t turn Downtown Disney into a Coney Island type of place. Put a bunch of kiddie rides out there, a few playgrounds and water play areas and I think it would be a hit.

  • Hurray! I won’t waste my time visiting it again when we go next time. Disappointed that its going to be another sports experience.

  • You know, DisneyQuest is kinda neat. It has some nice theming, and a few really unique attractions.

    And it’s empty. Always empty. Furthermore, I would NEVER pay the price of admission if it weren’t included in the Waterpark Fun & More option on a Magic Your Way pass. It’s simply not worth it. The Virtual Reality crap is really dated, and every household in North America seems to have 2-3 consoles to play video games on, so I’m really not seeing the point in paying for what is basically a glorified arcade.

    So, when we go back to WDW in September, we’ll take a final look around DisneyQuest, and have some nice memories for it, but in the end, I won’t suffer any crippling nostalgia for its loss.

    What saddens me is what is replacing it. Seriously? “NBA Experience?” Yay. Something new to avoid. At least I’ll never have to pay for it. Considering the work Disney-Owned Industrial Light & Magic is doing on real-time fully immersive story telling (VR if it worked well), seems to me Disney is missing an opportunity here for an updated DisneyQuest that was actually worth going to.

    • I would disagree that it’s empty. Never empty when we go.

      And I had thought that IL&M would have been used to put some new VR experience in there (check out some of their YouTube videos about what they are working on) but they must be too busy making buckets of money with movies instead of helping existing properties that return dollars every day.

      • Yeah, I said that about ILM in my own post. And admittedly, I only go to Disney World during the slowest possible times of the year, so maybe that’s why DQ is empty.

        My main issue, though, isn’t with closing DQ – it’s with what’s replacing it. Or rather, what’s not replacing it. I will admit I’ve got absolutely no interest in the NBA, but even that’s not the point. The NBA *is not Disney.* I’m a huge hockey fan, but I’d be making the same complaint if they were putting an “NHL Experience” in that spot. I want more Disney, not less Disney. Disney Quest is Disney themed and is filled with Disney content. There’s nothing about the NBA that feels Disney at all.

  • Just wondering, has there EVER been a change at WDW that people weren’t upset with?

    It’s a fun place, but seriously outdated. Who actually paid money to get in there? The NBA will be a welcome change.

  • Not at all happy about this. Don’t care for more shopping opportunities or NBA.

    And I bet the Annual Passes and WP&M tickets just go up in price.

  • Look, Disney just can’t make enough money by getting people to pay high prices to experience rides and attractions any more. So we’ll keep getting rid of rides and attractions and putting in new places to buy things! Make sure to save up for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Happiest Mall, er, Place on Earth!

  • Well, I hope they cut the cost of the PAP. We buy them in part because our young son loves (for some reason) DisneyQuest. What’s the chance they cut the cost, though? 🙁

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