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Disney’s New Memory Maker Photo Package Available Starting December 6

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Making memories. Making memories. Taking pictures is making memories.

I love that song, and it’s fitting for today because Walt Disney World is rolling out a brand new way of making memories with its Memory Maker package. Part of the MyMagic+ system, this new offering will allow guests to collect, view, download, and share all of their Walt Disney World vacation photos that are linked to My Disney Experience. This system will contain the exact same access to photographs that was once available with Disney’s PhotoPass+, with the main difference being that this system is all digital.

Memory Maker will allow for unlimited downloading of photographs from the My Disney Experience portal. Guests can do this starting from the date the photos were taken until their expiration, which will be 45 days later. Disney’s PhotoPass+ will no longer be sold now that this new evolutionary version is available.

It sure seems like this new system will be easy to use. While guests are getting their photographs taken by a Disney’s PhotoPass photographer, they will simply have to touch their MagicBand or Memory Maker card to a device the photographer uses. In addition, guests will be able to link on-ride attraction photos at the counter where they can currently be viewed. For a new perk, guests will be able to download photos in My Disney Experience that their friends and family have taken as long as they are “connected” through My Disney Experience.

Memory Maker can be purchased either online or by phone prior to arriving at the resort. It can be added to a vacation package or utilized as a stand alone purchase. The new system can also be purchased at some merchandise and Disney’s PhotoPass sales locations at all four Walt Disney World theme parks and at Downtown Disney. For each Memory Maker purchase, guests have 30 day window in which to take photographs.

Guests who have already purchased Disney’s PhotoPass+ will have the option to keep it, or they can return it and purchase Memory Maker instead.

No pricing information is currently known as of this initial posting, but we’ll keep you updated as more information gets released.

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19 thoughts on “Disney’s New Memory Maker Photo Package Available Starting December 6

  • Hi, travelling to disneyworld end of March, was thinking of getting the memory maker but wondered what the quality was like i.e if you try to print what’s the resolution like? Please let me know if anyone has already used the MM. Cheers

  • can you please advise if this will have a link with the pictures taken on the Disney cruise?

    • Pictures taken on the Disney Cruise Line are separate and are not included in Memory Maker.

  • If you are planning on converting you PP+ to MM I would recommend to call early and pack your patience. I have been trying to get information on what I need to do to convert over to MM. I have been passed around to about 6 different agents. If you are a DVC member tell them first thing as it appears this process is different then for non DVC members. We are DVC members and I spent over an hour on the phone getting passed around only to find out DVC member services cannot covert PP+ and non member services cannot help due to me being a DVC member. I am now trying to contact fastpass helpdesk per DVC member services recommendations. OMG, this is going to be a nightmare. Glad I am resolving it now, instead of during my vacation.

  • And FYI, for anyone wondering – the price no longer includes the gallery CD of stock photos. That will have to be purchased separately if you want it. I’m bummed that I didn’t go ahead and order Photopass+ before today, because the additional $40 for the gallery CD makes it no longer worth it for me (we aren’t planning a lot of Photopass-inclusive character dining, and I can live without the ride photos and magic shots). Oh well!

    • I just got off the phone with PP+ support and they told me the real difference between the PP+ and MM services is the ability to download photos immediately vs after your trip is done. With MM you can download at the end of the day, with PP+ you need to wait till your vacation is done.

      The stock gallery CD can be added to MM for $30 when you are purchasing the package.

      It seems like the MM service will be more streamlined, but at a higher price (including gallery CD) and with no physical Archive disk. I decided to stick with PP+ for our trip later this month as the process for swapping is to mail back the PP+ package, get a refund and then purchase MM. 🙁

  • Working on a new blog post as we speak with the new details released. 🙂

  • Any hint on the pricing? And same question as Allison B — can we pay just once per party?

    • Advance Purchase Price is currently $149.00.

  • “For a new perk, guests will be able to download photos in My Disney Experience that their friends and family have taken as long as they are “connected” through My Disney Experience.”

    Does this mean that each one of your family/friends who are linked to your account has to purchase a memory maker package in order for you to see their photos OR, for example, if only one person purchases a memory maker package I am able to download ALL of THEIR photos to my computer.

    It just seems odd to me that if two families are travelling to WDW together and link their MDE accounts that only ONE family would have to pay for the photo package and be able to get both families’ photos. I feel like Disney would make less money this way.

  • Please post updates when you learn more since I also just pre-purchased PP+ for our 12/23 vacation. The CD was only good for the stock imagery they were including. I would prefer to download all the photos when I get home so is it worth returning PP+ and switching to MM?

  • With Photopass+ you get the dining photos (hard copy) for free, do you know if this will still be included with Memory Maker?

    • I looks like the Hard Copy of the dining photos will go away. However, it is hard to believe that those offered as part of the Dining Package (Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and Cinderella’s Royal Table) will disappear until the T&C of the dinner packages are changed.

    • On those dining photos you purchased (such as Ohana), you purchased the hard copy and, with that, you got the “right” to use the code on the photo to add them to your Photo Pass Account.

      I would guess one could still purchase the hard copy photos that will most likely continue to be offered to all dining guests.

      However, I would expect that “over time” the hard copy offer will become a soft copy only.

  • I was wondering the same thing. Arriving tomorrow, and pre-purchased PP+. Any idea if there is a difference in price between MM and PP+?

  • So, is the only difference between PhotoPass+ and Memory Maker simply how you receive the photos: receiving a disc in the mail vs. downloading from the MDE website?

    I have purchased Photopass+ for our vacation next week (Dec 7-14) and am wondering if it is worth the hassle to return it and get Memory Maker instead. I am also curious if there could be a higher probability of bugs in the Memory Maker system since it is using Magic Bands (which from what I hear have the occasional glitch).

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