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Disney’s Princess Half Marathon – Tips To The Finish Line

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In the wee hours of Sunday morning the 2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon will commence. Apparently earlier this winter I thought running this event was a good idea, so I registered. This will be my 4th Disney Half Marathon (I’ve only run Disney events, so this is only the 4th half marathon I have ever run). I am more nervous for this one than I was this first one. While I am in no way an expert, I have gleaned a few tips from my runner friends:

  • It’s freezing before the race starts. We have to be there in the middle of the night and stand around for what feels like hours and hours. So to avoid complete misery come dressed in layers that you can strip off as you run. The clothing is picked up and donated to local charities. You can feel good about your stripping. Go through your closet and find the clothes you never wear or go to Goodwill. We may not match, but at least we’ll be warm.
  • I learned of chaffing from my friend Len Testa. Len has given me lots of advice about running. This is what he taught me: get Vaseline and rub it on your feet and in between your toes and anywhere else on your body that might chafe.
  • Drink at every water station.
  • Use the restroom in Tomorrowland. There is a real restroom – no a port-a-potty.
  • My friend Mike Scopa taught me this one: around mile 8 you will be offered a “Cliff Shot” or something like that. Eat it. It’s disgusting to me – but it helps give your body the fuel it needs to get to the end.
  • When you think you have run out of gas and you’re losing faith – look at that person in the wheelchair up ahead of you or look over at that elderly person. Find motivation from the people around you. You never know – you may be someone’s motivation.
  • Do NOT meet up with your family at the Finish Line. It’s crazy crowded. Set up a meeting place that is nowhere near the finish.

Every time I run I ask myself what have I gotten myself into. I look forward to this journey’s completion and the huge sense of accomplishment I feel. I surprise myself every time. I hope I get to see you on the course. I am wearing a pink running skirt, and I will be at the back of the pack competing to not be the last one to cross the finish line. Please say, “Hi,” as you whiz past me.

What tips do you have to share?

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One thought on “Disney’s Princess Half Marathon – Tips To The Finish Line

  • What motivation this was and what great tips! Running my first 1/2 marathon next January at Disney for my 40th birthday!


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