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Easy DIY Disney Costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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With Halloween almost two months away, and with temperatures still well into the 90s in Florida, coming up with costume ideas for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party can be a challenge. Although some people may disagree, I personally think dressing up for the event adds to the fun for adults and for kids. What isn’t fun for me is spending hundreds of dollars on costumes only to ditch them even before the party starts because they are akin to wrapping yourself in plastic wrap after an hour of hot yoga. After one year of adorable costumes that had my ever-loving husband wearing a yellow long-sleeve shirt and sweat pants, carrying around battery-operated candles to be Lumiere and me wearing a skirt made of four feather boas to be Plumette/Fifi (aka the feather duster) where a few degrees warmer might have made us need medical assistance, we decided that simple (and Florida-styled) costumes are better.

Over the years, I’ve seen a variety of costumes that can be made inexpensively and easily, even if you’re DIY challenged. Here’s a selection of costume ideas that won’t break that bank and won’t require their own suitcase to pack, but will be comfortable to wear all evening and will be fun for the whole family.


101 Dalmatians

Okay, you may not have 101 people in your group (but if you do, wow!), however Dalmatian costumes are very easy to make and scale well for any size of group. A white t-shirt and black fabric paint (or even a permanent marker) for the spots provides the main part of the costume. Wear with white/light-colored shorts and a spotted dog-ear headband, and you’re all set.



Image courtesy of Disney.

More of a cat person? The Aristocats has you covered. Simply pair matching shirts/shorts in white (with a pink bow for Marie or gold necklace for Duchess), orange or brown (with a for green bow tie for O’Malley or a blue bow tie for Toulouse), or dark grey or black (with a red ribbon bow for Berlioz). Add matching cat ears, and use face paint to paint on whiskers to complete the look. Want to make sure people get the reference? You can always decorate the front of the shirt with the character name.


Inside Out

Check out any recent RunDisney recaps and you’re sure to find some amazing Inside Out costumes, complete with full-body paint. Looking for something to capture the spirit of these without so much prep? Just take the color of the emotions and write their names on the front of the shirt (red = Anger, yellow = Joy, blue = Sadness, green = Disgust, purple = Fear). Want to make it more personal? Write or draw things that bring out those emotions in you on the shirt. Bonus points if Anger contains a list of all the changes Disney has made lately that really get people irate (dogs at Disney hotels, Starbucks on Main Street, no lids or straws–the list is endless).


Huey, Dewey, Louie

Image courtesy of Disney.

With the return of DuckTales to TV, I’m really surprised that there’s not more love for the troublesome trio in costume choices, especially since the costumes are so easy to do. All that is needed is a shirt and matching ball cap for each of the nephews (for the classic look) or just shirts (for the DuckTales reboot look)–red for Huey, blue for Dewey, and green for Louie. Woo-oo!


Herbie’s Pit Crew

Who doesn’t love The Love Bug? Show your support by dressing as the member of Herbie’s pit crew. Simply put a red, white, and blue stripe down a white t-shirt, and put the #53 in a circle on the center of the shirt. Use markers, fabric paint, or iron-on letters to put “Pit Crew” on the back of the shirt. What’s not to Love?


Vintage Mickey and Minnie

Nothing wrong with embracing the classics. For an old-school Mickey and Minnie look, wear black shirts, plain Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears (which you probably already have somewhere, right?), and red shorts for Mickey or a blue and white or red and white polka dot skirt for Minnie. Don’t have a polka-dotted skirt? If you have an inexpensive skirt, you can find white stickers at most office supply stores. (I suggest going with a skirt that you’re not too attached to in case the adhesive doesn’t play nice releasing from the fabric.) Not rockin’ the dots? Go with a plain white skirt for Minnie and white shorts for Mickey–for a Plane Crazy-inspired look.



I can’t take credit for this one, but it was one of the most impressive costumes I’ve seen in recent years. A person wore all black and wrapped themselves in a pattern of battery-powered blue silicone LED strips to give an impressive TRON costume. I’ll admit that this one was a bit beyond my comfort zone in terms of what I can DIY, but it was so amazingly cool I had to mention the idea–especially if you want to get a jump on the TRON coaster hype. (My version would probably involve tape and glow necklaces or reflective tape–not quite as impressive of a look, but something I know I could pull off skill-wise.) Want to see how awesome a TRON costume can look? Check out some pictures here.


The Sky’s the Limit!

Certainly, you don’t have to limit yourself to Disney movies when you are thinking of costume ideas. Theme park attractions provide plenty of ideas as well. Pick your favorite scene from Spaceship Earth. Dress as a Jungle Cruise skipper. Wear a shirt decorated with a picture of the tiki gods from the Enchanted Tiki Room. Dress up as your favorite scene from the Carousel of Progress. One of our bloggers mentioned that her family went with t-shirts sporting pictures of the atrium statues from Disney Cruise Line. You can Disneybound as the Country Bears. Design shirts that look like your favorite Mad Tea Party teacup. If you can dream it…well, you know the rest.

You don’t even have to stay with a Disney theme. For the past two years, my family dressed in plain t-shirts with name tags around our necks–Duck for me, Duck for my husband, and Goose for our daughter. We got so many positive comments when people finally realized that, yes, we came dressed up as a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. (This year, I’m thinking Rock, Paper, Scissors…)

Dressing up for a Disney Halloween party doesn’t have to be…well, scary. Think outside the box, create a costume that is comfortable, and have fun! No tricks, just treats.

What’s your favorite costume that you’ve seen or done? Any other suggestions that would be quick, easy, inexpensive, or fun to do? Let us know in the comments.




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