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Artist’s Table Food Studio Review: 2023 EPCOT Festival of Arts

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Larger than life flavors and ingredients, at the American Adventure Pavilion.

Our recommendation: With an all-new lineup at this year’s Festival, every item in this booth came out a winner. We’re happy to head back to America to try any of these again. Add that to the best restrooms in all of EPCOT and lots and lots of seating, and we suggest that you should definitely make a stop here.

Try to time your visit to catch the Voices of Liberty. If you need a few extra minutes to empty your stomach before moving on to more food, the American Adventure is 30-minutes of American history and one of the best patriotic tear-jerkers on property. During the evening you may be able to hear music from the Disney on Broadway Festival Concert series held in the America Gardens Theatre across the way.

Booth Overview

Three-meat Meatloaf, Duck & Dumplings, Hummingbird Cake, and the Sipping Chocolate Flight


  • New! Three-Meat Meatloaf – $6.50
    – with “Peas and Carrots”: Green Pea Pudding, Carrot Ketchup, Shaved Carrot Salad and Snap Peas
  • New! Duck and Dumplings – $7.00
    – Smoked Duck Breast, Ricotta Dumplings, Petite Vegetables and Duck Jus
  • New! Hummingbird Cake – 4.75
    – Banana Cake with Pineapple, Coconut, Pecans and Cream Cheese Frosting with Banana Sorbet


  • Sipping Chocolate Flight – $9.00
    –  White, Milk and Dark Chocolate (nonalcoholic)
  • Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale $5.50/$9.50
    –  Kansas City, MO
  • Parish Brewing Co. South Coast Session Amber Ale – $5.50/$9.50
    –  Broussard, LA
  • Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers Belgian Quad – $5.50/$9.50
    –  Cooperstown, NY
  • Lange Estate Winery Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, OR – $7.50
  • Symphony in Chocolate Flight – $13.50
    – Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs paired with Sipping Chocolates
  • Beer Flight – $10.00

Our Thoughts

Best of the Booth

This was a hard pick, but we’re going with the Three-Meat Meatloaf with “Peas and Carrots”. What’s better than meatloaf and veg?!? We don’t know exactly which three meats compose this dish, but it’s a sophisticated version of a classic. This was so nice and we’ve been seriously impressed that they can mass-produce it for festival crowds and maintain the look and flavor that we had on day one.

Rest of the Booth

Just from the perspective of someone who has destroyed duck a few times over in my kitchen at home, the presentation of the Duck and Dumplings was stunning. The fat was perfectly scored, the meat was beautifully cooked AND plentiful, and the ricotta dumplings had a nice bite. This dish is so impressive for the price and the only reason we didn’t add it to our Best $50 is that lots of folks don’t enjoy duck.

The church potluck staple Hummingbird Cake has been elevated to its most glamorous incarnation and it’s less than $5! The toasted coconut tuile on top of the piped cream cheese frosting is exquisite beyond an average food festival. The cake is moist, the banana sorbet had the faintest whiff of false flavor but was still delicious. This was also just shy of making our Best $50!

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