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Figment’s Inspiration Station Food Studio: 2023 EPCOT Festival of Arts

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Colorful treats are a palette for Figment’s imagination.

Our recommendation: This booth has a lineup of vibrantly colored offerings that are beautiful to look at, but only some tasted as good as they looked. If you welcome a trip down memory lane to the flavors of your childhood, try the cake and the smoothie. But if the sugar you ate then doesn’t appeal to you now, then you’ll probably think everything is way too sweet.

Booth Overview

Fruit Pizza, Rainbow Cake, Pop t’Art, Grape Smoothie and Rainbow Cider Flight


  • Fruit Pizza 🌱🇬 – $3.75
    – Watermelon, Compressed Cantaloupe, Berries and Berry Balsamic
  • Pop’t Art – $4.50
    – Sugar Cookie with Blueberry Filling 🌈
  • Rainbow Cake – $4.75
    – with freeze-dried SKITTLES® bite-sized candies

Figment Premium Popcorn Bucket with Rainbow Popcorn (only available through Mobile Order in My Disney Experience app)


  • Grape Smoothie – $5.50
    – with freeze-dried SKITTLES bite-sized candies (nonalcoholic)
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Black Cherry Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Blood Orange Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Passion Fruit Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Rainbow Cider Flight
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Green with Envy Blonde Ale, Tampa, FL
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Blue Butterfly Lager, Tampa, FL
  • Urban Artifact The Gadget Raspberry & Blackberry Midwest Fruit Tart, Cincinnati, OH
  • Beer Flight

Our Thoughts

Best of the Booth

The Rainbow Cake is going to make your inner kid soooo happy. The flavor is false, but in the best way. You know how cherry jello doesn’t really taste like cherries but it still hits the exactly right spot? Like that. And the skittles are so fun!

Rest of the Booth

The Fruit Pizza is beautiful, but we wish it tasted as good as it looks. Sadly, it was just kind of meh – no flavors that stood out, nothing that pops in your mouth.

The Pop t’Art was similarly a skip. The blueberries are just too sugary and it just wasn’t great. Given the sugar overload from other items at this booth, for us to call this too sweet you know that must be all you can taste.

The Grape Smoothie is every grape candy you had as a kid, but in the cutest cup. We admit that we are totally biased because Figment. We are under his spell. But that’s just about the cup – the smoothie is as good as we say it is.

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Christina Harrison

Christina worked for TouringPlans as a youngster and is back on the team now weighing cupcakes, stalking the Hello Kitty section of Mitsukoshi, and getting social media footage for our rad Instagram feed!

2 thoughts on “Figment’s Inspiration Station Food Studio: 2023 EPCOT Festival of Arts

  • Can you get the figment cup (or a few) without the smoothie?

    • Hi Morgan, I don’t know if there is an official policy, but in the past I have been able to just ask for the cup and no smoothie. But, unless it’s listed on the menu as an option to buy just the cup, you’ll pay the same price both with and without smoothie contents.


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