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FAQ: Shopping at EPCOT’s World Showcase

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EPCOT’s World Showcase area has many points of interest: rides, movies, and food (LOTS of food), as well as plenty of shopping. Here’s what you need to know to scratch that retail therapy itch at the World Showcase.

What makes shopping at EPCOT’s World Showcase different than shopping at other Disney World locations?

While there is some Disney-branded merchandise at World Showcase, the majority of items sold here are curated collections of items typical of each of the 11 represented countries, plus some interstitial offerings in the Showcase walkways. Some of the authentic cultural merchandise may be challenging to find in other U.S. locations. It’s like a trip around the world without leaving the park.

What kinds of items will I find in the countries?

Because this is Disney World, each country will sell a handful of branded items featuring Mickey or Minnie posing with an iconic representation of the country such as a flag or well-known landmark. Beyond that you might find non-Disney items including:

  • Packaged snacks
  • Sportswear
  • Collectibles
  • Fine jewelry or handbags
  • Housewares
  • Home decor items
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Bottled alcohol
  • Make-up and perfume
  • and more.
How much should I expect to spend in the World Showcase?

That’s really up to you and your tastes. You can spend as little as a few dollars for a country-specific candy bar or as much as several thousand dollars for jewelry or home decor items.

Any tips for focusing my shopping?

Of course you can always buy whatever items suit your fancy as you walk by, but if you want to focus your purchasing (to help keep to a budget, for example) it can help to create a plan such as only buying one small food item, such as a native sweet treat or box of local tea, at each country. Or over time you could collect a mug or kitchen tool from each country to use at home.

My kids are cranky and won’t tolerate a lot of time browsing in shops. Are there one or two countries that might hold their interest?

The Japan pavilion is home to an outpost of the Mitsukoshi Department store which offers everything from plush anime toys to samurai swords, plus an enticing array of Japanese snack foods. It’s the rare child that won’t find something to catch their eye. The China pavilion offers a similarly wide-ranging merchandise selection, but in my opinion, the dimmer lighting and more cluttered displays make the shopping there feel more overwhelming.

For other pavilions, The DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is an interactive scavenger hunt game in the Play Disney Parks app. Each mini-hunt takes place in one pavilion of the World Showcase. If your kids are old enough that you’re fine with them being nearby but not always directly in your sight, it’s an option to have them play the country’s mission while you shop in it.

Are there pavilions I can skip with kids?

Well, when the Moroccan government pulled out of sponsorship of the Morocco pavilion during the pandemic, the interesting and unique merchandise has not been replenished. These days it’s not particularly enticing for kids or adults.

And sadly, I can’t recommend shopping in the USA pavilion for kids now either. Several years ago, the America pavilion offered made-in-the-USA products from small manufacturers (Tate’s cookies, Uncle Goose blocks), as well as books and replica artifacts related to American history. Now the shop just sells Disney-fied artwork – the same stuff that’s available at several other locations at Walt Disney World.

Is there World Showcase shopping that’s not in the country pavilions?

During every EPCOT festival, you’ll find a dozen or more kiosks selling merchandise related to that festival – think custom paintings sold during the Festival of the Arts or kitchen tools sold during the Food & Wine Festival. Additionally, there are always handmade carvings and jewelry sold in the open area between Germany and China.

I want to buy something at the World Showcase, but I don’t have room for it in my luggage. Any suggestions?

Just speak to the cast member at the register when you’re making your purchase. Most items in the World Showcase can be shipped directly to your home via UPS. Rates similar to standard UPS fees will apply.

Can you give a more detailed summary of the types of things sold in each World Showcase country?

Sure, here’s a visual tour of each country. Bear in mind that the actual merchandise mix changes regularly, but the overall tenor of the offerings is remarkably consistent year to year.

Tap any link to go directly to the section for each park, and tap the images in the sections to enlarge them.

Mexico | Norway | China | Germany | Italy | American Adventure | Japan | Morocco | FranceUnited Kingdom | Canada


The main shopping area in the Mexico pavilion is immediately adjacent to both the Gran Fiesta boat tour and La Cava del Tequila, so folks of all ages will inevitably pass by the wares. There’s been a recent push to highlight merchandise related to the film Coco. The main merchandise floor is kept nearly dark which makes the shopping experience less than ideal. If you’re concerned about the quality of the offerings you may want to use the flashlight feature on your phone to inspect the items in better lighting.


Shopping Norway is dominated by three categories: Frozen tie-in merchandise (the Frozen ride exits through the Norway gift shop), Helly Hansen brand outerwear, and toiletries and scents from the brand Geir Ness. Over the years I’ve purchased a few Helly Hansen items at EPCOT’s Norway. They’re terrific quality and super useful during the winter at my home in New York – not so much during your summer vacation in Florida. The signature scent of Geir Ness is called Laila. If you spend any time at all in EPCOT’s Norway shops that aroma will be forever planted into your brain’s sensory library.


The merchandise in China is wide-ranging, including everything from snack foods to large statuary. Kids will enjoy spotting many items with pandas and you’ll always be sure to find a selection of Chinese zodiac merchandise.


While Disney-branded holiday ornaments are available throughout the WDW parks and resorts, Germany has a wonderful selection of non-Disney ornaments. Of particular interest is the pickle tree, featuring pickle-shaped ornaments. Also look for beer steins, German wines, plush Steiff toys, and intricate cuckoo clocks. A favorite spot within the Germany shops is the Werther’s caramel shop. They sell fresh-made caramel corn and baked goods as well as packaged caramel candy.


Items available for purchase in the Italy pavilion include Italian wines, fragrances, leather goods, decorative masks, and glass jewelry.

American Adventure

The only thing currently sold inside the America pavilion shop is Disney-related artwork. If you’re not in the market for this, there is no need to venture inside. An outdoor kiosk offers a few red, white, and blue Disney items.


Even shopping curmudgeons are likely to find something of interest in the Japan pavilion. Look for items like anime tie-ins, origami paper, kimonos, chopsticks, bonsai trees, Japanese snacks, pearl jewelry, Japanese beauty brands, and on and on. The store is bright and inviting. I rarely walk out of a shopping expedition in EPCOT Japan without purchasing something.


The major shops inside the Morocco pavilion are largely empty, with only a few trinkets remaining. The kiosks directly outside the pavilion hold what looks like leftover genuine Moroccan goods along with some Disney co-branded items. I’m sad to say that you can probably now skip this stop on your tour of EPCOT shops.


Shops in France offer French wines and glassware, miniature Eiffel Tower replicas, and items branded with images related to the France-set Beauty and the Beast film. At the back of the pavilion, you’ll find merchandise branded with images related to the film Ratatouille and the nearby Ratatouille ride. Two shops in France sell full-size containers of cosmetics and fragrances from Guerlain and Givenchy.

United Kingdom

Several small shops flow into each other along both sides of a period British street. Individual shops focus on items such as Twinings tea and tea paraphernalia; items branded with images of Disney stories set in the UK such as Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Alice and Wonderland; British woolens and other products such as Yardley soaps; replica swords and heraldry; and items branded with classic UK television programs and musicians.


The shops in Canada are relatively small given the size of the country, just two rooms and a kiosk out front. Expect to see lots of buffalo plaid and depictions of moose and hockey.

What are your favorite shopping finds in EPCOT’s World Showcase? Let us know in the comments.

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