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Five Things to Know About Enchanted Tales With Belle

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Enchanted Tales with Belle is one of the most detailed and magical attractions at the Magic Kingdom. Not a ride, this is a walk-through attraction with guest participation in a show featuring Belle herself. It’s fun for the whole family, so read on to learn more. Or if you’d rather waltz through to the nuts and bolts, here’s your shortcut.

1. You’ll be their guest!

The outdoor portion of the queue immediately begins to immerse you in the world of Beauty and the Beast. You leave the Magic Kingdom behind as you walk through an outdoor garden complete with an old-timey well and a water wheel as you approach Maurice’s cottage. As you get closer to the cottage, look up and catch a glimpse of the Beast’s castle looming overhead. The Imagineers have done a remarkable job making the whole area set the stage and get you in the mood for what’s about to happen.

Once inside, take time to look around the workshop. It’s worth noting that this queue can move slowly due to the nature and length of the attraction itself. Depending on when you visit, the cottage room may get a bit crowded. But the Imagineers have done an outstanding job of bringing this setting from the animated classic to life. There are bits and pieces of Maurice’s projects and inventions lying around, mementos from Belle’s youth, and a few other surprises worth watching for.

Starting in Maurice’s cottage workshop, you’ll see a portrait of young Belle with her Mother. Next to it, on a shelf, is a familiar-looking teapot and cup. You can find the favorite books Belle read as a child, already showing her love for literature. One title: “La Belle au Bois Dormant,” which translates to “Sleeping Beauty”. On the wall, you’ll see where Maurice marked Belle’s height and age as she grew. And there’s a sketch of the plans for the music box Maurice completed and gave to Belle and Prince Adam (the Beast) as a wedding present.

For the dedicated, there are a few Hidden Mickeys to be found. Check out the stacks of firewood in the room of Maurice’s cottage (hint: look toward the bottom). One appears on the spine of a book in the library (hint: look in the right rear corner of the room). There are a couple more, but you’re on your own to find them!

2. There’s an amazing magic mirror.

As you wait in the cottage, the room darkens. A cast member leads you in a chant that will cause the magic mirror to sparkle as it transforms into a full-size doorway leading into the beast’s castle. In my opinion, this is one of the most magical things in the whole of the Magic Kingdom – and those who don’t visit this attraction are missing out!

Side note: This amazing feat of Imagineering has prompted many online sites to speculate on how this is actually accomplished. I spent a half-hour searching until I found one that revealed the secret. If you have some time, do a little snooping yourself. I promise it’s no less amazing than if it were actually magic.

3. You’ll have a chance to be part of the attraction.

You’ll step through the now-revealed doorway into the Beast’s castle where you meet the audio-animatronic Madame Wardrobe from the movie. With a cast member, she explains how you’ll be reenacting the story of Beauty and the Beast for Belle. Guests are selected from volunteers to act out key parts in the play – even the littlest visitors can have a part. Each gets a prop from the cast member.

Next, guests enter the library and take a seat. Here you meet an incredible audio-animatronic Lumiere! (Not to use too much hyperbole, but this Lumiere may be one of the best audio-animatronics in the Magic Kingdom.) Lumiere and cast members explain that guests with roles and props will help tell the story of how Belle and Beast fell in love with Belle.


Belle herself then enters and gives a short speech about how thrilled she is for everyone to be there. The play is acted out in a matter of a few minutes and even the audience can participate. Afterward, the volunteer actors may take photos with Belle and also receive a small bookmark as a memento. Belle doesn’t sign autographs or do a regular character meet and greet, but you can meet her at other places in the parks.

4. This isn’t the first version of this tale as old as time.

Before Enchanted Tales with Belle was created, fans enjoyed Storytime with Belle at the Fairytale Garden which debuted July 1, 1999, and closed September 12, 2010. Plans for the new attraction, Enchanted Tales with Belle, were announced at the D23 expo in 2009. At that time, it was said that, as part of the New Fantasyland expansion, guests would be able to “… join Belle in an enchanting story performance in the Beast’s Castle library…”.

Since then, Imagineers have revealed in interviews that they worked on creating the new attraction for some five years. Because guests would play a part in the performance, safety concerns were looked at closely. The timing of all the interactive elements had to be perfected. And after three months of cast member rehearsals and a soft opening to ensure the concept worked, Enchanted Tales with Belle officially opened on December 2, 2012.

5. The Nuts and Bolts.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. Enter New Fantasyland through the turrets behind Prince Charming Regal Carrousel and then look left to see the entrance to the attraction. Weather doesn’t affect Enchanted Tales with Belle since it’s an indoor attraction. But anyone in the outdoor extended queue will be exposed to the elements.

Since this is a walk-through attraction (well, mostly standing with a little walking and several minutes of sitting on benches in the final room), there aren’t any ride vehicles. This means guests may remain in a wheelchair/ECV to enjoy this attraction. And also, there aren’t any health or safety warnings and no height requirements.

Enchanted Tales with Belle does offer Lightning Lane entry via Genie+, but unless you have littles who really want to experience the attraction or their whole trip will be ruined, there are better uses for Lightning Lane reservations in the Magic Kingdom. For the shortest wait times try to visit the first hour or last two hours the park is open, or during parades or mealtimes. Enchanted Tales with Belle is not open for Early Theme Park Entry or Extended Evening Theme Park Hours.

The Bottom Line.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is a unique experience at Disney World. True, some adults and older kids may be bored by the experience which is geared more toward youngsters. But it combines the elements of a show with participation and a hearty dose of Disney Imagineering magic in a unique way.

Some may feel that it takes a chunk of time out of your day. (In reality, not more than any other popular attraction.) But here’s the thing: on a trip with our granddaughter, the look on her face when Belle took her hand was priceless. That’s what Disney magic is all about.

Have you seen Enchanted Tales with Belle? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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