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Getting to Know Lines 2.0: Attraction Information and Wait Times from the Parks Screen

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Now that our new Lines 2.0 app has launched, we’d like to show you some of the features you’ll be sure to enjoy on your next visit. Today, we’re looking at the Attractions feature, available by clicking the Parks icon at the bottom of your app screen.

Think of the Parks screen as a portable guidebook, Zagat-style review system, and concierge wait time advisor all in one. At the top, you can click the link to easily switch between parks.


Once you’ve selected the theme park of your choice, you’ll see an alphabetical listing of attractions that you can scroll through. This offers a brief description of the attraction, ratings from survey data, Disney’s posted wait time, and our data-driven expected wait time. For some attractions, wait times are consistent throughout the day, so there isn’t one time that is better than another for when to ride. For others, even doing something else for an hour can reduce your time waiting in line. Lines 2.0 offers suggestions about whether you should ride now, ride any time (because wait times won’t increase or decrease substantially for the rest of the day), or wait to ride. As a local who often shows up at the parks without a specific plan in mind, I use this feature a lot–I simply look at what is recommended to ride and then pick the attraction that has the most appeal for me.

The green icon in the upper left of each attraction entry allows you to add wait times to our ever-growing database of data points. When you click on the icon, you can opt to either enter a posted wait time or time your wait as you wait in line. You can also indicate that a ride is currently closed.

Clicking on a specific attraction brings up additional information, including COVID-related safety measures, expected and posted wait times, recommendations of ride now or wait, and the chart of wait times for the day.

it’s a small world

Scrolling down, you can open a list of submitted wait times from users just like you in the parks.

Jungle Cruise

Although we share overall attraction ratings, not all age groups would rate an attraction the same. Your toddler may not be quite as thrilled with the Haunted Mansion as you are, and the teen in your group may not find the Barnstormer to be their dream attraction. In the ratings section, you can see ratings broken down by age group. See if you can guess which of these ratings goes with which attraction. One is Haunted Mansion, one is The Hall of Presidents, and one is Winnie the Pooh.

Below that, you can open up a list of accessibility and other information, and a detailed description of the attraction.

Having all this information at your fingertips, along with tools to minimize your time in line can make for a much more relaxing vacation. Keep watching the TouringPlans blog for more information about features that you can find in Lines 2.0.

What do you think of the features on the Parks screen?  Are there any features you love? Got ideas for new features? Let us know in the comments. 


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15 thoughts on “Getting to Know Lines 2.0: Attraction Information and Wait Times from the Parks Screen

  • When using a plan, I don’t see a way to mark an attraction at “done”, like in the old app. Am I missing something.

    Also, when making a plan and adding a dining reservation or break, the time scroll is off by an hour sometimes. Put in 12:30, shows on the plan as 1:30, etc.

    • Make sure your plan is for “today.” If you are looking at a plan in the future, the done button is not there.

      We have been having some time zone problems in the latest update. Are you in the central time zone? We are working on this time zone problem.

  • When will this be available for Android devices? It’s been way over two weeks and would really like to make use of this before my trip.

  • Looks wonderful. Nice job. Wondering if I need to do a Touring Plan as well for my next trip or if this might fill that need… Thoughts?

  • I’m looking forward to getting a chance to use the updated version sometime in the future but have no trips booked at the moment 🙁
    In previous trips on the old app I’ve found that I often set out to time my wait then forget to click stop and submit when I’m boarding the ride. I almost always discover my error immediately after getting off the ride and looking for my next steps on my plan or the next best thing to ride. Since the ride duration is a known length, would it be possible to add a version of stop that is used after the ride? With the debate about which preshows to include and exclude in the wait time it seems like submitting after getting off would be a great way to simplify but really just adding it as a second option if you miss the “when you are about to board” mark would be an awesome addition that would make it easier for dolts like myself to succeed at adding data to your datasets.

  • Love all the changes and added functionality! Is it too soon to make suggestions? I LOVE the filter on the list of attractions. I wish you could filter OUT the meet and greets…. Instead of radio buttons to choose filters, what about check boxes? But don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy to have the filters!

  • Was hoping to have a new version before we arrive on Saturday.

  • This looks great. I won’t be able to use it until January, but I sure appreciate all the work and information you provide. Excellent all the way around.

  • Awesome! Thanks.

  • FYI, Apple is not the only company that makes phones. This information doesn’t help me one bit.

    • The Android version of the app should look identical and should be out within 2 weeks.

  • What about the universal studios wait times?

  • Just updated the app. Congratulations and thanks. The app is easy to use and very informative. Our next trip is not until August 2021, but I’ll be referring to the app even before then since planning a trip is almost as enjoyable for me as the trip itself.

  • Any idea if this will be available as an update to the existing app? Right now, only the old version, last updated 2018, is showing in Google Play store. Thanks.

    • Hey Brian – your app should update automatically by end of this week. We’re doing a phase rollout. Let me know if not.

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