Grand Floridian Spa temporarily closing

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The Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian will close September 19 for 18 months for mysterious (cough…DVC…cough) construction taking place around the resort. We have updated the information on our Best Spas page in the Hotels section of the web site.

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Laurel Stewart

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7 thoughts on “Grand Floridian Spa temporarily closing

  • I know available plans are vague so far, but does anyone know if the building work around the spa building will impact weddings taking place at the Wedding Pavilion?

    • All I’ve seen online is that they are changing some of the windows inside the wedding pavilion to block the sight of the construction in your photos. Your DFTW planner or is your best source for info on the impact of the construction at the GF.

      • The info I’ve heard is that the wedding planning group is asking for construction to pause during ceremonies – if possible. Also, there’s going to be a silt-boom thingy in the water because part of the new building actually extends out into the existing lagoon.

  • I’m slightly terrified of how enormous (and possibly ungainly/unattractive) the Grand Floridian will look after it’s taken over that entire beach.

  • We are staying at the G. Floridian from november 6-11. I understand your spa will be closed. Is it still possible to have a massage?

    • I wish it were “our” spa. You should call the Grand Floridian Spa at (407) 824-2332 for recommendations on alternative locations for services.

    • Jumping in with some options if I may…You can absolutely still get a massage! There’s Saratoga Springs Spa. The latest I have heard is that there will be dedicated transportation from the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resorts to Saratoga Springs Spa. Alternately you could hop across the street to Shades of Green Resort. It’s a military resort, but you can still access the spa. OR, you could have an in-room massage… ooh la la!


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