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Guests Can Now Choose To Opt-Out Of Receiving MagicBands

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MagicBandAre you like me? Do you have boxes and boxes of MagicBands? Do you wish that you could opt out of receiving additional MagicBands on subsequent visits? Well now you can!

You see, before, if you had a room reservation or package you would automatically be forced to receive MagicBands, whether you needed them or not. For example, this happened a lot to people who do a lot of split stays. (You’d get a new set of MagicBands for each resort you’d be staying in during your trip.) Many people had expressed the desire to have the opportunity to opt out of receiving subsequent MagicBands.

Well now, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are able to choose to opt out of customizing and receiving a new MagicBand if they already have a MagicBand from a previous visit linked to their account on My Disney Experience. (This can only be done if the existing MagicBand is less than 1 year old, as MagicBands operational lifespan is limited and MagicBands have non-replaceable batteries in them.)

In addition, Guests with more than one reservation during the same visit will only receive one MagicBand for the whole visit if they do not customize a MagicBand for the second reservation.

To opt out, Guests can manage their MagicBand preferences through the ‘Customize Your MagicBand’ section on their My Disney Experience account by either declining a new MagicBand if they prefer to use an existing one or if they choose to reactivate a MagicBand. If you change your mind and decide that you do want the MagicBand sent to you, you will be able to do that.


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7 thoughts on “Guests Can Now Choose To Opt-Out Of Receiving MagicBands

  • I am going to Disney Anaheim, Magic bands work there also?

    • Monica…Disneyland does not utilize MagicBands or MyMagic+.

  • I got a magic band in September of 2014, going June 2016 and MDE still let me decline a magic band. In your article it says if you band is less than a year you can opt out. Well currently it is, but won’t be by the time I visit…should I get new ones??

    • Nat…That is totally your call. Disney has said that the battery life in MagicBands should only last about 2 years. We haven’t seen any information about the batteries dying yet, but that two year time length is approaching for the first sent of MagicBands, which started being rolled out in Fall of 2013. If that two year battery life is true, we should start to see reports of people who’s MagicBands start to not work here soon.

  • I have Magic Bands from a December 2014 trip. I may visit a park one day next month and I am not staying onsite. Do you know if I can link a one day ticket (if purchased through My Disney Experience) to my existing Magic Band? If so, that would be a great feature! I love the convenience of the Magic Band.

    • If you purchased the ticket through the same MDEx account that houses the band, it should already be linked to the band. (If it’s linked to the account, it’s linked to the band.)
      Still only 30 days in advance for your FastPass reservations, though . . . . .

  • That’s great! I’ve previously tried to opt out by not choosing to customize our MagicBands, but we were still sent new (gray) ones anyway. Now let’s see Disney find a way for us to opt out of new refillable mugs in favor of reusing old ones on the dining plan!

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