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Check Out The New Historical Crowd Calendar

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Hop on over to the new Historical Crowd Calendar section of the site. We now display our Walt Disney World crowd levels and park recommendations dating back to January, 2006! While these aren’t as exciting as the projecting the crowds a year into the future (which is what the Crowd Calendar does), the historical crowd levels are great for perspective and comparison.

With this new data, we hope you can use your previous trips to gauge what the crowd level numbers actually “feel like.” Because our crowd levels are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 against every day we have on record, if you traveled to the Magic Kingdom on a “5” day in 2007, going to the Magic Kingdom in 2011 on “5” day should be quite similar.

One thing we’ve found is that families heading to Walt Disney World often have very different crowd tolerances. Some go to extreme lengths to visit during the absolute quietest times of the year. Others with less flexible schedules or who want to experience special holiday activities will brave the peak times of the year. With the historical crowds now online, you should be able to figure out more easily what your next trip should feel like if you’ve been to the parks since 2006. I’ve used it to compare the crowd levels from my previous trips to help nail down my itinerary for my upcoming trip next week (which will include a rope drop meetup!).

Lastly, concerning the numbers, the crowd levels listed in our “historical” section are actual measurements using data collected from Lines or from our own research team. Since Lines launched in November 2009, we’ve been able to record the crowd levels for each park every day since. Before Lines, we made many, many spot checks throughout the year using our own research team (and we continue to do so). Where we don’t have crowd data, our statistical modeling fills in.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new data! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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Henry Work

Henry is the developer at, joining to work on the website and build Lines, among other things! Before joining the Unofficial Guide team, Henry was the lead developer at TechCrunch, one of the world's leading technology blogs. Though he would live at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort if he could, he's become a huge Disneyland fan since moving to the bay area. You find Henry on the TouringPlans Twitter account or contact him at

4 thoughts on “Check Out The New Historical Crowd Calendar

  • Thanks so much for this. I requested some April numbers from you guys via e-mail and you provided them, but it’s so nice to know that I can go back and get numbers from all years past.

  • I’ve thought on several occasions that it would be nice if I could see the old crowd calendars. You guys are amazing, keep up the good work!

  • Henry – great job! I will use this for my upcoming December trip. Any chance you can present the per park info in the same manner the current info is in? It is much easier to read at a glance, although the info in the other way is quite useful too.
    Thanks for all your hard work (pun intended!). Now all I need is info about Universal and WWoHP and I will have everything I could ever need for this trip!

  • OMG I’m so excited to have this information! I always tell myself I will record what the crowd calendar says for my current trip so I can refer to it to plan my next but it never happens. This is such a great planning tool for uber planners like me! Thanks!


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