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Jasper’s Big Stay

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When pet owners travel the comfort and care of their pets is always a key element of their planning.  You need to know that your pet is going to be safe and well cared for so that you don’t have to be constantly worrying about them or worse, feel that you have to stay home to be with them.  So it’s great to know what options are available to you when you go away, especially at a place like Walt Disney World that has always welcomed pets by providing them a place to stay.

I’ll be honest, when I became a pet owner in my adult life, I really didn’t know what I was getting in to.  When I was younger my typical Long Island “bisected” and reworked family had 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Looking back we went on plenty of trips, even if they were just weekend stays with my grandparents in Flushing.  But I honestly have no idea what my parents did with the pets when we went away.  It just happened and they were there when we got back – I presume neighbors checked in on them.

Cheryl and I have had two cats and one dog before getting our current dog, a Bichon Frise named Jasper.  And we’ve learned quite a lot over the years as we’ve had to arrange their care while we’re away.  No matter what we try to do, Jasper always tries to stow away with us, especially once he figures out that we’re going to Disney World… okay he pretty much assumes that if we’re leaving the house without him that that’s where we’re going.  He wants to spend time at Disney World too, as any good DisneyDoggie would.

Very often, when we’re just going to spend a day in a at WDW we’ll set up Jasper in the office (a.k.a. “The Cave”), with water, toys, and his bed.  Then we’ll monitor him throughout the day via webcam.  We can even leave him watching Disney Channel using the TV card attached to my computer.  Unlike cats who can more or less take care of themselves while you’re away for short periods of time, dogs are much more dependent. So being able to keep an eye on him like this helps to put our minds at ease.

Other times, when planning in advance, we’ve had Jasper spend the day in the old Epcot Kennel, or even stay there overnight.  Of the four older Kennels, this was our favorite due to its convenience in terms of parking and access.  When they were taken over by Best Friends, a boarding facility we had used for our last dog up in Massachusetts, we were very excited because they had always taken great care of our dog and even our cats.  Price-wise, the old Kennels were a great value with prices on par with other Kennels.  However smaller pets stayed in a 2’ x 3’ crate, and larger dogs could get 3’ x 4’ accommodations.

When not boarding at Disney World, Jasper stays at a local kennel.  We do this not just because of the price, but because at this facility Jasper gets to stay in a dog run with 6’ of space inside and 6’ of space outside.  It is a fantastic value, they are always willing to take in Jasper, and he has a fantastic time there.  We can drop him off and pick him up on any day of the week except Sunday.  Jasper loves staying there.

However, when Best Friends unveiled their new Pet facility at Walt Disney World, Jasper got very excited, put on his best puppy dog eyes, told me, “Hey daddyman I needz ta go see cousin Yeti ta work on mah roar.”  We decided that his stay would have to coincide with a trip to WDW, and that meant the first weekend in October as I had a lot of friends coming down.  I planned for this to be a one night indoor stay with grooming the next day.  A little tip I learned is that the groom includes a six hour stay for that day. With pickup by noon for his resort stay, that meant 6pm, with a fee should we go past that time.

While it may work, walk-ups at Kennels, especially on holidays like July 4th are very risky.  You should always try to book in advance this is definitely a space is limited issues.  Getting to Disney World with your dog and not having a place for him to stay can really put the kibosh on your plans.

One additional thing you may want to consider when boarding your dog is food.  Most kennels will feed their dogs a standard food offering.  However you can always bring your own food for your dog to eat.  I actually recommend this, dogs can often have stomach issues when they do a hard switch from one food to another.  Looking back to an earlier article, the best way to pack the food for the stay is in baggies.  I recommend labeling these by day and meal.

Booking his stay was very painless, because Jasper was already in their computer system as he’d already “done time” in the Epcot kennel.  They reminded me to bring his shot records.  Boarding facilities are generally looking for three vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella aka “Kennel Cough”.  Bordetella can be odd to deal with as some Kennels will require it be within the last 6 months, and others within the last 12.  There were many outbreaks during the late 1990s, and it is still a huge concern to this day.

Admittedly, when I saw the prices for the new Kennel, I was a little put off by them as they are roughly twice what they were at the old Kennels in many cases.  There are some perks that are now available that were not at the old Kennels including  the addition of grooming and a large outdoor play area.  A doggie day care facility is also available, which can provide fantastic socialization opportunities for your dog, but it is not available on weekends.  During operating hours you can come to play with and/or walk your dog.  They do also provide the same $2 DVC discount that the old Kennels did.

On checking in, the groomer, Olga, met with us to examine Jasper and to go over how we prefer for his hair to be cut.  Generally, since Jasper is not a show dog, we get for him what is known as a “puppy cut”.  The main reason is that with it he’ll carry a lot less hair which is much better for his well being in the warm Florida weather.  She told me ahead of time exactly how short his hair would be.  The groom includes one specialized service and we chose a nail trim, we also added in whitening shampoo – an all white dog is not the easiest to keep clean.

The price for the groom by itself is on par with that of the groomer we normally use.  I plan to leverage that in the future as this means we can do one day grooming trips where Jasper gets a spa day and we get to go play.  The groomer did a fantastic job considering she had to deal with a dog who’s coat had been purposely let go for about six weeks.

Checking Jasper in was otherwise uneventful, and afterward we were taken on a tour of the facility.  Normally this is something I try to do before I ever bring my dog for a stay anywhere.  However, as I had seen some great pics come out of the opening event for the new Kennel, I felt comfortable enough to take Jasper there.  The indoor kennel where Jasper stayed contains two “rooms” each about 3’ x 4’ – he can move back and forth between the two rooms as he pleases.  So while the price jumped, when the new Kennels opened the value of the stay increased as well.  (note: we were restricted from taking pictures in a number of the rooms at the facility, so I do not have a picture of these accomodations)

Later on in the day we stopped by to see Jasper, and we had a great time playing and running with him.  Behind the facility is a large, though not huge, play area that includes a few water features.  There is also a walkway around the perimeter of the play area that is separately fenced where you can take your dog to stretch his legs and do his business.  The walkway has two possible endings depending on if you choose to exit at the first checkpoint or continue along what the staff calls the “long trail”.

The next day after participating in the WDWFoodieFest, serving drinks at the TouringPlans.com Meetup at the Mexico Pavillion in World Showcase, and a staff dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel, we headed off to pick up Jasper.  He was in fantastic spirits and you could tell he had a good time. The groomer had done a fantastic job, he looked great.  My one big disappointment came while checking out.  In the lobby there is a screensaver running of dogs who stay at the facility, but no matter how long I watched I never saw Jasper.  Apparently, he hadn’t stayed long enough to be displayed on the screen.  To me that seemed to be a petty rule.

The total cost of Jasper’s stay and groom was $103.  This breaks down as follows:

$32 1 Day Indoor Stay w/DVC Discount
$53 Grooming, Shampoo, Brush, Haircut, Nail Trim
$2 Whitening Shampoo
$16 Late Groom Pickup

Overall, while the stay was more expensive then if Jasper had stayed closer to home, considering that the groom was reasonably priced, the value was not terrible.  It just isn’t great.  That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t use the facility again, especially for grooming as I indicated earlier.  But I’m not rushing back either.  Best Friends has a rate chart here.

What about you? Have you ever boarded your dog at Walt Disney World?  How do you feel about the new Kennel?  Have you tried it?  Do you like it?  Did your dog like it?  To quote Jasper, “Hokey Woofkerinos!

As always feel free to look me up on Twitter or Facebook as tperlmutter.

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13 thoughts on “Jasper’s Big Stay

  • I didn’t see it in the rate chart, but do they charge extra for large dogs? I have 2 over 60 pounds. Also, I assume from your article that they don’t charge extra for using your own food?

    • For staying I don’t think so. However… the structure Jasper stayed in probably has a max height of about 36 or so inches. So if standing on all four they are taller, then you might have to upgrade to one of the larger areas.

      I will also point out that the rate chart does not cover grooming. I’ve never been to a groomer that didn’t take breed, size, and weight into account. Groomers also typically may charge you more for poor or tangled coat conditions.

      There was no extra charge for bringing my own food and treats.

    • according to the website at http://wdw.bestfriendspetcare.com/accomodations
      Indoor-Outdoor 2-Room Suites: These suites include a climate-controlled indoor bedroom with a pet cot, and an outdoor patio, which is protected from the elements. Dogs have unlimited access to their patios during the daytime for most of the year. During peak summer temperatures, however, to protect the dogs from the heat, the patio doors are opened four times during the day for access to the patio.

      Bedrooms are 4’ x 4’ and 3’ x 4’. All bedrooms have a minimum of 3 feet of clearance. Patios are 3’ x 8’ and 4’ x 8’. Patios have more than 9 feet of clearance. The larger suites are comfortably sized for most dogs, except giant breeds.

      All indoor-outdoor suites include one potty walk with our staff per day. Guests may visit to take their pet out into the dog park or the walking trail at any time.

      All Indoor Suites: These climate-controlled suites are up to 32 square feet, and provide a pet cot for your dog’s comfort. Dogs have unlimited access to their patio area, except during cleaning.

      Suite sizes are 4’ x 7’ and 4’ x 8’. All rooms have 3 feet of clearance. The larger suites are comfortable for all medium sized breed dogs and some large sized breed dogs..

      Our all-indoor suites include two potty walks with a staff member each day. Guests may visit to take their pet out into the dog park or the walking trail at any time

  • Thanks guys! I think my kids will be ok with the visitor(s) they get while I am away. BUT- I am glad you took the other local offerings into consideration in the posts!

    • It was hard to stay on point. Which was to make a trip report for Jasper. There is a lot more I could have covered. A comparison chart might be in order… I’ll ask Len if that’s something he’s interested in.

      • copnosimg. Your first-class knowledge about this good post can become a proper basis for such people. thank!

  • I am tickled that Jasper has more room to enjoy his days… You helped me with perspective of old price to new from the 4-park kennels to Best Friends. When I saw the prices of the new facility, I thought they were “in line” with the newer pet positive facilities that our pet loving selves are looking for these days.

    While Winnie and Sandler (my kitty kids) don’t travel to WDW with me… I might be tempted to give them a retreat of their own someday 🙂

    • The prices are not in line. For example, if you have a car you can drive to Kissimmee and board at Bass Pet for $17 a day or board at VIP Pet for $21. If you want play with other dogs, Dog day afternoon in orlando is $33 that includes a daytime play and overnight. (disney charges extra for playgroup)

      • Do you remember the name of the place North of Lake Mary where we had boarded Really once or twice?

      • Dog Day afternoon in Sanford.

      • No them I know, and we never used them for Really.

        There was another one more rural. Used to take a bit to get to, it was nice, but way too far out.

    • Glad I could help out some. Like I implied we regularly board Jasper at place that provides more spacious “rooms” for less money. I know my dog and room to run around is what’s important to him. Years ago our cats stayed in one of the Best Friends Kitty Kondos. They didn’t have the best of time, but it was all their fault and not Best Friends. We used to hire a sitter for them when we lived up north. Now we have just one, and he’d rather fend for himself as he’s not very social with people outside of Cheryl or I.


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